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Hand Crafted From Mulberry

GTK2 Themes by ComplexNumber 5 comments

I lost touch with you my friend! So I came here to try and find you, and BAM.,Here you are, still creating some nice work! I like this one!

I don't ever visit DeviantArt because it's too slow, so I look for you here.

I give this one an 'A+'.

- Aug 11 2007
Linux Green II

Wallpaper Other by johnny86 3 comments

I am currently using this image. I created a wallpaper for my wife based on your design.
Not nearly as good but she likes it! - May 26 2007
Gimp-splash simple

Gimp Splashes by mangkorn 2 comments

Thats really great! Tell me.,how do you get the drop shadow aligned correctly? - May 26 2007
Frisse Icons Preview

Icon Sub-Sets by DekuNuts 10 comments

I like them! The green matches my theme. Keep them translucent. That is extra nice!
BTW.,When are they gonna be ready? - May 25 2007
Mozilla - Sleek Edition

Icon Sub-Sets by conteXx 4 comments

I like, but how does one install so that it becomes the default firefox icon? - May 25 2007
Arch Glass Bootsplash

Plymouth Themes by AngelusNoctis 11 comments

Nice, but how do you install it?
I'm running Ubuntu Feisty Fawn.
- May 24 2007

GTK2 Themes by wulax 53 comments

Sorry 'wulax'. I actually have not yet installed this theme. (Obveously from my screenshot).
Thanks for the tip! - May 21 2007

GTK2 Themes by wulax 53 comments

Check out my screenshot over at
Hope this helps! - May 21 2007
Ghostly Red

GTK2 Themes by ComplexNumber 7 comments

Keep at it 'complexnumber'! In fact, I want to know about everything that you add to!
- May 20 2007
Ghostly Green

GTK2 Themes by ComplexNumber 11 comments

Hey 'klamsd'. There does not have to be the black contrast. All you have to do is change the window border in System>Preferences>Theme>Customize>Window Border. - May 20 2007
Ghostly Green

GTK2 Themes by ComplexNumber 11 comments

Where did you get the wallpaper for this one? - May 20 2007
Ghostly Green

GTK2 Themes by ComplexNumber 11 comments

IMO, the contrast between the black and green is very appealing.
I am downloading every color (for whatever mood I might be in!)
Keep up the good work! - May 20 2007

GTK2 Themes by wulax 53 comments

I love dark themes but they make it difficult to read text when I'm online. - May 20 2007
Ghostly Blue

GTK2 Themes by ComplexNumber 8 comments

This is THE most awsome theme that I've EVER seen thus far!
I love the sense of depth, and luminosity!
You inspire me to learn how to create themes!
Great Job!
BTW.,How DOES one go about creating themes? - May 17 2007
Blue Swirl

GDM Themes by darkknight9 27 comments

Nice job my friend! It is consistent with my desktop theme/wallpaper. - May 14 2007
Fyre (all sizes)

Wallpaper Other by jiiprah 4 comments

Nice job jiiprah! - May 14 2007
Gimp Splash

Gimp Splashes by randell6564 2 comments

Your wallpaper is Beautiful! I just thought that I would show my splash working. And it complements your wallpaper. I wanted to stay with the blue theme.
Yes.,it IS simple. Thats what I was going for. - May 14 2007