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Rahul Jain Zurich, Switzerland
The Perfect Conky Setup

Conky 9 comments

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Sep 15 2010
/media/disk and /media/disk-1 do not exist. Check how are your external (I am assuming these are external HDs) mounted and what is the true mount point.

$Rhythmbox - remove the $. It is not a variable.

use_spacer - chose a value from one available. But this is a harmless warning. - Sep 23 2010
What is the error that you get? - Sep 22 2010
The problem with this is that I am not using gnome. I am using KDE. That is the problem.

I think I made a mistake by posting it here, I should post it on

If you are interested, the theme is Bespin (icons + appearance), Plasma theme is Tibanna. - Mar 08 2010
Thanks. :) - Mar 08 2010

Amarok 2.x Scripts 19 comments

by kk7
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Dec 02 2008
Good news - I have implemented this project for Winamp. I am looking to port it to Amarok as well. :) - Sep 01 2010

Be-Shell/Bespin 1662 comments

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Apr 25 2013
Thanks for the quick response. So, I installed the gnome-globalmenu (it is in the sunrise overlay), added the options that you have mentioned and everything works as expected.

Pity about firefox not working, a global menu would have been really cool (as I use vimperator). - Aug 29 2010
My apologies if this question has been posted already. Is there any way to use Xbar with gtk applications (firefox, gimp, etc.)

Secondly do you know where is the Xbar configuration file located on Gentoo (or is not created by default).

Thanks - Aug 29 2010
So, is there any particular gtk theme you would recommend. And if you don't mind telling us - what theme do you use for your gtk apps. And if there is a particular firefox theme (compatible with 3.6) that you use. - Aug 05 2010
The problem was a bug with xorg-server-1.8.0 - xorg-server-1.8.1 fixed it. Thanks. :) - May 16 2010
Hi, somehow the ksplash theme does not work with my setup - in stead of the animation all I see is big box with scan lines flashing across it - no transition. I am on Gentoo - are you aware of some obscure USE flag that I might have missed somewhere? - May 01 2010
Hi, I am using the icons theme that is provided by you. However, I have a strange problem. Some applications (eg. firefox, systemsettings) display the icon from the bespin theme when they are launching (that is when the bouncy icon is there) but as soon as the application is launched they revert back to the default icon. Look at the image below for an example:

Can you please tell me why this is so? - Jan 31 2010
Hi, are there any plans for bespin to support window grouping (KDE 4.4)?

- Jan 31 2010
OK, my problem is not with the Twitter plasmoid - I am not bothered with it. My problem is with the Opendesktop plasmoid which is shipped with KDE - I can add that if I am using the oxygen style but not when I am using the Bespin theme.

If you could please point me towards a way of generating a backtrace for this, I would do it.

Rahul - Dec 11 2009
When using the bespin theme some plasmoids crash the desktop - i.e., you can add them to the desktop. More details here : - Dec 10 2009
Use Foxdie as a fireofx theme. - Nov 07 2009
Bummer, I thought it was shaping up to be an interesting project.

As for firefox, kudos for pointing me out to Foxdie. It is highly configurable for a firefox theme and I can make it integrate with my Bespin settings easily. - Oct 30 2009
Hello everyone,

I have discovered the package gtk-engines-qt available at allows your gtk apps to use the bespin style.Integration is not very neat at the moment, but it is more than usable.
GIMP - No problems.
Firefox - Tab bar looks horrible, gmail checkbox does not look neat. Fix - use the silvermel firefox theme and don't pay attention to the half drawn check boxes in gmail. (Checkboxes are not drawn properly anywhere)

I see scope for improvement here, so use it. :P - Oct 24 2009
Noob question - I generated the icons using the generate icons script but how do I go about using them? - Oct 04 2009
Hey, thanks for the help but my problem was solved by simply restarting KDE. :) - Sep 08 2009
I can't see the top menu in applications like kwrite, qmpdclient (if I switch back to oxygen I can). How to get this back? - Sep 07 2009
Problem was really stupid - the config file that I was importing was corrupt. Nothing wrong with bespin, just my bad. :) - Aug 09 2009
Just imported it manually, that is, added the style I wanted to Store.conf and that worked. - Jul 31 2009
OK, that file does not exist. I tried to an empty file with that name and that did not work either. - Jul 31 2009
I can not import styles any more. And if I configure a new style, I can not store it as well. Any ideas as to what is happening?
Or is there a directory where bespin stores its settings, where I can just import styles manually. - Jul 30 2009
I am sorry but I installed the Bespin animated blue present (from kde-look) and since that matches with the qt preset I have a unified desktop there. - Jul 11 2009
Is there a gtk theme that goes along with this? (using gtk-engines-kde4 or gtk-engines-qt does not help).
Just another attempt at a unified UI. :) - Jul 11 2009

First of all, kudos for the excellent theme. Each update brings along another reason to use this theme. I, however, have one issue with the theme.
I have edited the default theme to use black coloured menu pop ups instead of the default blue ones. However, when I change the default qt style to bespin qt applications still use a blue coloured menu pop up. (By menu pop ups I mean the menus such as File, Edit, etc. in the top bar). Is there any way to change this? I would prefer a unified UI across KDE and Qt apps. - Jul 11 2009
Noir (Bespin Theme)

Be-Shell/Bespin 12 comments

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Sep 14 2010
Hey Thomas,

Thanks for providing these instructions. :)

P.S. I don't speak any French at all. :P - May 12 2010

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 285 comments

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Mar 04 2012

Yeah, I have always seen that netbook orientation option. Now I know what it does. :) Thanks. - Apr 05 2010
How did you orient your title bar over to the left side in stead of it being on the top? - Mar 29 2010
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Sep 14 2010
Check this link for the windows 7 like dock. - Apr 03 2010
Lightsaber Linux

Wallpaper Other 5 comments

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Mar 07 2010
No gentoo? Blasphemy. :) - Mar 07 2010
Oxygen KDE (Firefox Theme)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 1783 comments

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Aug 15 2013
Wow, that was fast. Kudos. :) - Mar 01 2010
An excellent theme, however the tab mux plus preferences window is completely messed up. Could you please look into it.
Voted good. :) - Mar 01 2010

Plasma Themes 117 comments

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Jan 05 2010
The system tray was better in the last one. Same for the clock. Just my opinion. - Nov 30 2009
Sorry, but I don't quite follow that comment. - Nov 28 2009
No, I can wait. :) I have been following the icons in svn for quite a while now and I like what I see. However, I still don't see any icons for folders. Are they being planned or will the theme just use the stock icons from oxygen? - Nov 27 2009
Yup, same question. Share the icon theme please. :) - Nov 26 2009

Full Icon Themes 24 comments

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Aug 19 2009
Hey, can you upload that config again. It seems to have already been downloaded 10 times, so I can't download it anymore.

Thanks - Nov 27 2009

Enlightenment Themes 13 comments

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Apr 06 2013
The system tray in E17 (live build) is not compatible with this theme. Icons in the system tray are not displayed when this theme is used. Can you please look into this. - May 22 2009
QuickAccess (maintenance fork)

Plasma 4 Extensions 54 comments

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May 27 2009
Can you add the option to delete files/folders from QuickAccess. - Apr 28 2009

Plasma Themes 14 comments

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May 16 2019
Love the fact that tray icons do not have a separate hole where they go in, blend in perfectly with the system tray. This might make me leave glassified. - Feb 25 2009
Glassified KDM

KDM4 Themes 17 comments

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Apr 07 2009
Awesome job, so I now have the glassified splash, glassified plasma theme and the glassified KDM theme. Very good. :) - Feb 25 2009
KDE4 SystemSettings [suggestion]

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 8 comments

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Feb 25 2009
If the distros feel like it, they should be more than welcome to patch systemsettings for KDE (this is what open source is for) but I hate to see a redesign of systemsettings at the current stage. In my opinion, it has a very good arrangement of options right now. If I get you right, you also intend for the distros to patch systemsettings, - Feb 25 2009

Plasma 4 Extensions 196 comments

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Aug 03 2008
Hey, please add support for KDE-4.2. Am really missing this on KDE-4.2! - Dec 15 2008
[idea] football plasmoid

Plasma 4 Extensions 2 comments

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Nov 12 2008
That would totally rock! Just need to figure out how this done. - Nov 15 2008

Wallpaper Other 2 comments

by ubo
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Sep 26 2008
Good Work, looks really nice. - Sep 27 2008

GDM Themes 30 comments

by Dav87
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Aug 10 2009
This is simply the best GDM theme that I have seen. I always was partial for themes with face browser but this has me convinced enough to use it. - Sep 14 2008
KDE4 Oxygen new port for GNOME

GTK2 Themes 48 comments

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Aug 07 2008
This is indeed the only port of KDE4-Oxygen that looks satisfactory. I am actually using this in KDE4.1 to get a unified look. However, there seems to be something wrong with the highlighting. In firefox it is still ok (the selected items turn white) however in pidgin there is no effect at all. Maybe you could investigate this.
Kudos for the great work. - Aug 06 2008
Gartoon Redux

Full Icon Themes 94 comments

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Sep 29 2013
Download the source package, and make the tar package from there and use that. That one is without the logo. - May 13 2008

by thomas12777

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Oct 04 2009