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SG2 Tiger , United States of America

Plasma 4 Extensions by Camberwell 31 comments

It works for the most part, except I'm not able to see a userlist despite there being people actively online when I check my channel in Konversation. The arrow seems to toggle a show/hide for where a userlist would be, but I'm not seeing any names.

Integration with knotify would be nice for the future, as well. Seems like a promising project. - Oct 01 2012

QtCurve by lgsalvati 2 comments

Looks nice, what font is that? - Sep 17 2012
Jeo themepack (QtCurve)

QtCurve by 8Ypsilon 21 comments

Why doesn't this have more downloads? Hands-down the most beautiful qtcurve theme. I only wish I could get the scrollbar in Chromium to match this theme, then my desktop would be perfect!! - Aug 13 2012
Extra Monochrome Tray Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by Vinucs 36 comments

Most of my tray icons seem to change automatically with my theme, but the normal 'available'/'online' icon stays default no matter what. Pretty annoying to have that big green ball in my nice monochrome tray...and really weird that it seems to be the only status that won't change. Pic related: - Aug 08 2012

System Software by dantti 225 comments

Hey, I thought I'd make you guys aware that there's a slight visual bug with the description box when using QTCurve (or possibly, when not using the Oxygen widget style; I haven't tested any other styles to know if it does this outside QTCurve). You can see the difference here:

I've confirmed this to happen on both Kororaa 17 and OpenSuSE 12.1 so it most likely isn't distro-specific. If I switch the widget style back to Oxygen, Apper returns to its normal functionality, but then swapping to QTCurve again causes it to reoccur. A fix for this would be great :D - Aug 07 2012
Clementine Plasmoid

Plasma 4 Extensions by tuxcanfly 20 comments

Plasmoid doesn't show me the cover art, even though I can see it in Clementine. Even when I edit cover art with Clementine's cover manager, the plasmoid just shows a blank box. Any fix for this? KDE 4.7 in OpenSuse.

Would also be nice if the plasmoid could be scaled horizontally. - Jun 02 2012
bl1nk konsole color scheme

Konsole Color Schemes
by Rasi

9   Aug 20 2012

Full Icon Themes
by acidrums4

9   Aug 14 2012
9   Aug 09 2012