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Rakan Rabayah Munich, Germany
Colored Particles Wallpaper

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by devvv
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Jan 21 2009
Yeah I think this picture is great. Thanks for the reply. I'm currently back to Mac OS X however I'm starting to use Photoshop again, but I think what you've done with such limited sources and etc. is great.

Its like taking the most of what you have and turning it into something that the best might not be able to do. - Jan 08 2009
Hi I think this picture is amazing. I'm really into art like this. I'm wondering did you use the gimp on this, and if you did how? - Nov 28 2008
Vista Start Menu for Gnome Panel

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Nov 23 2008

Can you help my get rid of the white area.
I don't know how. The bar is transparent.

Send suggestion to

Thanks - Jun 26 2008