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Mar 23 2019
Hi, thanks for your feedback. I'm glad you appreciate. Maybe one day, kde guys will be interested.... - Oct 23 2016
Hi, maybe you can try with symbolic links, with

ln -s /usr/include/kde4/phonon /usr/include/qt4
ln -s /usr/include/kde4/KDE/Phonon /usr/include/qt4/phonon

also maybe you should add symlink for backend :

ln -s /usr/lib/kde4/plugins/phonon_backend /usr/lib/qt/plugins
(or) ln -s /usr/lib64/kde4/plugins/phonon_backend /usr/lib64/qt4/plugins

If you can not make it, you can also build yarock without phonon but with other audio engine:


Regards - May 18 2015
Hi, sorry for the delay. I'm trying to find you a solution but I never had this issue. Have you find a solution ? - Dec 13 2014
you need to have libqt4-sql-sqlite plugin installed. It will install a shared library, for example on my system :

However if you already have it, it's seems that qt can not found this library for your system. Maybe you can add the library path to the QT_PLUGIN_PATH environment variable. - Nov 11 2014
Good question. In my case, yarock works fine with a collection of 60GB (around 7500 songs). Let me know if you test it with a larger collection.

Regards - May 02 2014
Hi, I just tested under Xubuntu. Notifications are working for me. Maybe change settings and restart.

If you still have no notification, I will investigate for the next release.
Regards - Apr 17 2014
Hi, thanks for your feedback : I'm glad to see you appreciate it.
You can already activate system notification in yarock settings (maybe not activated by default)

Or do you means something else ?

Regards - Apr 15 2014
Hi thanks for your comment :)
Can you send me the bugs you have seen by mail or you can use

Thanks, regards - Aug 25 2013
Hi, thinks for feedback. I will see what I can do for this.
Regards - Jul 01 2013

sorry for this issue, I'm working on it. Which Qt version are you using ?

- Jun 21 2013
Hi, it's seems that Qjson package is missing. Try to install package "libqjson/libqjson-dev".

Sebastien - May 15 2013
Hi, thanks for report. Fix will be included in the next release. Next release is coming soon !!
Regards - May 02 2013
Hi, thanks for your comment. Sorry but I don't provide any package (I don't have enough time and knowledge of different package system) Maybe you can ask opensuse community for this.
Regards - Apr 28 2013
OK, You can already make a "Ctrl+ Click" : items will be queued in "play-queue widget".

However, I will try to add more option or to make it more convenient....

- Apr 18 2013
Hi, thanks for your feedback.

Currently, the album art isn't shown by the veromix control interface; would be nice to get a fix.
-> I did not know this plasmoid, I will try it to see what I can do.

Add an option to disable volume notifications.
-> ok it seems easy (for the next release)

Add a default state for the menu buttons (home, music browser, etc). For example, when clicking the home button, show the context page, the music browser button would show the artist page etc.
-> ok it seems easy (for the next release)

Add the option that if you click on the artist in artist view, it would open a view that showed only that artists albums.
-> ok, it's not the default behavior to browse in yarock so I have to think about it to integrate this new behavior

Add a now playing playlist option.
-> Please can you clarify this point, I don't really understand what you mean.

Best regards,
sebastien - Apr 18 2013
I have reported a bug on CoverGloobus project to add Yarock support.

In fact you can already add (basic) support for Yarock :

1) download CoverGloobus source
2) add in src/players/ directory woth followings contents
from gettext import gettext as _

from generic.Mpris import Mpris

class YaRock(Mpris):

__title__ = 'YaRock'
__version__ = '0.3'
__authors__ = 'Sebastien Amardeilh <>'
__desc__ = _('Yarock music player plugin')

DBUS_NAME = 'org.mpris.yarock'
3) update in src/players by adding in the list of players

4) build CoverGloobus
sudo make install

- Mar 24 2013
Hi, thanks you a lot for your comment.
I didn't know about CoverGloobus application. I will have a look to see what I can do.

Regards - Mar 24 2013

thanks for your feedback, I have noticed all your remarks and I will try to fix this points for the next release.

Translations can be found at

However, the translations are not up to date with the last 0.9.61 release. I will update it as soon as possible.

You can also register bugs on

Sebastien - Mar 15 2013
Hi, thanks for your feedback and your support.
I have read the updates you've made on launchpad bugs.

I will work on this for the next release.
- Jan 22 2013

You have to uncomment #LIBS += -lX11 in file. Moreover you have to install x11 development library (it's already installed on lots of majors distribution)

I will fix the .pro file for the next release.
- Jan 15 2013
OK I have send a message to the maintener of package in order to make the update with the last source. So you have to wait the package update....or try yourself to build from source.

- Nov 25 2012
Maybe I have found the problem, please reload the 0.0.59 source archive and try again.
Regards - Nov 25 2012

sorry for this bug, can you delete the config forlder for YaRock (your_home/.config/Yarock) and try again.

I run Yarock on Kubuntu 12.10 and I dont'have this issue. But I will try to work on this problem.


- Nov 25 2012

No it's a source code issue (this function depends o standard c++ library, it's sure you have it).

I don't know why this error was hidden and building was ok.

I will try to make a release as soon as possible to fix this.

Regards - Nov 22 2012
thinks for feedback.

Unfortunately, the file explorer into the player is not for me a good chose for the design of Yarock, and I was unsatisfied by the result.

By the way, you can easily use your files explorer and drop files in yarock playlist area (it's why I removed it)

Maybe I will think again to a best way to have a file explorer embedded....for a future release.

Have a good day, regards. - Nov 22 2012
I think libboost1.46-dev (or libboost-dev) - Aug 17 2012
Hi, thanks for feedback.

I will try to add options to the next release for your second and third point. For the logout issue, maybe it's not easy to solve as it seems to be linked to an interaction between desktop manager and app.

(you can also add your request for new features on if you want)

Have a good day,regards
- May 24 2012
Yes you're right, it will be usefull. However, I have to change part of code because translation system into launchpad is .po file and Yarock translation use .ts/.qm file.

So i will try to change it to support launchpad translation service.
- Jan 02 2012
thanks for comment.
1) "various artists" is supported (but it's a simple way. There are two tags in files
- "artist" which can be the real artist
- "artist of album" which shall be "various artist"
It's not perfect but i want to keep its simple ;)

2) multiple collections (still buggy and maybe hard to use). You have to define many collections. Then you can switch collection throught the main menu.

3) For the track that cannot be played. It's hard to solve.
- check file is reachable (mounting device)
- check encoding of pathname

Can you send me the log (output if you start yarack from console) when this problem occurs.

Thanks. Will try to do my best.


- Dec 24 2011
Hi,ok it will be included for the next release. Thanks for yours comment. Regards.
- Nov 08 2011

you're not picky, your feedback is very usefull to make it better. So thanks again. Can you send me by mail your music file you're playing so I can see the bug of the time tracking. However, the time at the right shoulb be the total time of the track and not the remaining time (maybe we could have an option to change that). Only the first value should be updated to the elapsed time.

I also have been working on command line, it's ok. But i have to work on mpris interface because if you want remote control with plasma widget (icon task) it's a mpris interface.

have a good day, regards.

- Nov 06 2011

thanks for comments. I will try to bug fix the media keys bindings.

For command line, maybe it's not so hard to do. I will take a look to how Amarok does.

Thanks for information for Replaygain. Maybe it's a more complex feature to wait and see :)

Seb - Nov 03 2011
I think it's a file access problem because I have the same type of message if I unmount my partition .
I have read that it can be due to option of partition. Can you send me the output for "cat /etc/mtab" and "cat /etc/fstab"

Try to move the file you want to read in your /home directory to test.

Regards - Jun 15 2011
Yes i think you're right. In addition to Gstreamer phono backend you should check/install GStreamer plug-in packages. It's sound like a Gstreamer Codec error. - Jun 15 2011

I will help you as best I can but I need more information to help you.

1) What do you mean by "give me an Internal data flow error". Is it a crash ? or only you can play but yarock doesn't crash ?

2) For crash, you can explain what your are doing before crash

3) For playing problem with no crash, check that the disk/partition where is located music collection is mounted. You can test another backend too (vlc, mplayer, gstreamer...)

4) In all cases, launch Yarock in a console and send me by mail the log you can see.

Thanks for reporting, I will try to reproduce this bug and fix it for the next release.


- Jun 15 2011

It seems that you don't have a backend installed or as you said phonon does not find the backend. Try to install another backend (GStreamer, Vlc, Mplayer, Xine) and make your setup to use it.

If your on debian/ubuntu try to find phonon-backend-gstreamer or phonon-backend-vlc package....

Can you tel me what is your OS, desktop environment ? phonon backend ?

I have find this workaround, maybe it's your solution :
sudo ln -s /usr/lib/kde4/plugins/phonon_backend /usr/lib/qt4/plugins/phonon_backend

In my case, the backends are installed into

Seb - Jun 08 2011
Hi, thanks for comments
usually, this error occurs when the player is not able to access the filesystem. Try to mount your disk where is located the collection.

Is it working for stream ?

Sebastien - Jun 04 2011
yes it was the first choice to make only a music player with a nice cover art base browser. I don't known if I have enought time to write support for video.....lot of work to do....and I want first to improve internet integration...(scrobbling ...)

For lyrics support, various lyrics providers are requested to find lyrics (Lyrics Wikia is already used). The lyrics are displayed in the "context view"

Have a good day :) - May 07 2011
Hi, thanks ;)
OK I will try to add scrobbling feature...
Regards - May 04 2011
Hi kicher ,
thanks for comments :). I will try to take into account some remarks.
- keyboard shortcuts, I think it's easy (so maybe for the next release)
- the stop after one track playing. When your are in the "Track view" you can filter the view and then play track (all your filtered track will be played). I think it's a good way to work. If you want custom sorting (it's better to use play the queue)...
- the "cover view". You're right, for me it's not an issue because I have more than one album for artists. I can add a new view or add option to display the "album view" in a simple grid.
- playback option. It's ok I will think about It.
- the option to automatically search for cover pics already exist (check the setting and click on "Force rebuild database" to restart the database building with cover from directories)

Have a good day, regards ;) - May 01 2011

try again.I have done the correction.
Now you can store image, but if you see "No cover found" it's means that no cover have been found over internet (lastfm) network

Regards - Apr 30 2011

try again.I have done the correction.
Now you can store image, but if you see "No cover found" it's means that no cover have been found over internet (lastfm) network

Regards - Apr 30 2011
It's OK now. - Apr 30 2011

I have uploaded the new source with correction. Try this and tell me if it's OK for you.
Thanks - Apr 30 2011
I've made a patch for this (tested under Ubuntu 10.10). Please try it and tell me, have a good day. - Feb 17 2011

ok i've seen your sreenshot. Can you tell me what is your envirronment (kde theme ? ) thanks. I going to fix this widget bug.

Thanks for reporting. - Feb 15 2011

maybe you have to install Qt4 development files and development programs used for building Qt 4 application. Look at "libqt4-dev", "libqt4-sql", "libqt4-network", "libqt4-gui", ... - Dec 31 2010
Hi, thanks for comment. Multimedia device support.....a hard job to do. I hope to have enought time to work on new features for YaRock.....wait and see...
Regards - Dec 28 2010
It's done and uploaded. Thanks - Dec 24 2010
I don't know this player, and this problem is strange. I don't see a simple reason to explain this problem but thank you for the information. - Dec 24 2010
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