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Sebastian K├╝gler Nijmegen, Netherlands
Thumbnail Grid

Kwin Switching Layouts 31 comments

by Zren
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Apr 18 2019
Looks like a row of thumbnails to me, perhaps you could add a screenshot showing the grid better? - Sep 05 2016
Battery Time Remaining

Plasma 4 Extensions 43 comments

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Oct 05 2012
I'm not disallowing anything (you apparently read too much in my comments), just that some users would get away without compiling the forked applet if you made clearer that the same can be done without installing a 3rd party fork. It might just be that some people prefer it. (As you note, it would make it much easier to get bugfixes out to these people.) - Dec 31 2010
Ow, and for your users, it would probably be a good idea to also state how the same can be achieved by editing the config file.

You see, compiling code is not always trivial (see number of comments on build problems here), for most people, it's probably far easier to just add the line to the config file, and be done.

While at it, you could make clearer that this applet is a copy of the upstream plasmoid, that it can lag behind on bugfixes, and that bugs should be reported to you, unless people can reproduce with the Vanilla battery.

Thanks for your cooperation! - Dec 30 2010
Neither am I looking for money or publicity. It just struck me that I find some code on the Net which I've written, and where my name is removed from the Author's credits, and not even named anywhere else. I'm not out for publicity, you should just credit people where credit is due.

Neither is there a clear statement where this code comes from, or that the problem your applet tries to solve can easily be solved by editing the Battery's config file.

BTW, I don't have admin privileges, and wouldn't use them either just to make my point.

Feel free to maintain this package though, but please, if you publish it, also incorporate any bugfixes we make upstream to your copy. As far as I can see, you're quite a bit behind on those. - Dec 30 2010
So this applet is a fork of a fork of the battery applet?

The obvious problem I see here is: How do you keep up with bugfixes from upstream?

While having a quick look at the package, I see that you have removed me as the author of the applet, while you more or less just renamed it. I think that's less than polite.

The original applet already supports showing the remaining time. I've explained how to enable it in a blog entry:

It's also possible to add the remaining time using the 'desktop console'.

The reason why we don't explain it by default is that the time given is unreliable and changes based on how your computer is used. We did add it as a hidden feature, though. - Dec 30 2010
battery plasmoid with remaining time

Plasma 4 Extensions 12 comments

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Jan 27 2011
Before installing this plasmoid, please note that this is also possible with the original Battery Plasmoid shipped with Plasma, you just have to add one line to the configuration file, as explained here:

This Plasmoid hasn't been updated in a while, so it might contain bugs or lack features that have been implemented upstream already, but haven't been integrated into this fork. - Dec 30 2010
Rotate X window

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 12 comments

by cr8
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Sep 19 2006
It should be possible with Qt4, with pure X, you can only rotate the whole screen at once AFAIK. - Sep 19 2006
Generic Feedback-Wizard

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 26 comments

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Jun 11 2005
Are you planning to implement some sort of navigation? Like if [x] bla is chosen, question 3, 14 and 128 can be skipped and option [ ] foo of question 666 doesn't make sense anymore. This makes these kind of inquiries less annoying since the user gets the idea that you spare his valuable time.

Maybe different pre-fab widgets / kinds of pages for different kinds of questions would be useful. Textareas, checkboxes, radiobuttons come to my mind, but also table structures for so-called Likert questions (see might be really useful.

Just what came to my mind ...

[ot] Why is the subject field so *&^@#$ short ... ?[/ot] - May 19 2005
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9   Aug 04 2017

Tactics & Strategy
by dummy

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9   May 10 2017