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May 16 2010

I learned about it a short time before your comment :)

Kepas was made in c++, but surely I could try and implement some of those in my python plasmoid.

Heck, I could even try to improve kepas, which is already very functional (I believe that they didn't implmenet passwords, though) but I pretend to play a bit more with this :) - May 17 2010

I hope you find this useful.
I plan on doing a couple more of improvements, possibly having several different concurrent shares (one per port) and drag and drop of folders for "instant share".

I will look into setting passwords. My plasmoid uses the python provided SimpleHTTPServer which doesn't support passwords out-of-the-box, but perhaps there's a quick hack :)

I've done this as my first python plasmoid.

Greetings! - May 16 2010