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Sergio Sánchez López , Spain
FuturoSoft Live aMSN

aMSN 8 comments

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Dec 16 2007
This Job is based in Windows Live aMSN. Futurosoft Live aMSN have less bug and best interface. - Dec 17 2007
Me alegro mucho que te guste. Aquí tienes el borde de las ventanas que uso:

Un saludo. - Dec 16 2007
Vista Ksplash

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 11 comments

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May 16 2007
Use this please: - Apr 21 2007
I good but, please, you can remove "Windows Vista" and you write "Kubuntu". Sorry my language i am spanish. - Apr 21 2007
Futurosoft Icons

Full Icon Themes 87 comments

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Jul 24 2007
Thanks. Yes, i need hosting for upload my Futurosoft Icons and other themes for example for amsn.

I am very thanks. My e-mail is sefirot6779@gmail and also my msn. Very thanks. - Jan 25 2007
Yes. i go update always. I cheer that you love them. Sorry my language. I am Spanish. - Jan 24 2007
Yes, this is update - Dec 27 2006
I am Bos of Futurosoft. My company support of free software and hate of software propitary. Sorry my language, i am spnish. This icons is a collection of several icons. - Dec 25 2006
Calc - Futurosoft Linux

System Software 2 comments

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Dec 05 2006
Language is Spanish. The english version was previus. - Dec 05 2006