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Baaghira-Tiger In Action

KDE Plasma Screenshots by zammi 9 comments

KDE 3.3 makes the menubar at the top the same color as the panel, so it can be transparent now. looks much better :-) - Aug 13 2004
yes, look at all the other buttons.. :-0 - Aug 11 2004
KDE 3.3 Konquered Earth Splash-screen

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by arcisz 15 comments

kde 3.3 will not have a new icon set.. kde 4.0 might. - Jul 28 2004

KDE 3.5 Themes by MaxAuthority 18 comments

One of the cleanest styles ever for KDE.. I love it. - May 07 2004
QStringTemp for Qt 2.2.3

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by fprog26 14 comments

to the kde-optimize mailing list..... - Apr 21 2004
This Computer

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by KristinnM 16 comments

submit a bug report - Apr 20 2004

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by radiz 11 comments

there is already a search bar in konqueror in cvs (will be in 3.3) - Apr 17 2004
Fahrenheit Window Decoration

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by Rodion 50 comments

gj - Apr 17 2004
business xp icons collection

Icon Sub-Sets by guiicons 6 comments

The source could be the .ico's themselves..

yeah, the GPL sucks big time for artwork - Apr 16 2004
kontact design

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by Emon 26 comments

the *only* part of the design I would change would be the text. The current font looks professional, but somewhat out of place.

Instead of wide spacing between the letters, you might want to try a slightly larger font size.

Otherwise, very nice. :) - Apr 15 2004
Improved accessiblity!

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by Figurehead 12 comments

also be improved by sane keyboard focusing, something KDE doesn't have. - Apr 15 2004

GTK2 Themes by dwerg 37 comments

clean.. i like it.. now i need to install some gtk apps to try it ;-) - Apr 14 2004
Kontact Splash Screen

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by dave 12 comments

I'd suggest:

- removing the kde, the klogo, and the 3.2..
- making it about twenty pixels taller
- putting the kontact text under everything in the white area.. and centered - Apr 14 2004
Red Hat Kid

Wallpaper Other by photodharma 5 comments

perhaps scale him down however.. - Apr 13 2004
kontact design

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by Emon 26 comments

I think that the Kontact text shouldn't be squished.. - Apr 13 2004

Network by blinkhacker 18 comments

I think autofilling out "/home/you" would probably be good.. as well any changed filename into a config file so that it can be saved between runnings of the apps.

Also, perhaps picking a minimum size would be good.. currently you can resize it way down.

Also, can you version the source tarballs? e.g, krsseditor-0.3.1.tar.bz2.. etc.. - Apr 06 2004
Rectangular KDE start/menu button

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by speleoalex 47 comments

Have you see how Xandros does it?

I think that looks better - Apr 06 2004

Network by blinkhacker 18 comments

Works great in Gentoo..

It would be nice to have a "Save" button.. - Apr 05 2004

Wallpaper Other by freebar 23 comments

the comments weren't removed.. kde-look just moves it to the previous page.. As yaba said, I voted no to the wallpaper, because, well, it sucks as a wallpaper. - Mar 31 2004

Utilities by Mephistoki 81 comments

you can set the toolbar to be big by default (with text also) - Mar 30 2004
Alien Mind Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by rhandros2 8 comments

Voted.. - Mar 30 2004
sorry.. this site clobbers the script.. try d/ling from - Mar 28 2004
Here is a quick python script to download them all.. stick in and do python requires wget

import os

for letter in map(chr,range(65,91)):
print chr(27) + '[36m'+'moving to letter: '+letter+chr(27)+'[0m'
os.system("wget --wait 3 "+url+letter+".htm")
for font in fonts:
fontname=fontname.replace(' ','_')
path=font[font.find(' - Mar 28 2004
$CO Gang

Wallpaper Other by blaster999 3 comments

hiliarious and original.. goes on my desk :) - Mar 27 2004
[Gentoo - Ebuild] KDE Color Schemes

KDE 3 Color Schemes by chtof 42 comments

I hope it enters portage! - Mar 27 2004
Thin Keramik

KDE 3.5 Themes by amaterasu 47 comments

use the date picker for comments - Mar 25 2004

Icon Sub-Sets by telex 86 comments

yeah, in fact, I think crystal does something like this in kdelibs..

although I think on the fly svg conversion works in kde 3.2.. at least it did when i tried it last in one of the betas (with nuvola) - Mar 24 2004
DVD Audio Extractor

Utilities by meneerdik 6 comments

kommander certain is great.. hope to see it and kjsembed become much more prominant part of kde 3.3 :) - Mar 24 2004
My Login Manager

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by Braindead 123 comments

you can set the comments that are shown by date - Mar 24 2004
My Login Manager

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by Braindead 123 comments

What I'd like to see is a pluggable GUI (e.g, style engines) that actually display the GUI. That would be somewhat like ksplash(ml) in kde 3.2. - Mar 24 2004

QtCurve by Brandybuck 34 comments

qt 3.3.x allows widget styles to have a larger menu spacing. plastik does this in cvs.. - Mar 17 2004

Groupware by Bert 7 comments

should be integrated with kontact - Mar 16 2004
KControl draft

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by Frans 6 comments

I think you have some great ideas, but breaking consistancy with every other KDE app isn't good. I think however, a design implementing some of your ideas could work.

I'll make a mockup later. Basically, it'll have the catagories at the top.. large togglebuttons with text. It'll have the icons in the view. Then it'll have a short header under this with the name of the control panel and a back link (I envision this as a short header.. almost HTML like..). If a control panel is clicked, it replace the catagory icons, shows the name, and the back button. - Feb 23 2004
Pastel Scheme Package

KDE 3 Color Schemes by Tika 2 comments

what's the font? - Feb 17 2004

Audio Apps by steunix 85 comments

would be nice - Feb 11 2004

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by camera 13 comments

but I have one little issue.. the diagnoal outlining lines in the gears look a bit jagged. would be nice to antialias that or blur the edges a bit. - Feb 10 2004

Utilities by Seli 10 comments

That's because they have explicit KDE systray support. - Feb 10 2004
The Final Piece Of The Puzzle - 3.2

Wallpaper Other by dannya 3 comments

good job.. not something that I'd use as a wallpaper, but very nice none-the-less. - Feb 06 2004
Control Centre idea

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by leinir 16 comments

post an idea with plastik and good fonts and crystal.. reinhard rox, but it's a love/hate theme: you like it or dont :) - Feb 06 2004

Audio Apps by bubba 5 comments

Shame that it needs mysql though.. have you considering adding some lightweight DB support, like sqllite/qsqllite? - Feb 06 2004

Audio Apps by Neil 7 comments

what does that have to do with the software? - Jan 28 2004

Audio Apps by Neil 7 comments

I've been using Hayes for more than a year now, it's the best Noatun playlist plugin barnone... now only if the rest of noatun could be fixed :| - Jan 28 2004

Various KDE Stuff by scofmb 1 comment

really good idea :)

would be nice with new graphics.. hopefully some artists contribute or you get access to stock photo cds :) - Jan 28 2004

System Software by eldadz 32 comments

stuff - Jan 25 2004

Various Artwork by tDream 30 comments

out of this! - Jan 23 2004

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by sebaro 6 comments

the winxp colors are good in terms of usability. - Jan 14 2004
new theme idea

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by gg3po 42 comments

> ... about this is the gradient on the widget background.

Uhm, that's fully possible using Qt. See the KDE RiscOS theme (it uses the kthemestyle qstyle), or Mosfet's old MegaGradient style (you can look around in, it was briefly part of KDE 2.1.) - Jan 09 2004
KDE Bluetooth Framework

Network by uddw 16 comments

i'd love this to be part of kde! - Jan 07 2004
GTK-QT Theme Engine

GTK1 Themes by davidsansome 280 comments

erm, since when did Debian focus more on GNOME rather than KDE? Debian is _completely_ desktop agnostic. It's preferred window manager is twm. - Jan 06 2004

Network by mkoebele 175 comments

yes - Jan 05 2004