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Plasma 5 Menus 143 comments

by Sho
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Apr 18 2018
It's on KDE's as plasma-simplememu. - May 27 2020
It's a known bug unfortunately. I have to fix it and make a new release. Sorry. :-) - Apr 20 2020
It's possible to change them in System Settings, but it will affect other icons throughout KDE Plasma as well. - Feb 02 2020
There's currently no option for this, sorry. I might implement it in a future version! - Jan 24 2019
Not currently, sorry. - Oct 23 2018
The first page is the favorites! - Sep 27 2018
Yes. - Jun 19 2018
There's currently no option for this, sorry. - May 27 2018
Simple Menu is hosted on and recently went through kdereview, so the official repository will soon be and will get KDE i18n coverage. You can then contribute a Russian translation via KDE's Russian translation team!

#2 needs to be added to the Plasma libraries.

#3 and #4 I currently have no immediate plans for (to keep it simple), sorry! - May 14 2018
Can you check which version you have? This was fixed in v1.0.7 a few months back. - Apr 07 2018
I'm a bit swamped with other things currently, but I'll try to have a look soon. - Apr 02 2018
No problem. So the way this works is that you ask the folks making your Linux distribution via their support channel how you can get a newer version of KDE Frameworks. Or you look if there's a newer version of your distribution available. - Apr 01 2018
Upgrade to a newer version of KDE Frameworks. - Mar 31 2018
Nope, sorry! But you might like using Application Dashboard from kdeplasma-addons, which is very similar in design and fullscreen. - Mar 13 2018
You're welcome! Thanks for your kind words. - Mar 10 2018
New favorites get added at the end of the list. You can rearrange them with drag and drop (long press to start).

No good idea @ those buttons, sorry! - Mar 10 2018
Will do soon! - Jan 22 2018
Hope you saw I added this in v1.0.8! Enjoy! - Jan 22 2018
The multi-screen issue was fixed a few updates ago - make sure you're running the latest Simple Menu. - Jan 08 2018
I was asking to understand what margins you even mean - but you decided to be aggressive and mean for some reason. Huh. - Dec 04 2017
Maybe I could just rotate when the screen is? - Dec 03 2017
Could you explain what side margins you want to remove and why? - Dec 03 2017
Ah, I see! Sure, I can add this in a later release. - Nov 03 2017
Sorry, could you explain what you mean with "is there a way to lock the menu to only change on click"? - Nov 02 2017
Cheers :) - Nov 02 2017
Currently there isn't any, sorry. Once I find the time I want to put Simple Menu through kdereview and make it a proper KDE project, then it will receive a product category on the KDE bug tracker. - Oct 26 2017
I'd prefer not to add options that change the design a lot (better to make a seperate widget). - Oct 10 2017
The repo is linked as the website already. - Sep 29 2017
No problem, I will add this option for you in v1.0.4. - Sep 25 2017
You can arrow down to the results and then arrow right. - Aug 26 2017
Meta to open and close works fine for me (Simple Menu 1.0.1, Plasma 5.10). Note there was a fix in this are in 1.0.1. - Jun 01 2017
2. sounds more like a bug than a missing feature, I'll have a look.

Currently there's no issue tracker, sorry. - Jun 01 2017
Did you actually get Simple Menu from the store? That code is not in 1.0 or 1.0.1. - Feb 27 2017
The entire source code is in the Plasmoid package, but you can also use the git repo linkes from this store page - - Feb 21 2017
It's open source code, so of course you can modify it :) It's a bit beyond the scope of this forum to teach how though :/ - Feb 13 2017
The layout is reflecting the idea that most people just launch their favorites most of the time, which are fastest to reach this way. People don't browse categories that often (even search is often done by keyboard). - Feb 13 2017
Sorry! You need to ask your distribution. - Feb 11 2017
Hmm! This should actually already work. Can you try with long press on a favorite? - Feb 11 2017
You can just use "Get New Widgets" in the "Add Widgets" sidebar to download Simple Menu from the Store! But on the command line you can use the "kpackagetool5" utility. - Feb 09 2017
As mentioned in the description, this widget really needs Plasma v5.9, sorry! The error is about new v5.9 API it's using :). - Jan 30 2017

Never say never! To tell you the truth I don't want to go over board on adding features/settings to this, especially right away. But I'll collect feedback for a while and when something comes up a lot, I might well add a knob to tune it to someone's liking later. - Jan 30 2017
I added the following features to the launcher backend to support the Simple Menu UI:
* Efficient support for pagination
* Make showing the Power / Session category optional
* Added a mouse wheel signal to a UI utility that's used in the Simple Menu UI structure to support switching pages by mouse wheel
* Support for offsets in positioning Plasma dialogs

These things can be done in applets, but only by using C++ and/or forking the launcher backend code (also in C++), thus requiring compilation - making it impossible to put the applet on the KDE Store for now. It's better for resource usage to contribute to the launcher backend upstream; also the more featureful API will enable other widget authors! - Jan 30 2017
Simple Menu uses the launcher backend code in Plasma Desktop, and needs API/features new in v5.9. I wanted to wait with the release until v5.9 is out, but someone working on a new Look n Feel package for v5.9 asked me if I could release it a bit early so they can test. - Jan 30 2017

System Software 1026 comments

by Sho
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Mar 28 2018
Thanks for your comment!

Yakuake is an official KDE application for many years, but it's released on its own schedule independent of the KDE Apps package.

Yakuake loads the Konsole component as a plugin, so there's no code copied. This is also why the options are provided by the Konsole component - it's part of that codebase. - Sep 24 2018
Yeah finally! Sorry for the long long wait. - Mar 06 2016
It's been ported for a while, but I need to make a release still. - Jan 14 2016
Probably Qt 4 vs Qt 5 - Jan 13 2016
Thanks! - Nov 28 2015
Can't think of a way, sorry. - Dec 28 2013
Bouncy Ball

Plasma 5 Applets 5 comments

by Sho
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Mar 12 2017
I'll wait until I can use Kirigami's new FormLayout there, then it'll take care of things automatically. - Mar 22 2018
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Nov 02 2011
SoftRAID Monitor

Plasma 4 Extensions
by alz83

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9   Oct 23 2011

Plasma Themes
by Scnd101

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Plasma Color Schemes
by Daja51

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