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Davi Lima
JK Bridge at night

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by Salsa
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Jan 01 2004
For those who want to see an aerial view of the bridge, it's geographic coordinates are 15º49'23.22" S and 47º49'48.08" W. You can see that with Google Earth. - Aug 16 2005
Thanks, your Canadian shots are very good too. - Jan 01 2004
Thanks, I used a Canon Powershot S50 with aperture F/4.5 and focal length 18 mm, exposed for 1 second. The camera was loosely over my car. The original shot is huge: 2592x1944 pixels and 1.73 MB. - Jan 01 2004
JK Bridge at day

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by Salsa
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Jan 02 2004
This is the Juscelino Kubistchek (JK) bridge, in Brasilia, Brazil. You should also take a look at the night shot. - Jan 03 2004