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GDM Themes by UHUboy 3 comments

Nahát, erről nem is tudtam eddig :)

Nem rossz! - Aug 09 2011
I've always hated them, is there a way to make them mode KDE-like?

GtkComboBox::appears-as-list = 1 comes to my mind, but that messes with things a bit too deeply and also needs some tweaks (take a look, that style is drawn in a quite weird way, comboboxes should look like ComboBoxEntries then) - Feb 15 2010
+1, this would be great for Gnome-centred distributions :) - Feb 15 2010
2.9.0 on server 1.7.x does have the same issue with the old qtcurve (I was using 0.67 until now, so cairo drawing only)... - Oct 28 2009

Network by marashz 10 comments

I could say the same here as I said under moon115 :) - May 02 2009

Network by marashz 10 comments

The program being in Qt4 doesn’t necessitate the user needing to drop the KDE3 desktop whatsoever. It’s just that Qt4 (even if you’d want to avoid using KDE 4 technology) is really much more advanced than Qt3, and is present on most computers/distros anyway even if KDE4 isn’t (or isn’t wanted).

Don’t think I’m a huge KDE4 fan, I was just surprised at the choice of toolkit now — in 2009, using Qt3 is not quite future-proof. Sure, KDE3’s technologies add a lot to it and create a very usable environment (one that I do like).

I didn’t like distros rushing it, and in fact switched distros just to be able to keep a working KDE3, because KDE4 < 4.2 were horrible. KDE 4.3 is quite decent though, with much fewer rough edges than its three predecessors. - May 02 2009

Network by marashz 10 comments

I think you’re better off developing on Qt4 (and KDE4) :)

kdelibs4-dev is Debian/Ubuntu’s idea of KDE3 libs — in any case, both Qt3 and KDE 3 are ancient and best be avoided. - Apr 29 2009
I noticed that toolbar buttons look like pressed ones in 0.60.0 when I hover them... I couldn’t find a setting to change this behaviour though and it looks just weird.

Qt: 4.5.0~rc1
KDE 4.2.0 / 4.2.63 (both do this)

Also, for some reason, changing QtCurve settings and applying it won’t affect the applications; I have to switch to another style and back to get the new things applied. - Feb 17 2009

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by dralgebra 153 comments

Glad to see this :) the KDE3 Crystal is awesome, hope this will become just as good eventually. - May 24 2008
I Hear U

Telephony by mtrotta 58 comments

Yeah, I realised almost immediately that I was a bit ambiguous, sorry about that.

My comment about Speex was just a personal programming experience — I hadn’t yet had the opportunity to try your software so I can’t write any feedback on its sound quality.

GSM 6.10 was just a suggestion as a possible alternative, in case you’d like to add support for other codecs, as it too is free (as said, the only thing required seems to be attribution, other than that, you do what you want with it — which is even more liberal than GPL). - Jan 31 2008
I Hear U

Telephony by mtrotta 58 comments

Out of curiosity (and somewhat related), what are your thoughts about the SDL library? It’s a bit more portable than plain old ALSA, and I’d guess and since it’s used for games and other stuff, it should be quite low latency.

I personally never had much luck with getting Speex to sound good — on the other hand I messed around with GSM 6.10 once and it seemed really decent. The library is also free for any use as long as the copyright and disclaimer notice is retained intact. ( - Jan 30 2008

Video Apps by kiriuja 100 comments

I just wish someone .debbed it and put it on the ubuntu repositories :)

I wanna try it, but really don’t feel like compiling...

Looks real cool though! - Jan 14 2007

Various KDE Stuff by sundance 7 comments

You win :3 Very much :D - Jan 13 2007