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Rai Thomas
MacUltimate Leopard

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Jan 27 2010
The ones concerning System->Preferences, start alacarte (Alt+F2 and write "alacarte", or right click on the menu, and go to Edit Menus). There, go to the System->Preferences, and on the icons that don't appear, edit them, and click in the icon thing. It should work. It can require a kill of the gnome-panel.

On the applications you have in your launcher, the ones who don't have an icon, it should be because there's no icon for that application. Or if there's one, try the same thing I recommended above, but to the related app, off course.

Network Manager -> Don't have a fucking idea of what it could be. Never happened to me. Try to kill only the Network Manager and then restart it:
# sudo killall NetworkManager && sudo NetworkManager &

Doesn't work, even restarting the PC does nothing.

It's f*cked, so let's just stop wasting each others time k?

kthnxbaiiiiiiiii o/ - Feb 05 2010
Brokenness in picture form; - Feb 05 2010
Even rebooting doesn't fix the network borkage.

And just because 2000 people have downloaded it, and only 3 have raised issues, doesn't mean it's a freak glitch. Not everyone can be arsed to report a bug, and most people probably don't have a GL account.

Oh and I did read through the other issues. Doesn't solve anything.

I've used your theme loads before and had no probs at all, this is just a bad release apparently. - Feb 05 2010
Let's see;

It causes networkmanager to fudge up and close.

Missing menu icons.

The Place folder icons stay as the default Humanity icons.

Don't have those problems with any other icon themes. Go figure. - Feb 05 2010
If you're a 9.10 user AVOID. It's just broken. - Feb 05 2010
Win2-7 Pack

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Aug 23 2017
Still not working for me :/ - Feb 05 2010
It times out... - Feb 05 2010