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rodolfo ferreira Cuiaba, Brazil
The Cupertino Effect inBlack

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Jan 08 2020
Is there a way to apply a blur effect for this? - Sep 23 2019
Marwaita Icons

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Jan 01 2020
I went with the 'install' button this time, from this website. By the looks of it, it seems it installed it on /home/my_user/.local/share/icons.

I followed your hint and then moved the folder labeled Marwaita Light to /usr/share/icons.
That fixed the update manager icon, but Steam remains the same. Also, file icons are still white on a white background: - Sep 19 2019
Yes. Marwaita Light with 'Mint-X' panel.
The Dark variant of your theme gives the same result. - Sep 19 2019
First of all, thank you for replying.
Now, lets get to it. I'll respond to each statement you provided with screenshots.
Starting with this one:
"marwaita dark uses white symbolic icons for dark themes with dark panels"
That is true. My notification icons such as Steam and Update Manager all turn white when I change the panel theme to Linux Mint (which is a dark panel):
I like the tone you set for symbolic icons, especially when viewed from the file manager. BUT some file extensions need an extra work. For example, have a look at this screenshot: . ODT and DOCX have the same symbolic icon, so here's my suggestion for the next version of this theme. Care to create an extra one for Microsoft Office applications (or for Libre Office ones)?

Next, you said: "marwaita light uses black symbolic icons for light themes with light panels"
Hmm that may be true, but if that was your intention, it doesn't do that to ALL notification icons. Steam and Update Manager remained untouched (gray) when I changed the panel from 'linuxmint' to 'mint-x', which is a light/bright theme:
As a result, you have gray on white. The same goes for Marwaita Dark BTW.

And judging Marwaita Light by its name, anyone could come to the conclusion, as the name states, it's supposed to go with a bright environment. Which, again, needs a rework if that was the case.

To get to my point, consider Marwaita Light or Dark.
When using either one with my file manager (with light/bright controls, eg mint-x-aqua), all symbolic icons show without a border. That makes sense for a DARK theme, not for a bright one:
Now, compare it to, say, OS Catalina with light/bright controls in mind:

That's what Marwaita Light was supposed to do, isn't it? Unless you meant your theme is supposed to be used for dark controls only, but I believe this theme has a lot going for it. The Application Icons are great (for a dark background). So much so, your theme is the only one that managed to beat POP-Icon-Theme, which was the one-and-only I had going for over two years! The only downside is that Marwaita belongs to a dark environment for now. The lack of border for symbolic icons, the lack of more dark notification icons to go with a bright panel won't let it spread its wings and embrace brighter environments.

I hope you take this feedback into account when you decide to give this theme another version. Thank you for the time and effort you've put into this.
- Sep 19 2019
I don't see any difference between the normal Marwaita icons to the light and dark ones. Also, I like using this theme with a light panel (for example Mint-X) but the author should just have imported the Steam notification icon instead of making a pale, borderless, gray-on-white thing:
And this is the one this theme could use:

Please update this theme. - Sep 18 2019
OS Catalina

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Jan 12 2020
First of all, thank you for replying.

Secondly, I tried your icon themes, both Catalina (not the dark one) and Mojave CT. They share a lot of similarities but the folder icon is very blurry. And so are some notification icons, such as the battery indicator and the wifi signal ones, but the weather icon is so blurry and tiny, it really deserves a remake.
Here's a screenshot for reference:

However, I like what you did with some symbolic icons, for example a text (.txt) icon HAS A BLACK BORDER (!!!), something other icon theme makers just don't do for god-knows-why reason. But you did and you deserve the credit for that. (I can't believe I'm celebrating over that, but it goes to show most of those other icon theme creators make their icons borderless and get a high score. I understand that makes sense for a dark theme, but not for a regular, non-dark one).
I mean, seriously. Look at your icon:
And compare it with Marwaita:
I just gotta tell you this: WAY TO GO! Whatever you do with those icon theme of yours, please do not change that, leave them as-is! As long as you do, I will always be a fan of your work (:

It isn't all good news tho. See, your icon theme is the one that came up with the idea of icons leaning to the side. On top of that, you also mixed that with some oval icons. Well, this is just me, but your icon theme needs to have a personality. You can't just go all-in-one and hope that pays the bill. Some people may be into this but for me that's stretching it too much IMHO.

But I don't want to go harsh on your work. Instead, I will give credit where it deserves. You got the skills to make these great-looking icons (as pointed out in this screenshot):
Had you not mixed them with other types, your icon theme would be in the 80s or 90s (BTW did you make that new Firefox icon? If so, dude you ROCK!). So please consider this criticism as a request for another icon theme, but this time, take this feedback into consideration and make ALL of your icons of one type only: not leaning to the side and not oval, just regular ones. I will be there to review them as well.

I wish there was a tool so that I could import your symbolic icons, mix that with Mint-X's notification icons (they're the best), along with Marwaita's application icons and come up with a (mixed) theme of my own. Oh well.

I'm looking forward to your next work. - Sep 18 2019
4 soso - Sep 02 2019

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Aug 30 2019
7 good.
Unlike all the other themes out there, which are blurry and without outer border, this one shines and makes for a very good icon theme on my list.
Though the reasons I'm not going to rate this 10 is because I don't like the folder color. I wish I could change it using Nemo, but the options to apply an other color to a folder are gone when using this theme. - Sep 18 2019
Polar Cursor Theme

Cursors 36 comments

Score 79.5%
May 07 2006
4 soso - Sep 02 2019

Cinnamon Themes 39 comments

Score 81.1%
Dec 22 2018
I've been using the dark version/cinnamon for Linux Mint 19.1. There's room for improvement. The notification popup could use a different color because it's black on a dark theme and a black border, meaning it can be hard to distinguish it from an application sometimes. Speaking of the notification popup, it could be smaller when notifying about what song Rhythmbox is playing.
Another issue from this theme is with VLC's buttons. When playing a movie file using VNC and this theme, it looks like all buttons are disabled because they all look grayed out.
And finally, when hovering over anything, be it an application icon on the taskbar or a notification icon, I get a white text in a dark-gray hint with no border, which also can be hard to distinguish with an already dark theme.
- Sep 02 2019
Mojave CT icons

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Jan 11 2020
Thank you for putting your effort into this, it's getting there however, could you please review the icons for calculator and system monitor? They really feel like they don't belong in this theme. - Jul 13 2019

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Nov 28 2019
Such a great icon theme, the only exception is the folder color. It looks way too dead or something you're not supposed to open/interact with, if you catch my drift. Is it possible to change it to like light-brown or light-blue?
Also, I have this problem: the picture you show on this page with all the icons look much sharper than it does on my computer, which runs Linux Mint 19, which is based on Ubuntu 18.04. Have a look yourself:
Is there a way to fix this? I'd like to experience sharper-looking icons but it doesn't matter which resolution I set (720p or higher), this is pretty much all I get.
Keep up the great work. - Oct 26 2018
Flat Remix ICON theme

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Jan 17 2020
While I like what you did with this icon theme, I must say there is room for improvement. This is my desktop with it: Bottom right corner, see that black button? We could use a red/colored shut down button. Also, your preview shows a new Twitter icon, which I expected to replace Corebird's (ugly) icon.
As a suggestion, you could submit your icons to Noobslad's Icons PPA, so that we can get it to update as soon as you release a new version.
Keep up the great work. - Aug 08 2017
PyShare (imageshack/rapidshare/twitpic)

Nautilus Scripts 116 comments

by Nait
Score 62.5%
Jun 02 2011
I liked the interface. Simple and easy to use and understand. If anything fails or goes wrong, the script has a good way to instruct the user to make it work out. By the way I was thinking if you can make a new version of the script but instead of sending the files to IS, it would work with Google's GMAiL. As everybody knows, there are ways to work with your inbox as an external storage account, it would be nice to see a working script sending files and asking me my username and password and bang! the files has been storaged!
Just one idea, I know this sounds challenging...can you do it?

Thank you for this script! keep up the good work! - Jun 06 2009

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by unc926

Score 87.7%
7   Sep 18 2019
7 good. Unlike all the other themes out there, which are blurry and without outer border, this one shines and makes for a very good icon theme on my list. Though the reasons I'm not going to rate this 10 is because I don't like the folder color. I wish I could change it using Nemo, but the options to apply an other color to a folder are gone when using this theme.
OS Catalina

Full Icon Themes
by zayronXIO

Score 86.9%
4   Sep 02 2019
4 soso
Score 79.5%
4   Sep 02 2019
4 soso