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Nov 17 2009

I never thought about windows-users. It is simply a part of my programm k-yamo that I ramped out, cause it worked well. (At least for me ;-))

But I am really pleased, that other maybe use some of my (weired) code. - Apr 28 2011
Take a look into the function getallfiles().
This one is called by dropEvent().
Maybe you need to set toAscii to all th filenames in windows.
Try to create debugoutput in both functions, to see what happens to your filenames.

I have an utf8-linux-system.
This works best for me. (Cause I can see german Umlauts also)
- Apr 27 2011
You need to tell Qt, that you need external includes.
This is done with the following lines in your pro-file:
LIBS += -L/usr/lib \
- Apr 26 2011