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Ryan Ho Taoyuan, Taiwan
Plasma 4 Extensions

Plasma 4 Extensions 18 comments

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Mar 12 2015
If aticonfig can provide fan working info, I can add fan monitor to pyATImonitor. I think there is no way to monitor fan status, at least for now.

Maybe we can ask AMD to provide this function in fglrx driver? :-) - Oct 26 2010
At pyATImonitor v0.9 the gpu load and gpu temp are using analog meter. But I change them at ver 0.9.1.

And yes, it is possible to let the widget to suit user's default theme. But I need time to solve it. - Feb 20 2010
I have already tested this widget on Kubuntu 9.10 and KDE SC 4.4.0.
Please follow above install instruction. - Feb 20 2010
I am not sure. I never install it on KDE SC 4.4. After KDE 4.4 was released, I tried to upgrade Kubuntu 9.10, Arch Linux, and openSUSE 11.2.
But none of them can work properly after upgrade. :( - Feb 14 2010
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Plasma 4 Extensions
by panzi

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Jun 18 2010