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t i , Barbados
Make a bugfix, please!

Gnome Screenshots by Ubuntu 3 comments

I believe this is a gdesklet (! - Sep 07 2005
My Ubuntu Desktop 08082005

Gnome Screenshots by riqo 1 comment

Hi, can you tell what themes you're using? thanks! - Sep 07 2005
Tux svg

Cliparts by Arcueid 3 comments

Makes me want to pet it! - Sep 07 2005
pclinuxos-splash screen

Gnome 2 Splash Screens by jrangels1 1 comment

Not sure if flock is the approproate word for penguins, but I think it would be better if the other penguins were not transluscent and looked like they were follocing the forst one! great work anyway! - Sep 06 2005

Metacity Themes by dhonn 14 comments

sorry, my mistake. I didn't notice your fixes ! I have now :) - Nov 05 2004

Metacity Themes by dhonn 14 comments

This theme is actually the exact clone of the smooth GNOME windows border theme found on

Can somebody confirm this ? - Nov 03 2004

Metacity Themes by dhonn 14 comments

Yes, this theme is really awesome! Good job! - Nov 02 2004
awesome! - Jul 02 2004

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by steefje 2 comments

good idea to use a baseball cap! but the red should stay the 'official' red.However it gives another (justified?) idea of red hat linux! - Jul 02 2004
Like Spinning Plates

Various Artwork by artur 4 comments

What about a sketched 'KDE' word, too? It might look good instead of those straight lines - Jul 01 2004
Flying the Flag for Freedom

Various Artwork by dannya 3 comments

... but it's kinda hard to read!
Keep working on it! - Jul 01 2004
An idea

Various Artwork by equinoxe 8 comments

Thats a very good idea, but maybe the city is notknown enough (the building doesnt remind me of anything) For a local event it would have been great though! One of the most original designs!! - Jul 01 2004
indian fuel

Various Artwork by kwiat 9 comments

It looks good, I like simple lines and the color is good too! - Jul 01 2004

Various Plasma 5 Improvements by dangvd 703 comments

never mind it got fixed by installing the libselinux-devel package (I'm using fedora core 2) Maybe it'll help somebody later

OKay, gonna install that nice piece of work now!! - Jun 28 2004

Various Plasma 5 Improvements by dangvd 703 comments

hello, I am trying to install this software but it tells me :

cannot find -lselinux

WHat can I do to fix this? I'd really want to have this nice dock!! - Jun 28 2004
looks like there are some perspective problems :) - Jun 28 2004