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Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 1783 comments

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Aug 15 2013
Thanks for implementing all the improvements I asked for, I'm very happy now. - Apr 27 2010
Looks great! :) - Apr 23 2010
Thank you! :) Looking forward to the next release. - Apr 23 2010
Thanks! :) - Apr 23 2010
1) Sure, here it is:

2) Thanks :). - Apr 23 2010
At the bottom of scrollbars are two arrow buttons, for both scroll directions. The distance between the buttons is much wider than in Oxygen, though, which makes it look a bit odd :). - Apr 23 2010

there are two small modifications I'd like to see to make the theme a bit nicer:

1) I always have the Bookmarks sidebar open. It looks like a Qt dock window, which is nice. However the splitter handle to the right to modify its width has a dark right edge despite the dock window already having a frame. This looks a bit ugly, especially next to the tab bar - there's a dark line between the sidebar dock window frame and the tab bar that looks unnecessary there. Could you remove the dark edge maybe?

2) The top edge of the status bar has a groove that extends for most of the width of the status bar, except for ~5px of margin on the left, and on the right it doesn't go over any of the status bar icons (AdBlock, Weave, etc.). That looks pretty odd. For one, Oxygen has no such groove in the status bar, and the fact that it isn't full-width makes it look like a glitch. Could you remove the groove? - Apr 23 2010
Maybe looking at the original C++ code could help: - Apr 15 2010
(To explain, what I meant with "can't work with all window sizes" is that the window deco and the window don't match up correctly at all window sizes.) - Apr 14 2010
As you know Oxygen is using a radial gradient as part of the background of the window decoration and client area. This gradient changes as the window is resized, and thus a pixmap-based theme like your Firefox theme can't work across all possible window sizes.

However, I have an idea about how that might be fixable, but I need a Firefox theming expert like yourself to actually investigate whether it is possible.

Modern HTML has gained a new tag called canvas in which 2D vector graphics can be presented, built up using a JavaScript API. The canvas tag also supports radial gradients.

In the WebKit HTML engine, it's possible to use a canvas tag as an image source. In other word, you can have an img tag, or a CSS background-image rule that doesn't specify a file but a canvas tag, and then you can dynamically render into that via the JavaScript canvas API.

Now, the Firefox UI is drawn the same way as Firefox draws HTML pages, using the Gecko rendering engine. If is is possible to:

a) Use the canvas tech in Firefox XUL chrome.
b) Use a canvas tag as the image source for the UI background.

... then you could dynamically calculate the UI background and try to recreate the Oxygen radial gradient in your theme. - Apr 14 2010
Thanks for adding support for the Oxygen color scheme :). - Apr 08 2010
If you go to System Settings -> Appearance -> Colors and press the "Defaults" button, it will select "Oxygen", not "Oxygen-Cold". - Mar 12 2010
Sorry, but this is incorrect - the default color scheme in KDE SC 4.4.0 is "Oxygen", not "Oxygen Cold". - Mar 12 2010
KDE 4.4.0 has a new, warmer "Oxygen" default color scheme, with the old grey one being renamed to "Oxygen Cold". I prefer the new warmer "Oxygen". Could you update your Firefox theme to match it, or offer a variant? :) - Mar 12 2010
Google Chrome Titlebar theme for KDE

deKorator Themes 4 comments

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Dec 09 2009
Argh, sorry - commented the wrong entry. - Mar 12 2010
KDE 4.4.0 has a new, warmer "Oxygen" default color scheme, with the old grey one being renamed to "Oxygen Cold". I prefer the new warmer "Oxygen". Could you update your Firefox theme to match it, or offer a variant? :) - Mar 12 2010

System Software 1026 comments

by Sho
Score 86.7%
Mar 28 2018
Yakuake has nothing to do with profile management. The terminal area, its context menu as well as the dialogs to manage profiles and edit a profile are all provided by the Konsole KPart component, and it's the KPart's job to put whatever it needs into yakuakerc. - Feb 19 2010
This is a bug in the Konsole KPart component Yakuake embeds. - Jan 23 2010
It's most likely the graphics driver, e.g. most versions of the proprietary nVidia graphics driver have massive performance problems with drawing bitmap fonts. - Jan 18 2010
See here: - Nov 14 2009
Please note that the entire profile management, including all related dialogs, is actually done by Konsole's KPart component, which Yakuake only embeds. It would be best to file a bug report against Konsole (and just as with Yakuake, that's best done on - Nov 05 2009
Happy to help :). - Oct 29 2009
Yakuake opens its window when it is run again while it is already running. Most
likely you see the window opening because Yakuake is started twice after login
on your system: Once by KDE's Session Manager, which restarts all apps that
were running at logout by default (see System Settings -> Advanced -> Session
Manager), and once by your Autostart entry. - Oct 29 2009
The problem would be the '<' and '>' around '/usr/bin'. Also, chances are you actually want to use '/usr' there (the executable will be put into '<prefix>/bin' anyway). - Oct 24 2009
Aside from what Jucato mentions, it's also possible that you've somehow set up things in a way that causes Yakuake to be run twice at startup, e.g. once due to session management (restarting apps that were running at logout) and once due to autostart. Yakuake's window opens when it is run again while it is already running.

Beyond those two scenarios, Yakuake actually does start hidden by default (i.e. the option Jucato mentions is disabled by default). - Oct 14 2009
Thanks! :) - Oct 08 2009
You can use Yakuake's D-Bus interface (or DCOP interface if you're using an old KDE 3 version) to script it, so you can write a script that starts Yakuake and then adds those tabs, yep. - Oct 07 2009
Same as any other KDE 4 app:

tar -xjf yakuake-2.9.6.tar.bz2
cd yakuake-2.9.6/
mkdir build
cd build/
cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=<where you want to install> ../
sudo make install

I'll think about adding an INSTALL. - Aug 29 2009
Forgot to add: A future version of the skinning system is planned to be flexible enough for skins to be able to properly support "no title bar" mode.


- Aug 08 2009
> I'd like to be able to click on links in yauake with a single-click, is this possible? This would be a nice feature as I tend to work from yakauke quite a bit.

The terminal area in Yakuake is actually not part of the Yakuake codebase, but of Konsole's codebase. Yakuake embeds the Konsole KPart component. The link detection and opening behavior is implemented there. Best file a wish at :)

> Also is it possible to disable the titlebar? I never use this and sometimes even accidentally close yakuake when I try to close a tab.

This is currently not supported, sorry. There's an unsupported trick you can use, however: You can look at the file of the skin you're using, and edit the image referenced under "back_image=" in the "[Background]" group to only be 1px in height. That also makes the title bar 1px in height.

> Great program. Glad to be it is being maintained and kept in good shape.

Thanks! - Aug 08 2009
Yep, thanks! - Jul 17 2009
It's not really bug per se - it's expected behavior - but you may nonetheless be right that what you suggest would be better in practice :). I think I'll change it.

Please file a report on the bug tracker so I don't forget. You can use this shortcut: - Jul 17 2009
Check out the bell settings in the terminal context menu, as well as possibly in KControl. If you can get pine to issue a bell event on new mail arriving, it should work I think. - Jun 26 2009
Oh and thanks for the compliment :). - Jun 02 2009
Yup, the Konsole KPart needs to be modified to have a signal for the bell added. Then Yakuake can connect to that signal, and make use of it to trigger a KDE notification event. So this is a feature request to Konsole first, before it becomes a feature request to Yakuake for the second half of the job. - Jun 02 2009
None that I can think of, sorry. The Konsole KPart also currently doesn't emit any signal I could hook up to to trigger a notification. - Jun 02 2009
Just relased 2.9.6 with a fix for a rename problem. Going by the description it's a different one, but maybe you experienced it anyway. - May 19 2009
You probably have the "Show title bar contents in tab labels" option enabled. This overrides custom label texts when the KPart emits a new title. It was the same in 2.9.4.

To allow custom labels even with automatic label updating enabled there first needs to be some UI way to return to automatic updating after setting a custom label. - May 17 2009
("foreground process", rather.) - May 12 2009
1. Ah, ok. I can't say I've looked into logout prevention yet, sorry. Will have to do some testing on that throughout the next dev cycle.

2. Well, I am Eike Hein ... but I still don't know what D-Bus interface you're talking about, sorry :-). Maybe there was a misunderstanding back then. I probably meant foregroundProcessId() in KDE 4.3's TerminalInterfaceV2, which is a C++ API method that can be used to check whether a given Konsole KPart instance has a foregorund process running. - May 12 2009

1. Sorry, I didn't understand that sentence -- could you rephrase it? In particular I don't know what you mean with "It clicked in".

2. I'm not sure what D-Bus interface you're referring to, sorry. In KDE 4.3 there's slightly expanded terminal interface class for the KPart with methods to check for the existence of a foreground process, however -- future Yakuake versions may make use that to warn when closing a terminal/session with a running foreground process. - May 11 2009
Well, turns out it was possible a bit earlier :-). Released. - May 10 2009
Hopefully during the next week. A logistical problem with the application icon (which was now added to the Oxygen theme as well in what I believe to be an outdated version; I need to talk to the artist to figure out the authorative version and if need be, sync Yakuake's copy for those who don't have Oxygen installed on their systems) has come up which needs to be resolved first. - May 10 2009
Glad you like it :). As a small teaser, 2.9.5 will be released in early May with new features and bug fixes. - May 02 2009
Yep, the Konsole main application indeed doesn't use the KPart. It uses the internal terminal classes of the Konsole codebase directly (as does the KPart), and thus has access to lower-level interfaces that the KPart doesn't expose to Yakuake.

Coloring: I'm unsure how this fits in with Yakuake's skinning system. Filling the entire tab background with color would definitely break the aesthetics of various skins, but perhaps I can fill the bounding rectangle of the actual text label, with slightly rounded corners for a nicer appearance. I will consider implementing this -- it would help if you could file a wishlist item in the bug tracker so I won't forget. (That said, I think the KDE 4 version of Konsole no longer offers this feature, but that doesn't mean Yakuake can't.)

Regarding a session mode that prevents accidental keyboard input: I'll have to investigate a bit on whether I can pull it off (the KDE 3 version of the Konsole KPart prevented the installation of event filters on the terminal widget which made filtering keyboard events tricky, but that may have changed in the KDE 4 KPart), but I'm fairly sure there's going to be some way, and I will consider doing it. There's an existing wishlist item on preventing accidental closing in the bug tracker; you could add a comment there about the keyboard input thing if you'd like. - Feb 26 2009

Chat & Messenging 91 comments

by Sho
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Jun 26 2018
"Full" is way too aggressive. Especially with sub-pixel rendering enabled, FreeType produces the best results at "Slight" imho. - Jun 04 2009
(Since the one posted originally points at commercial offerings right now, rather than at the free one I'm using.) - Jun 03 2009
Oops, second link should have been: - Jun 03 2009
Droid Sans, made by Ascender Corp. for the Android operating system, and licensed under the Apache licence. 8pt at 96 DPI, hinting style set to "Slight" and sub-pixel rendering enabled.

More: - Jun 03 2009

System Software 83 comments

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Jan 01 2012
Thanks for the new release. KRename is one of my remaining KDE 3 holdouts right now; sounds like 3.9.3 will bring me one step closer to removing those KDE 3 libraries from my system. - Jun 01 2009
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Nov 02 2011
SoftRAID Monitor

Plasma 4 Extensions
by alz83

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