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Jun 09 2019
I have attempted to integrate XSD file reading, but decoding the format has been difficult. Without a copy of the software, I am unable to produce the files needed to work out all the details. - Apr 05 2019
I have updated the code in CVS with some better checks for ImageMagick which has some changes to the namespaces for different versions. I have tried this on a couple of distributions and all works correctly.

Please feel free to check for yourself if you can. I will release an updated version in a couple of days if there are no adverse reports.


Steve - Feb 15 2009
I have installed the gentoo.2008 live cd in vmare and emerged kde-meta. I have tried compiling kxstitch-0.8.3 and everything worked correctly. configure passed the imagemagick test properly and the compilation and installation was successful.

So no nearer a solution for those with a problem and being unable to replicate it doesn't really give me a chance to solve the issue. - Jan 29 2009
There have been a few people reporting that the magick++ configure check has failed on their systems, Gentoo was one of those mentioned.

The work around using --with-extra-includes doesn't seem to work either.

At the moment I don't know what is causing this, but myself and others are investigating and hopefully a fix will be available soon.

Regards - Jan 26 2009
Which version of KXStitch are you using? Which distribution? Have you installed from RPM (which one?)or from source? If from source, then there is the possibility that installation has been to /usr/local instead of the KDE base directory. This will exhibit the same behaviour of crashing. Does it also crash when you right click on the editor window? Again this is because it would be installed in the wrong place.

Another possible reason could be that ImageMagick isn't installed. - Sep 18 2005
Don't do this, there is a binary incompatability between versions 5 and 6 of ImageMagick. Best to upgrade. - Mar 28 2005