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sam riggs , Canada
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GTK2 Themes 26 comments

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May 07 2011
whats wrong with the zip file I just downloaded it and its fine - Apr 17 2013
Glad you like it, hopefully >I'll have the gtk and finished artwork soon. Been a bit busy lately doing other stuff, but I will have the finished work done soon hopefully :) - Oct 04 2010
The wallpaper was actually the background for my new website I'm in the process of making, I just thought some folks might like it so I extended it and made it into a wallpaper also (yuppers I made that also, I do all my own art with the help of some brushed and filters of course, the blimp took me about 15 minutes from scratch. (I do it for a living and at home also)
I'll put it up on the website hopefully tonight so folks can download it if they want it. - Sep 09 2010
thanks for the comments
I am making different versions for it :)
Aslo psycholinuxuser already made a brass version of it, heres the link - Sep 09 2010
cool I love the brass look :)
when I get the gtk finished for it, you can package it if you want as a complete theme and make it a download, or just make that a download now if you want, give folks more choices other than the green :)
I am going to make the blue and yellow/gold versions as a download here soon, but please feel free to add that also as a brass.
I check out the site you mentioned, Cool site :) thanks for the link.
I see the oldmedievalsam one is on there too :) that wasn't intended as a steampunk one but the change that was done on it looks nice also on that site.
If you want to make that one a download also feel free to do so you dont need my permission as you said on the site :) - Sep 09 2010
Star Trek Blue

Gnome Shell Themes 7 comments

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Sep 19 2011
Glad you like it
but I stopped using gnome 3 and had to switch to xfce so I can't maintain this anymore, I put messages out there for anyone who wants to update this to gnome 3.2 and maintain it, so far no bites, but as soon as someone takes over these themes and update them I am going to put a link to the updated ones by whoever does it then you can send them to that person, unless you want to update them :)
If so just message me the link to where you have it in my deviantart page or here and I'll link it so others can get at it from here also.
I have no time right now to do this unfortunately otherwise I would do it myself.
Sam - Dec 10 2011
Ya I checked it out, very nice wallpaper indeed and would be a nice addition to this theme I'll get to the gtk and metacity later on right now I have to get back to programming I'm a bit behind in something I am making. - Sep 23 2011
This is for gnome 3 it is a shell which gnome 2 doesn't have. - Sep 20 2011
Heavy Metal

GTK3 Themes 6 comments

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Sep 05 2011
Glad you like it but I am no longer using gnome but went for xfce so I dont have a system any longer to upgrade this ti gnome 3.2.
I put a message on my page in deviantart about this that if anyone wants to upgrade any of my themes feels free to do so and leave me a note with the link so I can put the link for others on my pages so they can get them.
Sam - Dec 05 2011
Thanks glad you like it - Sep 23 2011
Glad you like the work :)
This one is a dark theme and it won't be for everyone, plus it has a lot of artwork in it, most like a more theres less busy.
It was a fun experiment though to see how much art I could use with the shell - Sep 02 2011
Star Trek - 2 (2 colors)

Wallpaper Other 6 comments

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Sep 20 2011
Very nicely done :) - Sep 23 2011
United Federation Of Planets

Wallpaper Other 8 comments

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Sep 16 2011
No problem :) - Sep 17 2011
Thanks autocrosser - Sep 17 2011
I made it with just the background now also with no logo for you, it has all three sizes also.
Just redownload the file again and its inside it now.
Glad you like it. - Sep 15 2011
doing up the gnome shell for this theme now :)
Glad you like it. - Sep 15 2011
Spacey Pink

GTK3 Themes 8 comments

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Sep 14 2011
cool, feel free to make all the changes she so desires, the only thing you might have to do if change the pointer image to match her resolution width, I made a long one with the extension on the bottom of it (my wife wanted it shorter so I made hers shorter) but just crop the right side of the longest pointer image to match the width, theres no way around this because I can't use border-image or it will stretch and it wont fit properly if I did that.
I'll try and add some more dolphins in the gtk and metacity lol,
the close min max etc buttons will be made of pink hearts like her old also. - Sep 13 2011
I double the size of the ripple so it trails further, the wife liked it so it stayed - Sep 13 2011
Thanks the wife is pleased so far :)
I'll see if that changes once I get the gtk and metacity done lol - Sep 12 2011
Gnome Shell Old Steampunk

GTK3 Themes 19 comments

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Aug 19 2011
the text should be the same unless your talking about some parts in the gtk like buttons and such, I still have to fix that error and go through it all to make sure the colors are better so they appear more clearly, soon as I finish the new gtk I'm making for my heavy metal theme I'll go back over the gtk and fix all those spots where the text blends to much to see plus I have to fix a couple of more spots in the shell as well and make it better.
I'll post a changelog and let everyone know when its done. - Sep 03 2011
Both mixed together, I am just about finished the shell, just trying to find a way to get the dash icon smaller without making the overview-icon smaller at the same time.
A few more pieces of artwork and coding and tweaking and it should be done, I'll be adding a metacity and gtk with it later on. - Sep 01 2011
Glad you like it.
I have a new one coming out soon called Heavy Metal
you can check out the preview here - Sep 01 2011
Thanks for the compliment
How to do it:
First install lmde, do all the updates.
Get the new rc here
after the updates add these to the repo list in synaptics
deb unstable main contrib non-free
deb-src unstable main contrib non-free
deb experimental main contrib non-free
do a sudo apt-get clean, then a sudo apt-get update.
then add this in the terminal
sudo apt-get install -t experimental gnome-session gnome-themes-standard gnome-control-center gnome-keyring gnome-media libdconf0 dconf-tools gsettings-desktop-schemas
after that go into synaptics add all the gtk3 and gnome3 stuff, also the tweak tool and gnome-common.
press apply for all the stuff you click for install, after it installs, go into the the repos, unclick the three repos you added
deb unstable main contrib non-free
deb-src unstable main contrib non-free
deb experimental main contrib non-free
you only need them to get the shell stuff and gtk3 stuff, if you upgrade with them in it, it will mess up everything. Well for me it did.
sudo apt-get clean and sudo apt-get update after that to put the synaptics back to the original repos only, reboot and your done, most use the xfce version for this, I used lmde instead and it worked fine.
Go here to find out more about how to it more and better and to find fixes etc,

Hope this helps you out.
Read through this forum before attempting it.
Sam - Aug 19 2011
thanks, I'm pretty much done this one now, I might twweak the shell abit more, and the gtk (the metacity will stay the same since there isn't really much more I can do with it.
The next theme will be called Heavy Metal, or something like that (got to see if that name is taken already), it'll be all metal, hopefully it'll look good, and this one was my tester into gnome 3 so hopefully I can make the heavy metal one even better :) - Aug 18 2011
Thanks glad you like it, I had fun doing this one - Aug 18 2011
thanks for the kind words, I am glad you like it :), I am making a gtk and metacity theme to go with this, I have the metacity finished and just have to finish the gtk, then I will package them all up with the shell in one package for download. I'll post and put new images up once it all done.
I might try to add a couple of other things to this shell as well as long as it doesn't become to much. - Aug 10 2011
Glad you figured out the middle images part, thanks for giving the link to the forum, I'm a big fan of linux mint and only use it.
I added the three sizes in the download now and added a READ ME file with the download to exxplain how to change that middle piece, you can change it by just changing the name of the image size you want orrr I show you how to change the name in the css instead and what to look for (which is easier) I tried to make it easy for those who aren't fimilar with css, so hopefully it will be easy enough to do for anyone.
The reason I had to do it this way is because I did not want it to stretch ot it would of wouund up across the whole panel, so it was a compromise to make it look better, the other two parts stretch according to how many icos are open on the panel.
Hopefully this will answer this question for anyone else trying to figure it out.
Please read the READ ME I just added with the download, it will walk you through this part :) - Aug 09 2011
Linux Pick It Up

Wallpaper Other 5 comments

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May 07 2012
Thanks for pointing this out, next time I'll let my wife proof read for me lol.
I fixed it and reuploaded everything. - Aug 22 2011
Thanks glad you liked it, a fun one the wife and I came up with to express our deepest feelings towards windoze lol - Jul 25 2011

GTK2 Themes 14 comments

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Oct 31 2013
I pity you lol thats a lot of work to keep your desktop working the way you want it too.
No problem on the fix for gimpers, I might add some code to the gtk for some of the other prgrams that mess up the toolbar abit like libre office, I had to split the image in half then put the top on the bottom and the bottom on top because it centers it when you put stretch = false, its an easy fix for non stretchers but some programs just don't measure it the same all the way around for the toolbars this way, I'll go through all the programs I have and make a list and see if I can fix them to look better and see if I can grab the gtk2 bits for them.I'll post one with fixes for these when I get time to crawl through them all and make fixes so you can get it also if you like. Thats if you use non stretchers, if you don't then it's really no issue.
Ya I'm not looking forward to gtk3 either, still haven't looked into it much but I do like the fact it's using css now, I'm using lmde from mint and thanks to clem and the gang they stuck with the gtk2 so far, well until debian decides otherwise I guess, I'll start digging into gtk3 to see what it's limits are soon I guess, not looking forward to it. - Jul 11 2011
You out did yourself on this one.
Excellent work, I like this one better then the field and stream one.
Absolutely amazing.
Sam - Jul 07 2011
Sams Blue Space

GTK2 Themes 7 comments

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Jun 28 2011
No problem glad you liked it. - Jun 28 2011
Sorry about that, didn't know there was one already named that, theres so many themes out there I usually don't check for names.This was a first this happened to me.
As you can see I changed it :) - Jun 28 2011
Thanks :)
Glad you liked it.
I also changed the wallpaper and made one with a linux billboard instead of linux mint so it can be used by anyone with a linux system.
It can be gotten here

Sam - Jun 28 2011

Wallpapers Mint 1 comment

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Jun 27 2011
For those who want the same wallpaper with a linux billboard instead of linux mint I made one and it can be gotten here

Sam - Jun 28 2011
Linux Mint stickers

Single Icon/Logo 1 comment

Score 50.0%
Jun 20 2011
There was a problem in printing these out at 300dpi so I increased the dpi to 1200 so it should print better now, I added this as a comment instead of a changelog so it doesn't put this back on top to be fair.
Sam - Jun 12 2011
LMDE Multi Colored Series

GTK2 Themes 3 comments

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May 19 2011
Thanks to Pieter for pointing this out, it linked a pixmap that wasn't there on line 2073 of the gtk.
Just change that line to this:
file = "Buttons/button-insensitive.png"
And i will read the insensitive buttons in the buttons folder, since they are the same in the panel folder and button folder it makes no difference.
I am writting it here instead of doing an update because it is such a minor fix that its not worth putting my theme back up in the new list for this.
Just think its only fair to those putting up new themes.

sam - Jun 09 2011
glad you like it, I'll be making a light series version for light color backgrounds as well soon.
Then if I have enough time I'll be making another theme where it'll hopefully include all the logos of the distros in the theme itself so folks can choose. - May 19 2011

Metacity Themes 10 comments

Score 58.6%
Sep 09 2010
welcome to unity, the new ubuntu 11.04 (for me sucks) it doesn't reconize panel gtks at all unless they fixed it, last time I checked they didn't, you can use parts of the gtk (buttons etc) and the full metacity file, but unity sort of gave users no choice for the panels etc etc etc because of unity.
In other words ya get what they give ya.
You also have to install the ubuntulooks for this gtk, I don't know if you did that but I left a link above to it and it gives you directions. either way though unity has killed the gtk themeing because it does not reconize it.
Which is why I switched to linux mint, plus I hate the side panel in unity and I like themeing which unity pretty much killed for part of it.
If your happy with unity stick with it but only use the metacity part and you'll have to be content with what they give you. Unless someone has found a way around this mess.
Sorry about that.
If your looking for a distro that will let you use gtks again try linux minth they have ubuntu based distros (without the untiy crap) and also debian distos that are rolling distro :) never have to reinstall, which is what I use although its a bit rough around the edges for the debian version.
Hope this helps you out.
Sam - May 22 2011
cool I like it.
I sent you a message with a suggested and looking for some ideas on the new theme, check it out and let me know what you think.
Maybe we should start a themeing team or something maybe padster there would be interested in that also. - Sep 09 2010
Linux Minty Green

GTK2 Themes 10 comments

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Jul 06 2011
Ya I thought of a few things to fix it, maybe I'll try your method first to see what happens.
I put the word out if anyone downloads it and wants to play with it to see if they find a fix to let me know and I'll add it in it, I'll let you know if anyone or me gets this bug fixed for the combobox menu.
Maybe you should convert to linux mint, or LMDE, I got mint 10 running on 4 computers (not all mine but I take care of them and do the installs, and I got LMDE running on mine, it's all good with the mint still, There not in a rush to fix things that ain't broke which is why I switch to the mint :).
Take Care and thanks again for the gtkrc.
I'll keep you updated.
Sam - May 15 2011
Thanks for your gtk it saved me hours of coding, it worked out nicely, I am just having issues with the combo box drop list to change the font color, it reads the default, hopefully I can fix this one, but your gtk for the field+stream theme made it so easy, I only had to change a few things like overlays for me and that was pretty much it.
Thanks Again. - May 14 2011
Thanks for the comment, glad you liked it.
I just installed linux mint debian and am loving it, so I'm going to add one version for linux mint and one for lmde, I'll create another version of the wallpaper also, one for lmde as well.
Almost finish the gtk artwork so hopefully I'll have that part up soon. - May 11 2011
Hey Padster long time since I seen you, I've been busy learning java to make android apps. I use mint now so I'm making a theme for it, (didn't like unity at all so I switched and found mint better for me anyhow) I'll be changing the metacity on this though (not to fond of all that green in it) but I'll keep it in this spot also. I just used my oldmetal metacity file since it's pretty much maxed out with what I could do in a metacity file. - May 02 2011

GTK2 Themes 18 comments

Score 74.5%
Oct 17 2014
Love this theme, I used the gtk for it for my new one linuxmintgreen.
Thanks a lot for this one :) - May 14 2011

GTK2 Themes 9 comments

Score 54.6%
Jul 06 2011
I noticed you vote everything down except 1 or 2 , nice to see honesty :)
I made this for the wife, I don't care about download numbers or ratings myself I just upload in case anyone else wants it or wants the code to make their own.
But it's good to see someone give a neg once and a while :)
Hope you find something you like in this place though.There are a lot of nice themes here. - May 04 2011
lol love the comment, gave me a laugh. lol - May 04 2011
Natty Narwhal Ubuntu

Metacity Themes 4 comments

Score 48.2%
Jul 06 2011
Just an update, got to frustrated with the 11.04 unity from ubuntu, I'm switching and testing out mint and suse now instead, maybe fedora or debian to see which one will be better.
Once I decide I'll start themeing for that OS instead :)
I'll keep the natty is naughty up for those who want the wallpaper and metacity theme though. - Apr 24 2011
It seems natty narwhal does not respect gtks other then it's own or is extremely limited, I tried changing pixmaps, no go, tried changing the gtk no go, even deleted pixmaps and it always reverted back to default for the gtk, then I found out it is hard coded, which pretty much means were stuck with what they give us or maybe we can do minor changes to the gtk, unless we change the hard coded default, there is a bug report on this for ubuntu (I added my comment to give us back the choice to make our own panels and gtk).
So as it stands now we can create any meta city theme that works fine but forget about the gtk, we're either limited way to much or it reverts back to the default. This is a horrible move for theme creators.
Hopefully they will fix this sooner than later cause themeing right now is pretty much a waste of time for this. - Apr 24 2011
Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal

Wallpapers Ubuntu 5 comments

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Apr 12 2011
Great wallpaper, love the comments lol
Title says ubuntu 11.04 natty narwhal its made for the natty narwhal first thing everyone ask is to wipe out what the wallpaper was intended for in the first place lol, ya got to love it lol, guess I'll get the same comments on mine as well lol.
Keep up the great work. :)

Maybe we'll make a separate one called NOT NATTY NARWHAL wallpaper lol.

Sorry couldn't help myself. ;) - Apr 21 2011

GTK2 Themes
by IamJustUs

Score 72.1%
9   Jul 07 2011