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sebastian oldani santa fe, Argentina
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Qt Widgets 29 comments

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Feb 07 2014
Hi, i like your widget, i used it when i use qt4, but when i want to use with qt5 i do not make a dll library to add to qtcreator.

I can complile the project without problems, but that create a .lib library.

How i make a dll?

Thank!! - Oct 19 2014

Utilities 12 comments

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Mar 15 2010
Sorry, i don't see your comment, if you wanna learn more about qport, you can visit my web page,, here you can find examples

If you need more help, post your question in forum (in english if you wanna).


Bye - Aug 23 2010
Ok, well, I hope that you can use without problems, just remember that it is a beta version, I have written a more stable function names in English and a small manual and a little more detailed.
In the coming days I will raise in qt-apps in my page. Any problems please consult. - Apr 02 2009
Sorry, you use mac os x, I never try this O.S. - Apr 02 2009
ok, tell which distribution you use, where can I download and I will try to see what the problem. I just tried it with ubuntu linux and I never had problems. - Apr 02 2009
Hello, I'm using the widget in ubuntu linux without problem, so use with a usb adapter with no problems. Particularly recommend that you put the name of the port from where QTDesigner says "Puerto" "/dev/ttyxxx". But since the code you can put qport->setPort("/dev/ttyxxx"). The error seems to not find the device. - Apr 02 2009
this problem is solved. - Sep 06 2008
I can compile, and use this widget in ubuntu linux.
But i have problem with windows. I cant compile, but doing any fix this is possible.

Im working in this fix and they be solve soom.

And, i don't know how to use dlls in windows for compile the example. Any people can help me?. - Sep 02 2008

Database 4 comments

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Apr 20 2009
sorry my friend. I wanna do a multilangues version for the next version. - Jun 19 2009