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Danny SamuraHi , Italy
conky ng

Conky by rustyacge 2 comments

put ng dir into /home/yousername/.conky
and digit conky -c ~/.conky/ng/conkyrc

for temperature and scan host on lan have used cron
for hard disk temperature you need install hddtemp

* * * * * sensors atk0110-acpi-0 > ~/.conky/ng/sensor # JOB_ID_1
*/3 * * * * ~/.conky/ng/ eth0 > ~/.conky/ng/net # JOB_ID_2
*/3 * * * * ~/.conky/ng/ wlan0 > ~/.conky/ng/net1 # JOB_ID_3 - Sep 04 2011
TV Kio Slave

TV & Streaming by DavidEdmundson 10 comments

HI David i'm rusty from divilinux blog

you have wrote:

The issue (I think, I can’t understand all your comment) is the fact that I hardcoded the address
/usr/share/apps/kio_tv/header.html and /usr/share/apps/kio_tv/empty.png into the code. I realise it was a hack, but it’s only an early release.

yes this is my problem, kio tv working but don't find the html for formatting the page inside konqueror.

after make install gentoo copy the file header.html and empty.png in /usr/kde/3.5/share/apps/kio_tv

now i have moved kio_tv from /usr/kde/3.5/share/apps/ in /usr/share/apps and working well.

Tanks so Much :D
- Aug 31 2007