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Thanks for the comment. Knowing that it is appreciated worth more than money. I'm always welcome for suggestions. A more up-to-date version is available as a snap package. A link is available at my github. I'll be upgrading the AppImage when there will be significant new stuff ready. - Feb 13 2021
Tigullio Modern

KPat Decks by mikelima

I like this deck, but there is a problem with the spade cards.
The small spade on top left is not centered with it's number.
This can be seen in the download or at:

To fix the problem
edit line 274

x="3" should be replaced by x="5"

Hope this could help. - Jan 24 2021

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What's your distro?
Are you sure: qmake --version show using QT 5.x ?
What's your compiler? g++ --version ?

I'm compiling just fine under Ubuntu 16.4
Qt 5.5.1
g++ version 5.4

I also tried OpenSUSE tumbleweed
Qt 5.13
g++ 9.1.1
and, it compile just fine.

Q_NULLPTR not declared usually, appear when trying to compile using QT4.

Do you have QT5 dev installed? - Jul 18 2019

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Version 1.1
- added option to save unfinished game.
- added game statistics
- bugs fixes
- AI tweak
- Nov 27 2018