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Satyajit Sahoo Bhubaneswar, India

GTK3 Themes 57 comments

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Oct 29 2013
They aren't themable by the GTK theme as they aren't native GTK. - Feb 02 2014
It's a feature, not a bug. If you don't want the dark theme in media apps, just delete the file gtk-dark.css under gtk-3.0 - Nov 02 2013
:D - Oct 25 2013
I'm on GTK3.10 which supports client side decorations. Thunar is still GTK2, hence it has doesn't have client side decorations. I hope Xfce gets ported to GTK3 soon and you get to enjoy this :D

BTW the WM theme is actually very similar to Greybird. - Oct 25 2013
They are symbolic icons. Nautilus 3.6 uses symbolic icons. - Nov 13 2012
The font is Comfortaa and the icons are xubuntu-icon-theme - Nov 13 2012
You can do it with GTK theme preferences - - Nov 01 2012
May be permission problem? Who knows! Ubuntu 12.10 has weird bugs. - Oct 25 2012
I guess you installed it in ~/.themes

Please install with the .deb or place it in /usr/share/themes for the window theme to work. This is a bug in Ubuntu 12.10. - Oct 24 2012
Thanks :D - Jun 26 2012
Well, changing this much will turn Evolve into a complete different theme.

Evolve is my first GTK3 theme. I initially made it by modifying Adwaita in GTK3.2 times. So in initial versions, the gradient in toolbar was there like it is in Adwaita. It was much stronger gradient, I mean more light towards the bottom. The sidebar was also very light.

When GTK3.4 came out, I worked hard to port the theme. Because a lot changed between the GTK3.2 and GTK3.4 versions of Adwaita (in code) of course. I had to re-base it on Orion and remove the Unico engine dependency. Then I had to re-emulate the look of old Evolve. You cannot just change the whole look between versions.

But in this GTK3.4 version, I decided to make the toolbar gradient less strong. The toolbar here is troughlike and not raised as in Mac OS X. But if I make it raised and made the gradient light -dark rather than dark - light, it will resemble Mac OS X even more, and much more.

And raised toolbars, though will look good in other apps, nautilus will look very ugly.

I made the sidebar less lighter, because more lighter sidebar will look totally out of place. The sidebar color now matches the middle of the toolbar gradient, which will better match than the bottom-most color, which was in GTK3.2 version. - Jun 26 2012
Yes. But I would appreciate constructive critics like what is wrong and what needs to change. - Jun 26 2012
No prob. But if I were you, I would not have commented on things I don't like. - Jun 26 2012
Thanks :) - Jun 24 2012
May be some elements resemble Mac OS (I guess the menu you say) in Evolve, but most of it is original. I've spent days and nights to make it look good with different apps and desktop environments. Perhaps you don't have respect for the hard work we do to make some good themes and love trolling around like this. If you cannot encourage someone, then at least don't discourage them. If you don't want to use it then please don't. There are many other themes out there for you to use. Please leave it as it is. - Jun 23 2012
You can also change the color in the settings.ini file to have desired color. - Jun 15 2012

GTK3 Themes 55 comments

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Aug 19 2014
With Gnome 3.10, they changed the directory to ~/.local/share/themes and metacity themes no longer work in ~/.themes

But GTK2 themes don't work in ~/.local/share/themes, so best option is to use /usr/share/themes/

Also you can symlink ~/.local/share/themes to ~/.themes, that would work too. - Jan 22 2014
Have you installed it in /usr/share/themes/ ?

If yes, try the following command,

gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.wm.preferences theme "Numix" - Jan 22 2014
Thanks for all the praises :D - Jan 21 2014
He he. Thanks. Glad you like my work :) - Oct 26 2013 - Oct 24 2013
Run the following, logout and login back,

ln -s ~/.themes ~/.local/share/themes - Sep 27 2013
It's the Numix uTouch icon theme - Sep 13 2013
Hi. It's in the PPA now :D - Aug 14 2013
Numix doesn't support Ubuntu 12.04 yet. But I'm working on it and it will soon be in the PPA.

If you wanna test, go here - Aug 12 2013
no problem :) - Aug 09 2013
Do you have murrine engine installed? Coz looks like you don't. - Aug 09 2013
Can you give a screenshot? May be report the issue on GitHub? - Aug 09 2013
Elegance Colors

Gnome Shell Themes 25 comments

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Aug 20 2017
It's Numix - - Oct 26 2013
Well, there are Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenSUSE and Arch repos for easy installation. And it also has 10 presets, which means you don't have to fiddle with all options. You can also turn off the chameleon thing very easily. - Oct 20 2013
For including custom CSS, look under "Advanced configuration" in the - - Oct 20 2013
You can adjust the opacity of the border instead. Removing the border entirely will lessen 1 element to customize :D - Feb 03 2013
Can you turn off your extensions and try? - Jan 16 2013
Hmmm... Something seems to be wrong. It shouldn't happen. Does it happen with other themes? - Jan 16 2013
Can you point out what are the problems? - Jan 13 2013
Well, you can change the background colors and opacity through the GUI. I couldn't understand your problem. May be a screenshot? - Jan 13 2013
Given the amount of customization, you can change the entire look of the theme. You can choose from 5 presets. Also the theme is chameleonic (unity like chameleonic features will soon be added). Give it another try and you won't be disappointed. - Jan 12 2013
I think you won't want to change the new toggle switches :D - Jan 05 2013
Ambiance Blue Theme Suite

Gnome Shell Themes 47 comments

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May 30 2012
Hi. I won't be updating the theme anymore. However, for the shell theme, you can install "gnome-shell-theme-elegance-colors" and use the preset "Matte". - Feb 08 2013
Use an icon theme like Faeince Azure. - Aug 14 2012

Gnome Shell Themes 6 comments

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Jul 15 2012
Why not :) Try elegance-colors. - Jul 15 2012

GTK3 Themes 50 comments

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Jan 18 2013
No problem :) - Jun 27 2012
I won't publish it. If you want you can publish. - Jun 27 2012
You had wrong file names. I just corrected them. For example you used "closed" instead of "close". I also updated the metacity and mutter themes with the one I am currently working on locally. - Jun 27 2012
Here - - Jun 27 2012
Hi. The file names are close_***

But you have closed_***

Btw here is the one i repacked with correct names. It also includes latest metacity and mutter themes of orion which are not released yet.

Just comment after you download so that I will delete it. - Jun 27 2012
Hi. I get the following error when trying to preview your theme,

Error loading theme: Line 162 character 27: Failed to open file '/home/satya/.themes/Orion-Mint/metacity-1/close_focused_prelight.png': No such file or directory

You are missing a file close_focused_prelight.png. So the theme fails to load. Please correct that. - Jun 27 2012
If you give me the theme file you modified, I might be able to test. - Jun 27 2012
You will need to restart your window manager.

If you use Gnome Shell, press Alt+F2, then type 'r' and press "Enter"

If you use Unity, press Alt+F2, then type 'compiz --replace' and press "Enter"

If you use Gnome Classic, press Alt+F2, then type 'metacity --replace' and press "Enter" - Jun 26 2012
I'm aware of the issue. But there is nothing I can do to fix it. See the Radiance theme also has the issue. LibreOffice is not native GTK and doesn't respect the text color there. - Jun 22 2012

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Winter Chill

Wallpaper Other
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GTK3 Themes
by BBOSAK2143

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Windows 8 Metacity

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Minty Green

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