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Jul 08 2005
I'd like to get lay bets and working/off bets in there, but after that I'm open to ideas. Maybe hoppin' hardways? I don't know any other bets on a craps table.

Once all the bets are accounted for, I think extending the interface a bit would be useful. Sounds will be first in that category. - Jul 09 2005
If you start kraps from the command line, it'll print the payouts and the reason why you won, too. - Jun 26 2005

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Feb 26 2005
KHacc requires the QHacc package to run. The QHacc package contains the financial engine that KHacc uses. If you install QHacc first, KHacc should install without a hitch. - Sep 12 2004
It has some rudimentary monthly budgetting included: You can specify how much you'd like an account change per month, and when you pass that limit, you'll get a dialog box telling you so. There is also a report that shows you a budgeted/actual comparison for each account, and for all accounts that have a budget specified. - May 24 2004
I should mention, however, that KHacc DOES support database plugins, so adding HBCI support is feasible using the openHBCI library. Currently, KHacc can use MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, XML, or its native format as a backend. - Feb 17 2004
I'm afraid not. KHacc isn't really aimed a replacing commerical apps--it's just a transaction manager. The goal is to be simple and straight-forward enough for most users, so if you need some advanced features, it may not have them. - Jan 13 2004