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Fabrizio Fabrizio Messina, Italy

Network by thoenig 38 comments

I need to share my internet connection from wired lan to wireless lan but in knetwrokmanager there's no way to do it in simple way.
Let me show you to explain how this work on mac os x.
Mac os settings ask me the source of internet connection (wired in my case) and the distributor (wirless,called airport on mac).In addition I had to specify name of ad-hoc connection and security stuff.Then the system think on activate dhcp and to set all firewall rules.I don't own a mac but a time I saw this and it was too simple,hiding non-foundamental information as dhcp and firewall to user.It could be easy realizing the same with knetworkmanager including a expert-user section to specify dhcp and iptable rules. - Aug 20 2008

Utilities by micko 67 comments

Ok,first thanks for your great work!
In the menu activated by "Define chapters" is impossible,for me,to add a chapter in a certain position of video.Then when I push quit mandvd crash.Nothing of this happens if I use Automatic division in chapter mode. - Aug 17 2008

Webcam & Monitoring by LukA4e 11 comments

There's a bug in libnegative when compiling:
g++ -shared -o negativeeffectplugin.o moc_negativeeffectplugin.o -L/usr/lib -lQtGui -lQtCore -lpthread
collect2: ld terminated with signal 11 [Segmentation fault], core dumped
make[1]: *** [../plugins/] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/fabrizio/Scaricati/myface-0.1.alfa/negativeeffectplugin'
make: *** [sub-negativeeffectplugin-make_default] Error 2

Perpahs only on my arch... - Mar 25 2008
amuleKollection for KDE4

Dolphin Service Menus by ramiel 4 comments

Gioacchino,penso tu sia italiano. Se hai dato un'occhiata alla versione per KDE 3.x ti accorgerai che ho aggiunto il supporto per mldonkey.Ho anche già pronta la versione per KDE4 col supporto per mldonkey ma non l'ho pubblicata per diversi motivi.Intanto questo service menu non funziona in KDE4 per via di problemi con i mimelink(non dipendono da me) e poi kmldonkey per KDE4 non funziona a meraviglia.Comunque fra un pò pubblico questa nuova versione,nel frattempo usa quella scritta per kde3,ti basta cercare "kollection" in kde-apps.

MLDonkey support is ready,stay tuned! - Mar 19 2008

Dolphin Service Menus by ramiel 2 comments

I just thinked to add support for mldonkey.Really I use it instead aMule so I will add support for it lately...only I don't know when!Stay tuned! - Feb 08 2008
goLinuxSMS - goWinSMS

Utilities by AlterX 27 comments

No,si stupisce che tu abbia fatto un'interfaccia grafica vecchia maniera e la ritiene i tuoi gusti sono i tuoi,fai quello che credo anche se mi va di consigliarti di usare le librerie qt4 - Sep 17 2007

Emulation by DarkShock 17 comments

Excuse me, but it's so strange that the ubuntu package depends on libqt-mt-dev which is a dev package. It should depend on the headers package I think.So, well done however! - Jul 31 2007