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Santiago Ward Bariloche, Argentina
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Sep 16 2009
Cheers for your initiative and congratulations on the new release! :D - Sep 16 2009
Thanks! While you're at it, could you make one for claws-mail, if it's not much trouble?
BTW, I can't reply to the proper post either. I guess the thread got too long already. Perhaps next time I should open a new one ;) - Sep 03 2009
It's been a while since my last request!
Could you make an icon for Midori Web Browser?
Thanks!! :D - Aug 29 2009
Nice job! I really like the new icons, specially the one for Listen. :)
About the Education category, turns out it's file wasn't pointing at any icon. I guess Xfce user's (or at least Xubuntu, I don't know if other distros have this same issue) will have to edit the xfce-education.desktop file manually to use an icon there.
Thanks again! - Jun 22 2009
Thank you! :D - Jun 19 2009
OK, if you REALLY don't mind...
I'm starting using wxMaxima, a nice math app. If you feel like feeling it, the icon's name is maximaicon.
On the other hand, the Education menu category is missing, but I couldn't find any icon theme that fills it, so I'm not sure what's it's name.
Regards. - Jun 18 2009
There are some apps I use that aren't actually covered by the theme. Maybe you could fill at least the most common ones:

* xchat
* listen
* cairo-dock
* xfce4-notifyd
* icon_aumix (it's a terminal mixer, but the Xubuntu team made a desktop file, perhaps you could use the "multimedia-volume-control" icon)
* perhaps some form of "start-here" icon with the Xfce logo
* gufw_menu (perhaps the "firewall" icon could be used here?)
* clamtk
* dia_gnome_icon
* cheese
* soundconverter
* gnome-planner

I tried to somehow order the list from most to least commonly used. I think xchat, listen and cairo-dock are quite common, even on GNOME desktops. The last ones of the list are just in case you REALLY feel like drawing ;)
I hope you don't mind I make so many suggestions (I feel I'm asking too much).
As usual, thanks for all your hard work!
Regards - Jun 17 2009
It shows! ;)
The icons are simply linked to your own home folder. That's all you should change.
As you're at it, could you add the link to a "Terminal.png" file?
Thanks! - Jun 04 2009
Congratulations on the new release!
However, there are a few broken links in /apps:
* compiz-fusion.png
* compiz.png
* deluge-torrent.png
* evolution-calendar.png
* fusion-icon.png
* miro-72x72.png
* seahorse.png
* vinagre.png
* wmtweaks.png
* xfcalendar.png
* xfce-mail.png
* xfce4-notes-plugin.png
* xfce4-schedule.png
* xfce4-systray.png - Jun 04 2009
First of all: Nice! All those icons are working great!

Second, I think I found the problem with the terminal. Turns out it was a naming discrepancy as you said: GNOME uses "terminal", Xfce uses "Terminal", with capital T. I made a link to a "Terminal" icon and it took it. :D

Third, I spotted some other missing icons:
* wmtweaks (it let's you configure some extra desktop options, like placement, focus or compositor; I'm thinking the "desktop-effects" icon could look nice here)
* xfce4-workspaces -> gnome-panel-workspace-switcher
* seahorse -> seahorse-preferences
* vinagre -> preferences-desktop-remote-desktop.png
* xfce4-dict -> accessories-dictionary

And these are the icons for the panel applets:
* xfce4-clock -> clock
* cpufreq-applet -> gnome-cpu-frequency-applet
* xfce-mail -> evolution-mail
* xfce4-notes-plugin -> gnome-sticky-notes-applet
* xfce4-systray -> gnome-panel-notification-area
* xfce-schedule -> evolution-calendar
* xfce4-taskbar -> gnome-panel

There are some other missing panel applet icons, but I guess there's no GNOME equivalent to link to.
Anyway, thanks again! - May 31 2009
Yes, I'm using Xfce. The weird thing about the terminal is that the .desktop file points at the "Terminal" icon, and there's a "Terminal" icon in your set. As I mentioned before, it works fine with some other themes. I'll take a look and tell you if I find anything. - May 30 2009
Well, if you don't mind me making weird Xfce requests... ;)
First let me tell you the thunar and mousepad icons are working correctly :)
To complete the theme for Xfce, maybe you could link some of your icons to their xfce alternative:
*gnome-panel to xfce4-panel
*gnome-settings-default-applications to preferences-desktop-default-applications
*session-properties to xfce4-session
*evolution-calendar to xfcalendar
*system-search to catfish and xfce4-appfinder
*image-viewer to gpicview
There's one other thing, for some reason, the terminal icon isn't catching either, and I really can't figure why. On other themes (like gnome-brave) they use the same names and it works.
Well, thanks for all your effort (despite my crazy demands)
Cheers! - May 29 2009
I've noticed that most xfce apps don't get your icons. For example, thunar is still using the "Thunar" icon, not your "xfce-filemanager"; the same happens with mousepad, which should use your "xfce-edit" icon.
Java6 and NVidia X Server Settings have this issue too.
Could you take a look at this, please?
Thank you! - May 29 2009
You're welcome! And THANK YOU for your work!

PS: Cool! I'm on the thanks list! :D - May 24 2009
I found something interesting about this small problem. Apparently it's not that the icon is corrupted, but it's access permissions are set to none for others. This is not a problem when installing the theme inside "~/.icons/", but when you install them in "/usr/share/icons/", you have to manually set the permissions to allow non-root users to read it. There other icons that have this problem, like "stock_send-fax.png" or "deluge.png" (which are apps I don't use, so I hadn't noticed before).
Cheers! And thanks again for having sent me transmission's icon! - May 23 2009
Hi! I love this theme too!
However, I've encountered the same problem as anon2 with Transmission's icon.
Could you send it to me?
Thanks! And keep it up! - May 18 2009

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Sep 25 2009
Never mind. I like arctic too. - Jun 22 2009
I love it!
(And if anyone hates it, I'll take the blame) - Jun 22 2009
I really like the aluminium version (aluminium is the second one, right?) - Jun 21 2009

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Aug 03 2009
Can't sleep! Clown will eat me!
Can't sleep! Clown will eat me! - Jun 21 2009
SnowIsh SVG & PNG

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by saki
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Dec 30 2005
I love this theme, but the places icons (home, trash, desktop...) don't seem to work.
Can it be fixed somehow?
Thanks! - May 06 2009
Circular Application Menu!

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Sep 09 2008
That looks awesome!
Is it for real or just a mockup? - Sep 10 2008

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Jul 21 2008
Can I ask where you got that wallpaper? I've been looking for it all over!
THANKS! - Sep 02 2008
Screenlets 0.1.1

Conky 18 comments

by Whise
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May 11 2008
Thank you so much for your work Whise! It's awesome!
I'm just having a small problem. When I start a screenlet on Xfce without Compiz, it appears only on the workspace I'm on, even if Sticky is enabled. Right now, I have to disable and re-enable this option each time I start any screenlet.
I checked the Sticky checkbox in the screenlets-manager options, but that only seems to work with screenlets I haven't opened before. Once it has been open, the problem appears.
This problem was there in the previous release too, but I have recently noticed it, when I stopped using Compiz.
Any way, good job! Thank you! - May 08 2008
Glossy Emerald Theme

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Feb 23 2008
Since I upgraded to Hardy and got Emerald 0.7, I can't get the active title pixmaps to work. I tried with Kimmik's black emerald theme and had the same problem.
Any ideas on how I could fix this?
Thanks! - Apr 22 2008
As I said before, I'm glad you like it! :D - Apr 05 2008
Well, I'm glad you like it! :D
However, this theme uses the pixmap engine, not the zootreeves. - Apr 04 2008
by Whise
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Sep 03 2008
Congrats Whise! Nice feature! I really like it.
Just one small suggestion: I want to have 4 small circular sensors on it, in a 2x2 disposition, but this feature resizes them to occupy the whole Sidebar's width. Perhaps you could set a way to make some screenlets occupy only half of the width.
Anyway, it's great! - Apr 08 2008
Hi Whise!
On the page, you said:
To install with the screenlet manager rename the downloaded file to 'Sidebar.tar.gz'

But when I did this, I get this error:
Archive is damaged or unsupported, use only tar, bz2 or gz.

To install it with Screenlets Manager 0.0.14, I renamed it to Sidebar.tar.bz2, and it worked.
Maybe you could edit that.
Thanks! - Mar 19 2008

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by Whise
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Apr 21 2008
I just wanted to confirm the new deb worked here. Thanks! :) - Apr 04 2008
I get the same error with the deb, and python-central is installed. However, when I compiled it from source, it worked perfectly. - Apr 04 2008
Do you mean someone's preparing a 3rd party repo or will Screenlets be on Hardy's official repo?
Any way, that great! :D - Apr 03 2008
Screenlets 0.0.14

Conky 21 comments

by Whise
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Mar 19 2008
Nice job! However, each time I start any screenlet, I get this error:
There was a problem starting this screenlet
Try reinstalling it, if the problem continues please report the bug to the screenlet author

The screenlet starts anyway and work fine, but I still get that error. - Mar 17 2008

Conky 89 comments

by Whise
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Sep 03 2008
Thanks! I'll be waiting! - Feb 27 2008
Hi Whise! I love this release!
However, I have a small problem with the Autostart folder on Xubuntu. It appears that the screenlets-manager looks for the Autostart folder on the Desktop if you are on Xfce, right? But Xubuntu's Autostart folder is located in ~/.config/autostart. Is there any way to fix this?
Thanks! - Feb 25 2008
Pucko Modern

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by lassekongo83

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Sep 28 2009

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by jameshardy88

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Jun 30 2009
Azenis Icons

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by jameshardy88

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Jun 26 2009

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by perfectska04

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Jun 20 2009
Polar Icons 2

Full Icon Themes
by jameshardy88

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May 16 2009
SnowIsh SVG & PNG

Icon Sub-Sets
by saki

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Dec 28 2008

GTK2 Themes
by azathothgr

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Dec 28 2008

Beryl/Emerald Themes
by azathothgr

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Dec 28 2008
Install Ubuntu system panel

Various Gnome Stuff
by johnnyg

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