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Graphic Apps 14 comments

by seb
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Nov 11 2007
Yes I have plans for it. I just need to organise the UI a little better. - Nov 12 2007
Firstly, not every body is comfortable with the command line.

Secondly, you can't do this on windows.

Thirdly, do you actually run any gui programs, or are you using w3m? - Nov 12 2007
I like crusher. Dropping the K since the application is actually not kde related - Oct 16 2007
it's cross platform, not dependent on kde. it is supposed to be bundled with a statically compiled version of Qt4 and to be run from anywhere. - Oct 16 2007
yes i've been alerted to this and will rename soon - Oct 16 2007

Screensavers 55 comments

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Jan 08 2006
It would be great if the plugin could auto rotate images based on exif data. - Jun 16 2007
Kirocker Music Display

Audio Apps 324 comments

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Dec 14 2007
really like it, i don't have much need for my OSD now.

one thing. you've advertised that version 1.2 is released, but the download still provides 1.0 - Feb 10 2007

Graphic Apps 13 comments

by seb
Score 50.0%
Feb 01 2007
if you provide me with some better information, i might be able to do something about it.

email me configure logs and any errors which you have. - Feb 05 2007

Audioplayers 574 comments

Score 77.0%
Aug 01 2011
Thanks for the support :)

FWIW, Scores on depreciate without a constant stream of updates, so it can be a little difficult to keep up on the 80-90% score mark :). - Oct 25 2006
Calm down. The fact is, that since none of the developers own HT capable machines, it is impossible to be aware of the problems until we are alerted by the wider community. Adding a warning dialog does nothing to fix the problem, but it does at least alert the user. - Oct 25 2005
Markey - maybe we should just stop developing amaroK, catmandu isn't happy about the way we run things...

Catmandu - I'm not sure when you first used a computer, but it is not our responsibilty to make sure your hardware is compatible. We don't have all the hardware and time in the world. We code and give you amaroK for free.

amaroK provides a sound engine frame work in an attempt to allow the user to choose the backend they would like to use. This is the users responsibility.

It is ridiculous to state that we, as developers, have to integrate the sound system you choose with the hardware that you have. This should be the job of either you, or the developers of the multimedia backend. - Jun 06 2005
Most bug fixes are in the upcoming 1.3 release of amaroK. 1.2.4 is a temporary minor release for some of the more imporatant bugs. - May 21 2005

Amarok 1.x Scripts 42 comments

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Jun 29 2013
hi there,
this is a very interesting script. could you please write a little on how it works to update the context browser, because afaik we don't provide a way to modify the contextbrowser!

Can you also email this to ?

seb - Aug 20 2006

Various Stuff 4 comments

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May 10 2006
please don't use the icon which was subject to legal problems. Use the official one! - May 12 2006

Audio Apps 47 comments

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May 24 2010
dude, this is amazing

one little thing though: when play type is set as "Download", the text should be updated on the pages, to say "Download album" instead of "Play album".

great work man - Mar 26 2006
amaroK Web Frontend

Audio Apps 63 comments

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Dec 18 2005
awesome, works well - i hope you plan to extend this to be able to download complete albums and playlists (maybe zip the contents). One small bug - downloading doesn't escape %20 etc back to a space, and i assume this holds for other cases as well. Thanks ryan, Seb - Oct 29 2005
This is one of the coolest, best looking web interfaces i have seen for amarok. Well done!!! - Jun 14 2005
addAsPodcast to amaroK service menu for

Dolphin Service Menus 13 comments

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Oct 27 2005
oh, i saw an rss item in the mimetype folder so i assumed there was one. - Oct 23 2005
You shouldn't have this mimetype as text/html, but rather it should be text/rss. It's also worthy to note that this depends on amaroK 1.3.3 - Oct 22 2005
don't get ahead of yourself, bart. - Oct 22 2005

Amarok 1.x Scripts 3 comments

Score 50.0%
Sep 13 2005
there are two things which i believe you could improve on: a) We have a directory ~/.kde/share/apps/amarok/scripts-data You should store the config file there, not in ~/.collectionscript.amarok b) Need some sort of visual feedback to tell me that the script is still running. I have no idea if it is finished or not! A little progress bar would be nice! c) Compilations! ) Unknown albums are marked with an empty string Other than that, cool job! - Sep 09 2005
kopete msn message notifier

Amarok 1.x Scripts 5 comments

by seb
Score 50.0%
Aug 31 2005
lol, so i just realised that the kopete NL plugin does this itself... - Aug 31 2005

Amarok 1.x Scripts 126 comments

Score 50.0%
Feb 26 2008
works nicely, but the script does not remove the popup menu entry in the context menu once i stop the script. - Aug 10 2005
You need to be running a 1.3.x stream of amaroK, (ie - one of the betas), or wait until 1.3 is released very soon! - Aug 09 2005
AmaroK splash v1.4

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 11 comments

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Aug 12 2005
we haven't release 1.3 yet! - Aug 10 2005
Transfer to Media Device (formerly iPod)

Amarok 1.x Scripts 25 comments

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Nov 25 2005
by svn, he means today's svn, 24th July - Jul 24 2005

Utilities 139 comments

by oisch
Score 50.0%
Jul 22 2005
dont mind me, sorry - wrong app - Jul 21 2005
could you create a proper release package? i don't like to run make -f Makefile.cvs for proper releases, and most people don't know what the hell that even is. - Jul 21 2005
Dragon Player

Video Players 278 comments

by eean
Score 70.0%
Feb 26 2008
[16:05] mxcl was last seen 77 ays, 10 hours, 12 minutes and 21 seconds ago, saying "amarok lovers! join fridge 5!:" Eaten by the fridges! - Jul 21 2005
good to know you are around, pop around and say hi some time! - Jul 20 2005
Holy fuck, you must be the most arrogant and self obsessed user i have ever come across. Just because your computer is fucked, doesn't mean that mxcl, who happens to be a brilliant coder, has to give you lessons on being a linux user. catmandu: Why don't you go and code something yourself, you worthless piece of shit. - May 23 2005
Album Cover Art Downloader

Audio Apps 17 comments

by swami
Score 50.0%
Jun 14 2005
This would be really easy The only thing required would be save the file with filename as md5( artist, album ), in the $HOME/.kde/share/apps/amarok/albumcovers/large directory, a 100px version and 50px version. Precede the file name with 100@ or 50@ respectively. Save theme here: albumcovers/cache/ - Jun 14 2005

Amarok Themes 28 comments

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Jul 18 2005
awesome! you should definitely make some more! - Jun 10 2005

Kopete Styles 40 comments

Score 50.0%
May 21 2005
Do you have a copy of v 0.4? I could test if this works, and I'm using kopete-svn - May 17 2005
Unfotunately kopete doesn't provide any useful output from the konsole. Kopete hangs when receiving a message from a user, but it seems to only do this when the user has a display picture to show. Kopete also hangs when i switch to the Pure style in the middle of a conversation (with images), but is fine when the conversation has no images. - May 16 2005
0.5 seems to break msn conversations - the message arrival stalls kopete for up to a minute! - May 15 2005
Absolutely fantastic. I would love it if this style could combine Mothra's ability to not print the header if the last message was from the same messenger - this way a lot of space is saved, especially with the display pic. Great work. - Apr 28 2005
Great style, but it should be packaged in a way that allows KHNS downloads from kopete cvs to work! I am not entirely sure the specifications, but have a chat to the kopete developers, #kopete, - Apr 27 2005

Audio Apps 21 comments

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Jul 03 2005
Yes, this would be very cool. We already have an iPod tab, and it would be nice to give the user the ability to use different media players. We would need to refactor the iPod browser to be generic, have an interface so that we can plug in different devices. Get in contact with us at - May 12 2005

Amarok 1.x Scripts 20 comments

by eean
Score 50.0%
Feb 12 2005
Yep, done. KHNS is supported in kde 3.3, which is the base dependency for amaroK 1.3. You can check it out in cvs - Apr 28 2005
sebr's "really good" funky-monkey theme

KDE 3 Color Schemes 4 comments

by seb
Score 50.0%
May 01 2005
yep - its called CVS ;) - Apr 26 2005
amaroK CSS-Scheme "Mycolors"

Amarok Themes 28 comments

Score 50.0%
Feb 25 2006
In stylesheet.css, there are some missing characters!

Line 143:
background: transparent url(./img/ repeat !important;

Line 147:
background: transparent url(./img/ repeat !important;

In case there was any doubt, the bold text should be changed to png

Your theme is awesome! - Mar 16 2005
Amarok custom CSS for context panel

KDE 3 Color Schemes 4 comments

Score 50.0%
Dec 13 2004
There is no need to extract the contents of the package, heres the easiest way to install:

Open up the amarok config, and click on 'install new theme' in the appearance tab. Select the compressed file, and it will extract it for you.

Now just select it from the list! - Mar 16 2005
kopete !action script

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 16 comments

by seb
Score 50.0%
Jun 27 2004
I am using:

+ knifty win deco
+ plastik style
+ ballistik xmms skin
+ nuvola icon set
+ my own custom colour scheme - Jun 25 2004
v 1.50 should have settled this issue. - Jun 24 2004
Its it called

Futura Lt BT - Jun 23 2004
When you don't have xmmsctrl header before compiling the plugin. It's a real pain. I have tried recompiling the plugin after installing xmmsctrl.h, but still doesn't seem to work. - Jun 23 2004
nuvola - Jun 23 2004
Plastik / Knifty Xmms Skin

XMMS Skins 25 comments

by seb
Score 50.0%
Jun 21 2004
Actually, xmms doesn't require you to extract the tar ball to use the skin.

You can use my file just as any .zip or .wsz :-D - Jun 22 2004