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Richard Woods , United States of America
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Redmond 2009

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Feb 24 2010
Thanks, sorry it took so long to reply, I've been PC-less for a while. But I'm back in the mix now and I will certainly fulfill your request with pleasure. - Mar 16 2012
Yes, open up .themes/Redmond 2009/themerc and change "shadow=y" to "shadow=n" in lines 3 and 4. or just delete those two lines - May 02 2010
I shouldn't be a mediafire link anymore. I have it hosted on Omploader, here:

It should be updated in the main description up there, at least it is for me. - Feb 24 2010
Try it now - Feb 24 2010
Try it now - Feb 24 2010
Thanks for the heads up. I had noticed that but left it because I thought it looked OK. You're right though, it looks better without, I'll update the theme soon with that and other tweaks! =] - Aug 15 2009
Thanks for leaving the comment! The darker button hovers sure look nice, but the lighter ones are my favorite part about this theme :) I'm glad you enjoy it though, however you prefer the buttons! - Aug 13 2009

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Oct 01 2009
I do what I can :)

Glad it's working for you now! Enjoy :) - Oct 08 2009
Alright, I reuploaded it, try again maybe? - Oct 01 2009
Actually after reviewing your terminal output a little further it looks like you don't have a .themes directory and obconf was unable to make one. Maybe try making it manually? - Sep 30 2009
Weird. I just downloaded it and installed it on Crunchbang. Is your directory /home/german/.themes/ writable ? - Sep 30 2009
unofficial crunchbox theme

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Sep 28 2009
I also am #! user. Nice to see you here :) - Sep 29 2009

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by na12
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Aug 15 2009
Nice theme, but how about that background? Where can we find it :) - Aug 15 2009

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Sep 12 2007
You did a great job on this theme! I have modified it a little bit, I hope that is O.K. with you :) Please tell me what you think: - Aug 04 2009