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Mark Ziegler , Germany
CopyCover (amaroK Script)

Amarok 1.x Scripts 143 comments

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Oct 21 2007
Please port the script for Amarok 2

Thank you - Dec 31 2008
Extract And Compress KDE4

Dolphin Service Menus 174 comments

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Mar 12 2009
Something is wrong with encoding of german umlaute.

e.g. line 19:
Current value:
"Komprimierung wurde durchgefГјhrt!"

Should be:
"Komprimierung wurde durchgeführt!"

There are more problems for more languages like fr or da in other files. - Dec 25 2008

System Software 79 comments

by drf
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Feb 01 2009
Send the docs to me.
I can start the page and I am really curious about PowerDevil :-)

Cheers - Nov 17 2008

PowerDevil will be the follower of kpowersave, right?

How to use PowerDevil?

Is there a website for PowerDevil?
If not I would start a page for it in Userbase (
What do you think? - Nov 17 2008

System Software 14 comments

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Jan 08 2006
Are there any plans to port this nice app to qt4? - Sep 21 2008

Developers Apps 175 comments

by alwin
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Aug 21 2013

Amarok 1.x Scripts 32 comments

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Dec 19 2009
For filename extension see:

Search for chapter "packaging". - Mar 22 2006

please use correct extension for filename of amarok scripts.

Some screenshots would be nice.

And it would be helpful to know the dependencies. Not everybody has inkscape on a kde installation.

Anyway, good idea.
regards - Mar 20 2006

Utilities 40 comments

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Apr 15 2010
The gui and handling of krename changed a lot and is absolutly usable for daily work.

So, why don't you talk to Dominic Seichter, the author of krename, about modifing or adding dcop calls to get more remote control over krename?

Life is too short to reinvent the wheel twice :-)

Mark - Dec 30 2005

Developers Apps 16 comments

by zenum
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May 17 2005

on SuSE Systems the install script fails cause KDE's location is /opt/kde3
I modified the script a little:

# copy the icons
mkdir /opt/kde3/share/icons/ksvn &> /dev/null
cp -v --reply=yes ./icons/* /opt/kde3/share/icons/ksvn/
chmod a+r /opt/kde3/share/icons/ksvn/*

#copy the desktop file
cp -v --reply=yes ./ksvn.desktop /opt/kde3/share/apps/konqueror/servicemenus/
chmod a+r /opt/kde3/share/apps/konqueror/servicemenus/ksvn.desktop

That's works for me! - May 17 2005
"Run As Root" for Service Menus

Dolphin Service Menus 50 comments

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Jun 13 2004

german translation is ok but german umlaute are not displayed. Must be something with character encoding.

Used on kde 3.4 beta 1 - Feb 09 2005
Please add a readme on how to install the files as a normal user or system wide as root.

Anyway, good stuff.

cheers - Nov 27 2004
Metal bubbles (hi-res)

Wallpaper Other 3 comments

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Feb 07 2004

could you please update to 3.4


rakekniven - Feb 09 2005 Quickstarter 2

Utilities 13 comments

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Jul 11 2006
Hi, I tried the app on SuSE 9.0 and it's works really nice.

Thanks guys. - Jan 17 2004
KDE Bluetooth Framework

Network 16 comments

by uddw
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Jan 08 2004

I am really happy. I took a cheap Typhoon Blue Tooth and my SE T610, build an rpm for SuSE 9.0 and it works. Out of the box. Without any problems. Great, really great.
Keep up the good work.

It took me only 45 min to set it all up for the first time.
Linux rules 8) - Jan 12 2004