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Amarok 1.x Scripts 60 comments

by stifi
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May 28 2012
OK, I understand. I'll try writing lyrics with other tool and use Lyrics ID3 to see it in Amarok.

Thank you for your answer... and your very good script :-) - Jun 10 2009
First of all, thanks a lot for this great script !

I've seen "support for FLAC" in version 1.3 on the online changelog of this tool but the feature seems to be absent of version 1.7 that I'm using... and in its changelog too !

Did you take the decision to drop this feature, or is it a mistake ?

Hope to see a fix/workaround, because I love this script for mp3 and it would be wonderful if it's possible to do the same with flac.

It's a shame that there's still no standard for embedded lyrics in ogg vorbis and flac. Hope to have one someday...

Keep the good work :-)

Sacrediou - Jun 05 2009