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Ruben Gerits Neerpelt, Belgium
Bespin Reborn

Be-Shell/Bespin by OpenAugusto 9 comments

What wallpaper do u have? - Jan 26 2009
Beauty of Linux

Wallpaper Other by eNcode 8 comments

just one little question. Who's that girl? :) - Aug 03 2006
Beauty of Linux

Various Artwork by eNcode 3 comments

Who's that girl on your background? - Aug 02 2006
sexy SuSE

People by zemkooo 3 comments

who's that girl? - Aug 01 2006
Beauty of Linux

Wallpaper Other by eNcode 8 comments

i mean the total linux in it:
mouse theme
window decoration
splash screen
bootsplash screens
and all other stuff
but thats probably a lot of work. - Aug 01 2006
sexy SuSE

Wallpaper Other by zemkooo 6 comments

Who's that girl? - Aug 01 2006
Have You Got The Horn ?

Wallpaper Other by eNcode 1 comment

Hey, i like the girl very much, can u create other wallpapers of it to? Maybe some of kde in minimal white? - Aug 01 2006
Beauty of Linux

Wallpaper Other by eNcode 8 comments

this one is just great. Love to see more of the minimal design. Maybe u can make a skin for it to ^^ - Jul 30 2006

Kopete Styles by paikan 14 comments

What skin do u use? it looks pretty kwl:) - Jul 30 2006

Icon Sub-Sets by saki 76 comments

ok, nice made, but why should I use this. Than I can also just buy (or download) vista if I realy want that. - Sep 21 2005

Wallpaper Other by nayib 1 comment

I like the design very mush, great job, but can you also make it in other colors e.g. blue, green, red, ...? - Sep 21 2005
Linux is here...

Wallpaper Other by sone 3 comments

I think it's better so blurrr, otherwise it wouldn't be nice anymore, I like it this way. But maybe you can also make a invert of the color. Very good idea of you. - Sep 17 2005
BlueIce kwin decoration w/ color scheme

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by clearbeast 72 comments

Can someone make a suse rpm. I like the theme very mush, but just can't get it installed.
notf - Sep 13 2005
debian gnu/linux

Wallpapers Debian by cagwait 10 comments

Can you also upload the suse version please? - Sep 10 2005