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marc heiler

System Software by wusel1007 28 comments

Very nice. Small, does what it is supposed to do.

I think it belongs in top 20 of KDE apps :D - Sep 06 2008

Utilities by marcel83 130 comments

Small, neat and useful. I like those apps.

We need killer apps like ktorrent, amarok, k3b, but we also need small apps which have a great quality and do one (or a few) tasks very good :) - May 30 2008

Network by George666 199 comments

Isn't Ubuntu big enough and such a great distribution that this should not be a matter for George, but rather for your huge and great distribution?

Real men use the source.
Weaker ones rely on distributions.

And these should stick to the distribution solving their problems, not authors of apps. - May 20 2008

Graphic Apps by Noughmad 3 comments

The idea is very cool but it would also be great if you manage to extend this app :)

Especially for kids, to get visual blocks (circles and other shapes) and build something interesting with it - May 07 2008

Utilities by Multimedia4Linux 19 comments

can this be included into k3b? (maybe only optionally) - May 06 2008

System Software by Sho 1027 comments

one of the coolest apps for kde

F12... run my own shell... do some command tasks.... f12 again to hide it

so cool :)

maybe one day we can even have a wobbly animation (ie the window does not only pull out in a straight fashion, but also kinda "slits out" in a diagonal angle... as if someone would throw it a bit... maybe even with a "whush" sound effect) - Mar 01 2008
Gnome Multimedia Keys

Amarok 1.x Scripts by browner 41 comments

This should not be here. It is part of Gnome. If amarok users need that, post it at amarok.

This site is KDE specific, not Gnome specific. For me, this app is useless, and thus I am forced to vote negatively on it. Can we move this away please? - Nov 28 2007

Card by JadziaMD 46 comments

Is there a way to add own cards to play with? - Aug 06 2007

Network by kdeveloper 58 comments

This is a very nice program.

my personal wish would be to add more icons. For example, there could be a widget where some computer icons are listed, and we can differ between the
CURRENT_COMPUTER (the one ksniffer is running)
- LAN computers (like intranet computers)
- OUTSIDE computers


This graphical add-on could even be made so easy for a user to right click on an icon and select some actions like "capture incoming packets from this computer" as well! - Jul 26 2007

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by vadiml 11 comments

I voted "negatively" but NOT because the app is bad - but because the english stuff must be improved a LOT first :) - May 29 2007

Network by George666 199 comments

I believe it should really become a part of official KDE, ie kdenetwork.

Its a must-have for torrent files, and as we all know, torrent files can be of huge help to download Linux Distributions.
Most of them not only offer .iso files but also their .torrent files for that. - May 26 2007

System Software by Sho 1027 comments

Can you finally use dcop to create new tabs and close them?

Also, changable keybindings?
(Sorry been a while since i last tried yakuake, i still love the concept, would be also kinda cool to be able to have a "flashing" scroll down effect... you know... compizlike ;> ) - May 06 2007

Browser by cime3d 11 comments

Is this a general editor? I.e. similar to bluefish?

I dont mean the features of bluefish only the basic editing - tabs + buffers inside these tabs - Apr 28 2007

Education Apps by joachim 97 comments

I agree. This debate is silly.

Lets move this "kde" application to another place.

Something like /dev/null - Apr 26 2007

Education Apps by joachim 97 comments

The biggest question is this:

WTF does this all have to do with a KDE app?

I suggest the admins to remove any true religious kde application.

They bore me.

I want to see ktorrent programs, i want to see smplayer.

I dont want to see stuff like that at all.

Let the creationists play in their mud holes on ANOTHER SERVER, Please. Dont torture the rest of us with this. - Apr 26 2007

Education Apps by joachim 97 comments

Do you misquote others?

Please stop using Newton's name here.

He would not have endorsed YOU putting his words here at all. - Apr 26 2007

Education Apps by joachim 97 comments

"Creationists" are not scientists.

Scientists do not presume "intelligent design" or other buzzwords the church throws in.

So please stop spreading lies.

In science, you can attack any theory but of course you must DEBATE and present SOUND FACTS. Nothing is cisled in stone.

Against the church, you were burned long ago. Please compare that. - Apr 26 2007

Education Apps by joachim 97 comments

jesus saves ...

.. and takes only half damage! - Apr 26 2007

Education Apps by joachim 97 comments

You are right.

I realized that voting bad is just easier than to debate about this. - Apr 26 2007

Video Apps by rvm 494 comments

I agree that it should become part of the multimedia, but first I also believe it should be:
- feature complete
- very stable


I prefer an "unstable" but very agile application, and right now smplayer is totally awesome. My experience was that
things in official kde will usually have a
slower development cycle - Apr 07 2007

Audio Apps by steunix 85 comments

i agree - Mar 23 2007
mikrochip wants people to comment here too as it is a shell script and not a KDE application ;)

I think we all should find a consensus.

There may be people that come for shell scripts, but there are also people that look only for real KDE applications.

The admin of the site should find a way to manage that. Personally I would think of having a small logo:

- shell script logo
- kde app logo


A small icon.

So that visitors can immediately verify whats this application for. - Mar 19 2007

Video Apps by mf2 115 comments

no rule to make target `/usr/share/qt3/mkspecs/default/qmake.conf', needed by `Makefile'

On my system, qt3 is on


Any chance to fix this error? - Feb 25 2007
kX Generator

System Software by sabby7890 79 comments

Yes I agree it should be included in
default KDE.

Unfortunately I am not sure if it will, because currently there is a lot of

KDE 3 -> KDE 4

Transition, and i am afraid that the main devs wont accept anymore things (aside from bug fixes etc..) - Dec 17 2006
Kup Backup System

System Software
by sideshow

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Education Apps
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System Software
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Education Apps
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Text Editors
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