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Sep 04 2010
I meant does NOT allow using custom colors, I'm not able to do one border theme that will fit ANY color variation. - Sep 11 2010
No, emerald does allow using custom colors. - Sep 11 2010
Yeah yeah i fixed it a little after the one you reported to me (a bad copy paste).

Anyway a new version is out :) - Sep 04 2010
Should be fixed now. - Sep 02 2010
Oh I missed that one, thanks for the report I'll try to fix it as son as possible.

You may use the normal Sugar (without dark menu) until then. - Sep 02 2010
I added a tutorial in Knowledge base section : - Mar 19 2010
1.1 is the version of my theme not the lasted version of murrine.

I said that you might need to compile murrine from git ( for the version 1.1 of my theme.

I think it might work on Lucid without needing to compile murrine but i haven't tested. - Mar 18 2010
I don't do it that way for 3 reasons :
- It's harder to maintain
- Why duplicate files when what is changing is only the color set
- You can change to SugarDarkmenu without affecting the chosen color set

But I will add every color set into the gtkrc file.

That way you will just need to comment the default color set (blue) and uncomment the color you need.
If you really want standalone themes you will have to duplicate the gtkrc and choose the right color set in each.

I'll update it soon. - Mar 18 2010
Added :) - Aug 21 2009
I'll think about it. - May 12 2009
Look my comment above

If you installed it correctly you should have all sets of colors in your theme list :

Just click on the one you want and you are done
- May 12 2009
If you installed it correctly you should have all sets of colors in your theme list :

Just click on the one you want and you are done. - May 11 2009
It's a joke ?

The metacity is called Sugar ;) I made it myself.

Thank you, I laughed. - May 11 2009
I have been quite busy these days.

I'm still working on improve Metacity buttons and it is not easy to work without png file (in order to keep it color customizable)

I have been looking for a better fix for menubars of Firefox and OpenOffice. One solution is to turn menus (globally) dark which I do not want. Unfortunately this is the kind of bug that have to be fixed application side.

Stay tuned. - Apr 19 2009
There is no wallpaper in my theme. - Apr 10 2009
Thank for the reply.

Yes the buttons are very minimalistic, it takes a lot of time to do icons without using PNG files.
I do not use PNG files, so the buttons can match the color defined by the user.
I still want to improve them, it will just take some time.

For the text hover the progressbar I will correct it, it should be white like when hovering menuitem.

Stay tuned. - Mar 31 2009
I don't even know the distribution you are using.

On Debian based you can type this in a terminal :
dpkg -l | grep murrine - Mar 29 2009
It wasn't my fault after all.

Thanks for the feedbaks - Mar 29 2009
I have to do that part again, you have some suggestions/references ? - Mar 28 2009
You need Murrine Engine 0.90.2 - Mar 28 2009
Ok i see, I cannot reproduce the metacity bug but I think it is related to the way I draw the buttons. I will redo that part.

ShikiColors has dark menubar and DARK menuitem that is why there is no problem. My theme has dark menubar and LIGHT menuitem.

Firefox and OpenOffice take the color of the menuitem text, which is dark in my case, for the text of the menubar => dark text on dark background = unreadable.

Thank for your help. - Mar 28 2009
I don't have this bug. Are you able to reproduce it and send a screenshot ?
Is it specific to a particular window/application ?

Maybe it is a compiz related bug. - Mar 28 2009
I already know about this bug and still looking for a workaround.

If I let the menubar dark the text remain dark because Firefox and OpenOffice use the MenuItem text color which is wrong. That is why I can't make a dark MenuBar with light MenuItems. - Mar 28 2009
Thanks !

I took my inspiration from many theme, Dust is one of them that is probably why the panel image fit good.

I did mention about the color customization, I will make it bold so it is more visible. It's an very important point in a theme and it is probably why I don't use Dust and made this one.

I'm interested about the color you used. If you (or anybody) send a comment with a color set maybe I will add it to the theme if I like it. - Mar 27 2009

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Apr 07 2009

Well done ! It looks pretty good.

Can I ask you to add a link to my theme Sugar ?

Thanks - Apr 05 2009

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Oct 07 2008
It's published :

Thanks for your interest. - Oct 10 2008
I don't really like this theme (I like better choconome), it's not my color taste and it's a bit too dark and saturated. Dark menubar and toolbar lack of contrast so it's hard to read.

But I have to thank you because I'm working on a theme with dark menubar and light menulist.
I tried everything to find a workaround for, ThunderBird and co.
I spend few hour on it and now, just by looking your gtkrc file I realized how simple it is.

Thank you so much.

PS : sorry if my English is bad. - Oct 07 2008
White Glass

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Sep 01 2008
Thanks for the comment.

By greaters borders you mean larger right and left borders?

I like them like this but if you want them larger it is up to you to modify the theme.
It is pretty easy to do since they are done with PNG images. - Sep 01 2008

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by ceebeebg

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