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by Sho
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Mar 28 2018
Good luck and thanks for the compliments :). - Aug 03 2013
You've most likely configured things in a way that causes Yakuake to be run twice at logon - when Yakuake is already running, trying to run it again will just open the window. Most likely you've set KDE to restart all apps at logon that were running at logoff and additionally added Yakuake to autostart. - Aug 03 2013
In the "Configure Notifications" dialog in 2.9.9 or in the general config dialog in older versions. - Nov 02 2012
Thanks :).

Unless anything requires a bugfix release first, the next one will be the big 3.0 with the new skin engine and, provided we can get the last needed bits on the Konsole KPart side in place, session management. - Oct 20 2012
Sorry, that's a hack and doesn't fit into the design concept of Yakuake. - May 24 2012
Hmm, well, detaching is not impossible to do, but I'm a bit wary of doing it because it's a big departure from the current Yakuake concept. It's also a fair amount of work. I'll think about it, but don't expect fast action. - May 24 2012
Thank you! - Apr 01 2012
Oh and make sure Yakuake isn't running while you edit the config file so your change isn't overwritten. - Feb 27 2012
Open $KDEHOME/share/config/yakuakerc (whre $KDEHOME is $HOME/.kde or $HOME/.kde4 depending on your Linux distro) in a text editor and remove the line specifying the skin. - Feb 27 2012
Unfortunately it's technically not possible at this time to move a terminal from Yakuake to a Konsole window. - Aug 08 2011
I'm very sorry, but I have no interest in adding code specific to Compiz to Yakuake. You're saying that Compiz already has some sort of KDE compatibility codepath - most likely its compatibility with KDEs Sliding Popup effect is just outdated right now, not supporting the new animation duration parameter added in KDE 4.6. I'd suggest talking to the Compiz devs to enhance that so Yakuake works too. - Jul 06 2011
Hi tobaj,

please read this recent comment on the current state of session save and restore support: - Jul 05 2011
That this doesn't work is a bug in the Konsole KPart component, which Yakuake embeds to display terminals - the profile configuration dialog is part of the KPart as well.

See - Jun 20 2011
Yes, the bugfix was done in the kwin code that performs the animation when that option is enabled. Once you get 4.6.2 you can use it again. - Mar 30 2011
Thanks. The issue you describe is a bug in KDE's window manager kwin (i.e. not in Yakuake) that was fixed recently. The fix should be in KDE SC 4.6.2. - Mar 27 2011
That's extremely vague, could you provide details? - Mar 25 2011
I only have one monitor unfortunately ... - Feb 27 2011
Sounds like it might be related to this one, which I haven't been able to reproduce:

I wonder if it's KDE-version-specific somehow - Yakuake relies on being supplied with correct work area geometry data from kdelibs for its calculations, after all. - Feb 27 2011
Sorry, but I can't - the profile settings dialog is actually owned by the Konsole KPart component Yakuake embeds, and the KPart only communicates title changes to the app hosting it, not the tab name stuff. So the KPart has to be improved first before Yakuake could do it. - Feb 20 2011
Hm - I can't really see a direct link between Yakuake and Plasma and I also can't reproduce the problem here or have had reports from others. That said, Yakuake is an unusual application and has caused bugs in window managers and workspace shells to become visible in the past (e.g. KWin had a few hidden bugs over the years too that Yakuake uncovered).

Please file a bug against Plasma on with the backtrace of the crash. - Jan 28 2011
That's already supported when you edit the title settings in the terminal profile accordingly and enable the option to display the session title in the tab label in the config dialog. - Nov 06 2010

- Oct 07 2010
Nope, sorry. The development code currently tries to explicitly disable some of the actions that the KPart pollutes Yakuake's "namespace" with, including the enlarge-font and shrink-font actions. If that doesn't work anymore, it's possible that the Konsole code has changed once again and foiled that attempt.

Unfortunately the Konsole KPart is an afterthought in the Konsole codebase (the Konsole main application doesn't use its own KPart, unlike better-architected apps like Okular and Kate) and full of bugs (other examples would be saving the default profile having gotten broken in KDE 4, and the "Open in same dir as current tab" profile option not working). All of these bugs have been filed in the bug tracker, but not much attention has been given to them so far.

I'm currently trying to convince the people involved that Konsole has to be reengineered to use its own KPart so that there is actual pressure to test it and make it work well, but that's a very long-term thing of course. Short term, Konsole has to be fixed up so it at least properly reads its shortcut settings again for the KPart, I guess. - Oct 07 2010
It's a bug in the Konsole KPart component that Yakuake embeds. The latest development source code of Yakuake contains a workaround for it. - Oct 07 2010
Looks like something must have changed on the Konsole side in recent times then :(. That means the KPart shortcuts are presently unconfigurable (also affecting Dolphin, Kate and so on). - Aug 05 2010
It might require a restart of Yakuake after changing the settings in Konsole. - Aug 05 2010
No, sorry. - Jul 17 2010
To expand on that: Konsole already special-cases some of its actions and disables them for the KPart case -- otherwise this problem would be even more frequent. However, it doesn't do so consistently for all the actions for which it would need to do so; some are left active when they shouldn't be, and thus compete with Yakuake's, invisible to the user until he hits this problem. - Jul 02 2010
It's a bug in Konsole. Yakuake embeds the Konsole KPart component for the terminal area. The conflict is between the shortcuts you set in Yakuake and Konsole's shortcuts. The bug is that Konsole shouldn't even expose the actions that are specific to the Konsole main application in its KPart, since it doesn't make any sense, and causes problems like this. - Jul 02 2010
Hmm ... I use two monitors as well and haven't noticed any speed difference. It's true that multi-monitor positioning is computationally a bit more expensive, though - necessarily so I'm afraid, since it needs to retrieve the monitor info and compute the intersection of the screen geometry and the work area. - Jun 15 2010
Technically, that would be possible. - May 27 2010
Gentoo Platinum v2

KDE 4 Splashscreens 2 comments

by Sho
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Aug 03 2008
As mentioned this is just a port, I don't have the original source files, sorry. - Dec 31 2011
SoftRAID Monitor

Plasma 4 Extensions 19 comments

by alz83
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Sep 13 2012
Very useful, thanks. - Oct 23 2011

Plasma 4 Extensions 185 comments

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Aug 29 2011
Cool! - Aug 30 2011
You have to use KServiceGroup and related classes. Have a look at the Kickoff or Lancelot code for how they do it. - Aug 29 2011
Why are you using a bundled copy of something called qtxdg to parse menu data instead of using KDE's in-memory binary database of menu contents? (From a casual look at the source tree a while back.) - Aug 29 2011

Plasma Color Schemes 2 comments

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Oct 09 2010
Thank you. I'm reading a few books on Ancient Egyptian history right now, and your color scheme works nicely to set the mood. - Oct 10 2010

Chat & Messenging 91 comments

by Sho
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Jun 26 2018
While Quassel is a wee bit off-topic here: Quassel is not included with KDE, it's a third-party app.

And thanks for the compliment :). - May 23 2010
Oxygen KDE (Firefox Theme)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 1783 comments

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Aug 15 2013
Notably though 4.5's Oxygen (the colorscheme) is different from 4.4's Oxygen, so no matter which you make the default in the next release, it won't match 4.5's default and thus won't neccesarily accustom users to the colors.

I think it makes more sense if you make your default match the default of the KDE stable release at the time. That was supposed to be Oxygen in 4.4, but due to a mistake we made it ended up being Oxygen Cold (the ugly truth is that the color scheme files have nothing to do with the default colors, and we only changed those - the C++ code where the actual default colors reside wasn't updated to match the modified Oxygen.colors, so they remained the ones that were in the old Oxygen.colors before it was renamed to OxygenCold.colors). - May 14 2010
Well, 4.5 is still some time off :). - May 14 2010
Also: We changed the Oxygen color scheme again in trunk (future 4.5) today -- and this time we didn't forget to make it the default, either. - May 13 2010
Just to keep you in the loop, the tooltips in KDE 4.5 will look something like this:

Plus various other changes in the style, of course, including new scroll area frames. You should prepare to redo the pixmaps when 4.5 comes along :). - May 12 2010
Lightning fast! - May 07 2010
Wow, thanks! :) - May 07 2010
Yeah, it's gone then. So, Tab Mix Plus' fault, hmpf ... - May 07 2010
Hm, in 1.1.5, the baseline overshoot has become even longer here: - May 06 2010
Thanks! - May 05 2010
No, it's not the border size. On my first screenshot, I even had the bookmarks sidebar opened next to the tab bar, so it can't be the window border.

But I think we're talking about different things. The baseline is the line that runs along the length of the tab bar, below and next to inactive tabs. The bug - a small bug - is that it extends further beyond the leftmost tab than it does in Oxygen. - May 05 2010
Here's a full shot:

I have Tab Mix Plus installed. - May 05 2010
Nice improvements in 1.14! However, I have a (very!) tiny nitpick: The tab bar baseline extends a little bit too far to the left of the leftmost tab.


Your theme: - May 01 2010
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Nov 02 2011
SoftRAID Monitor

Plasma 4 Extensions
by alz83

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9   Oct 23 2011

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Plasma Color Schemes
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