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dario aguilera
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kded-appmenu (upstream => KDE 4.10)

Various KDE Stuff 34 comments

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Nov 16 2012
No, I mean with kdebase-workspace, since there was a time when it had that style, I remember i had it installed... - Nov 12 2012
Is it posible to change the title bar button style to something like this:
Anyway, thanks for the good work, it works really well. - Nov 11 2012

Graphic Apps 17 comments

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May 20 2011
it doesn't have a folder for the icons, they are saved into the bin file while compiling, that's a Qt's resources feature.
- May 20 2011
did the previous version, 0.4, have icons? - May 20 2011
try deleting the configuration file, usually located in ~/.config/QIviewer/qiviewer.conf
- May 20 2011
it's private becouse i haven't configured it yet. - Feb 01 2011
ya lo hice, ahora se puede pasarle argumentos, por el momento solo la direccion de la imagen, aunque planeo agregar un par de cosas mas.
saludos - Jan 13 2011