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by Sho
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Mar 28 2018
Hi helloman,

sadly I can't implement Monitor for Silence/Activity, because the Konsole KPart component (which Yakuake embeds to display terminals) doesn't offer interfaces to learn about activity or silence. When such interfaces get implemented in the Konsole KPart, I will implement these features.

As for coloring sessions, could you please elaborate what that means exactly?

As for preventing accidentally closing tabs, I'm considering adding a "Protect session" or "Lock session" toggle action to the the tab context menu that would result in a little lock icon being added on the tab label and the "Close Session" context menu actions and keyboard shortcuts being inactive for a session that is marked this way. I'd like some feedback whether you think this would satisfy your needs :). - Feb 26 2009
Unfortunately I don't know, either :(.

This guy's problem seems similar, maybe his approach will work for you as well: - Feb 11 2009
Nothing was removed from Yakuake. The context menu of the terminal area is provided by the Konsole KPart component that Yakuake embeds, and is thus found in the Konsole codebase.

The Konsole KPart and the Konsole main application now (= in KDE 4) use the same set of profiles. The profile edit options found in the KPart's context menu operate on the same profiles used by Konsole, and color scheme changes done in one will apply to the other.

This works fine here; I don't know why it doesn't work for you. But it's likely to be a Konsole problem since Yakuake is not involved at all with the terminal profile and color scheme. - Feb 10 2009
Hm, well, it's certainly not from me. I'll talk to Frank ( site owner) what his opinion of something like that is. Thanks for pointing it out. - Jan 26 2009
Please note that I did not claim that SVN would solve your hiding problem. I still believe this is a setup issue in your desktop environment, and related to Yakuake being run again when you use the keyboard shortcuts.

Yakuake presently does not support automatic session saving and restore, as the Konsole KPart component which it embeds presently lacks some of the APIs required to implement this well, such as a way to get the current working directory out of a terminal. Implementing automatic session saving and restore is planned for the future, once the requirements are in place. I am in talks with the Konsole developer(s) about this.

And no, the D-Bus API currently does not include a call that relates terminal IDs to session IDs. - Jan 14 2009
Sorry, my knowledge of GConf is superficial only. I'm also not an Ubuntu user, but I haven't had any other related problem reports by Ubuntu users (nor users of any other distro), so I think this is specific to your setup.

Yakuake's SVN is at: svn:// - Jan 13 2009
Number 1: I don't really understand why, but it appears you have your shortcuts set up in some way that causes the "yakuake" executable to be re-run whenever you use them. Since Yakuake 2.9.1, Yakuake toggles its window state when the executable is re-run while the app is already running (to allow opening/closing it from a panel icon or similar).

Number 2: Yakuake 2.9.4 has a small bug that makes the splitter handles appear in the user-configured window background color (fallout from the background painting changes in that release). They're still there, but if your terminal background happens to be black, and the window background, too, they're effectively invisible. This is fixed in SVN, and the fix will be included in the next release. - Jan 12 2009
Hi Fabio,

for this to be possible, the Konsole KPart component needs to offer a way to the KPart host (e.g. Yakuake, or other apps using it) to trigger the search, or at least it needs to offer it via its context menu (the terminal context menu is owned by the Konsole KPart, not Yakuake). So this is more a wish for Konsole rather than Yakuake for now. Once the required changes have been made in Konsole, Yakuake can do its part. - Nov 18 2008
Ok, I'll look into including it with the next release then. Thanks :-).

I'll get in touch with you once it's in, so we can figure out how to handle any future updates, etc. - Nov 05 2008
Nice work! Would you be interested in having your skin included with Yakuake? (Credited to you, of course.) - Nov 04 2008
Yakuake has a D-Bus interface (or DCOP for older KDE 3 versions) that can be used to script it to some degree, e.g.:

qdbus org.kde.yakuake /yakuake/sessions addSessionTwoHorizontal

You can make use of this in an autostart script that first starts Yakuake and then runs dbus commands to manipulate it (say, add a splitted tab and remove the default non-splitted one).

Have a look at the available interfaces using qdbusviewer (for the KDE 3 version, read up on DCOP and kdcop instead).

In the future, there will be session management UI that allows setting up a default splitted session.

As for Yakuake's config file, it's ~/.kde/share/config/yakuakerc on most systems, but that is not relevant to your quest here at the moment. - Oct 24 2008
I've already asked the Oxygen artists once, but they were too busy at the time. I'll try again. - Oct 07 2008
The D-Bus interface in the KDE 4 version of Yakuake is just as capable as the DCOP interface in the KDE 3 version was, so if the Service Menu worked well before, it should be very possible to port it. - Sep 25 2008
You can use the window-/application-specific rules capability of KDE's window manager, kwin, to open Yakuake - or any other application - automatically in fullscreen mode, or the kstart wrapper executable to similar effect.

The left-hand and right-hand border width is controlled by the skin definition file and thus changable. Disabling the window title bar is presently not an option; an in-the-works improved skinning engine may change that in the future. - Aug 31 2008
Starting with Yakuake 2.9.1, Yakuake can now be opened/closed by rerunning its executable (so you can e.g. put it on your panel both to start it, and to open/close it).

My assumption is that on login, "yakuake" is for some reason run twice in your system, so the first time starts it and the second time opens it. Perhaps it's both being restarted by KDE session management and you put it manually in your Autostart folder as well. Try to find and eliminate a second run of the executable during login.

Hope it helps. - Jul 10 2008
I have a new skinning engine planned that will make theming more flexible (the current format is somewhat limited, especially with regard to element positions and the tab bar). Once that's in place, I can look into whether it's possible to derive from the active Plasma theme without being a Plasmoid. Maybe in the future, when the Plasma library moves to kdelibs (planned for 4.2, iirc), I can just use the library anyway. Then again, Yakuake already kind of depends on kdebase anyway (the Konsole KPart is a runtime, not build time dependency, however) ... anyhow, I'll look into it when the time comes. - Jun 06 2008
Do you get any error messages along the lines of unsuccessful signal connections or similar when you run Yakuake from a terminal? - May 12 2008
You can write a shell script that does the following things in aggregate:
1. Create a new session (tab).
2. Run a command in it.
3. Open the Yakuake window.

The KDE 3 version (anything older than 2.9.0) has a DCOP interface with the respective calls; the KDE 4 version (2.9.0 and newer) has a D-Bus interface instead.

I might add an -e argument in a future version (it's not quite the same as what the above does, since unlike running a command in an existing shell, it requires duplicating some parsing code for argument handling etc. from Konsole to properly start the desired non-shell process in the spawning terminal), but for now, DCOP/D-Bus will do. - May 12 2008
Can't say I have that problem, nope. Check the terminal profile settings, perhaps? There's also a setting in the Yakuake config dialog controlling dynamic title updates (in 2.9.x - anything older than 2.9.0 has no support for dynamic tab titles). - May 10 2008
There have been no reports of this problem with the (rewritten) KDE 4 version, 2.9.x. I guess Qt 4 does things differently enough that the underlying X or driver bug is no longer being triggered. Ubuntu ships the KDE 4 version of Yakuake as "yakuake-kde4". You can use it in KDE 3 as well. - May 06 2008
Actually, it was basically always possible to disable translucency by way of using a skin that doesn't use translucency in its graphics files ( hosts a variant of the default skin without translucency, for example).

Then, 2.8.1 introduced a way to switch off translucency in the config file, as part of the improved support for non-KDE environments, where the pseudo-translucency implementation used by the KDE 3 version doesn't work and could lead to display versions.

The KDE 4 version (2.9 and higher) uses XComposite-based translucency rather than pseudo-translucency, and has a checkbox in the settings dialog to enable or disable the use of translucency.

So, you always had options, even if they might have been a bit labor-intensive in the past. In the newest versions, however, turning of translucency is very easy.

Of course you should use YeahConsole by all means if it floats your boat, but after a casual glance at it, it hardly seems that tabs are the only Yakuake feature it doesn't provide.

- Apr 29 2008
You can use the DCOP (KDE 3) or D-Bus (KDE 4) interface to add new tabs, rename them, and run commands in them. You can make use of that fact to start Yakuake with a script that first runs the application, and then the DCOP/D-Bus commands to set up your tabs.

Built-in session management is planned, but is currently waiting for pending improvements to the Konsole KPart component Yakuake embeds (such as the ability to get the CWD out of it). - Apr 04 2008
You have three options:

1) If you upgrade to 2.9.1, running Yakuake a second time will open the window.

2) If you're using a KDE 4 version of Yakuake prior to 2.9.1, you can open the window via D-Bus: qdbus org.kde.yakuake /yakuake/window toggleWindowState

3) If you're running a KDE 3 version of Yakuake, you can open the window via DCOP: dcop yakuake DCOPInterface slotToggleState - Mar 27 2008
Sorry -- I thought I replied to this a while ago, but I must have closed the tab with the form or some such.

Currently, you can use the D-Bus interface to add a quad session and run commands in the sub-terminals. You could put that in a bash script and use it in your shell startup file, or bind it to a global hotkey via System Settings or similar.

I'm looking at adding session template editing functionality to the app itself in the future, though. It's on the todo. - Mar 19 2008
Yes, there are "Previous Terminal" and "Next Terminal" actions that move focus between the terminals. The defaults are Ctrl+Shift+Up and Ctrl+Shift+Down, respectively. They can be changed in the Configure Shortcuts dialog, of course. - Mar 12 2008
KDE 4 applications use CMake instead of autotools as build system.

Adapt the instructions on:

And/or see: - Mar 04 2008
The KDE 4 codebase is located at '/trunk/extragear/utils/yakuake/' in the KDE SVN repository; the KDE 3 codebase is at '/branches/extragear/kde3/utils/yakuake'. - Feb 21 2008
You're most likely using compositing with a version of the nVidia proprietary graphics driver lower than 169.07 that has a known rendering problem with Qt4 scrollviews on an ARGB visual. Upgrade the driver to 169.07 or higher. - Feb 16 2008
The path is /trunk/extragear/utils/yakuake/ in the KDE SVN repository. - Feb 14 2008
I've discovered and fixed a bug that caused the "Previous Session" action not to work when trying to move from a newer to an older session after closing sessions created and located inbetween. The fix is committed to SVN. Hope that does it. - Feb 13 2008
Replying here since the nesting limit is reached: I'll be on the lookout for this problem and go over the code again to see if anything leaps at me, but I personally use those shortcuts dozens of times per day, and certainly wouldn't have released if they weren't working for me - on multiple machines and distros. Thus I currently don't have a good answer, sorry. - Feb 11 2008
I actually didn't ask you to configure *other* shortcuts, but to verify that you had actually still bound Shift+Left/Right to the actions you were trying to use :-).

Anyway, now you're saying that shortcuts don't work at all - in that case I definitely assume that something is wrong with your KDE checkout/setup or X setup, or another application is interfering in some way. - Feb 11 2008
"4.0.80" is the version of KDE you're using Yakuake with, which is a SVN trunk checkout I guess (which I'm using, too).

I guess you should have a look at the "Configure Shortcuts" dialog to check whether you've really configured Shift+Left/Right as the relevant shortcuts, but otherwise I'm short on suggestions. It does work here, and has for the duration of development - if I couldn't switch tabs I'd go nuts :-). Maybe it's a temporary kdelibs problem in your particular SVN checkout. - Feb 11 2008
It's certainly working here. The default values are Shift+Left and Shift+Right, FWIW. - Feb 11 2008
Thanks :) - Jan 18 2008
> The only thing i miss from Konsole is the clear the scroll history command.

You'll get that one in the KDE 4 version. (Which is very close.) - Jan 01 2008
Unfortunately the Konsole KPart component currently doesn't have an interface to get the selected text -- that's why there's no shortcut action. - Nov 30 2007
> Hi, thanks for a great program.

Thanks :).

> I use Yakuake on Slax, a live distro Is there another file I should be saving?

Yep. Yakuake uses the Konsole KPart component (as do Konqueror, Kate and Konversation, for example), all instances of which store their shared settings in ~/.kde/share/config/konsolepartrc. I.e. your schema and other terminal settings will be in that file. - Oct 20 2007
Yakuake 2.8 has introduced a fullscreen mode, which you can activate from the menu or via keyboard shortcut (the default being Ctrl+Shift+F). This does cover Kicker, however. - Oct 18 2007

If you're unfamiliar with how to do checkouts of individual applications in KDE SVN modules, you can adapt the instructions for Konversation (network -> utils; konversation -> yakuake): - Oct 15 2007
Hi numerodix,

I've actually added this option earlier today, a couple of hours prior to your comment. It's available in SVN revision 721588 or higher, and will be included in the next release. - Oct 05 2007
Plasma: Oxygen - Panel

Yakuake Skins 12 comments

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Nov 25 2010
Hi hellblade,

I'm Yakuake's maintainer, and I really like your skin. Would you be interested in having it included with Yakuake? (Credited to you, of course.) - Nov 04 2008

Plasma Themes 57 comments

by ireko
Score 58.3%
Aug 09 2008
Many thanks for making your theme; quality-wise, it's clearly the best currently available for Plasma.

That said, I'm not a fan of black, and would love it if you could produce a variant that meshes well with the "Steel" color scheme from kdebase, or even adjusts to the color scheme in general. I realize that's difficult with the sort of hand-made tweaks found in Arezzo, though. - Sep 05 2008

Chat & Messenging 91 comments

by Sho
Score 80.0%
Jun 26 2018
I won't rule it out for the future, but I'll also have to say honestly that it's a very low priority item for us. In the immediate future we're going to be quite busy with KDE 4 porting, and afterwards our attention will probably be focussed on a new text view and greatly improving extensibility (scripting & co). The latter might also help your cause eventually, though.

Sho - Jul 16 2008
> Does anybody know if Konversation will be ported to KDE4/QT4 ?

Hi DanaKil,

the port will be started in the near future, once Konversation 1.1 is done (which will be the least release for KDE 3).

Eike Hein (Konvi maintainer) - Nov 09 2007
QtCurve (KDE4, KDE3, & Gtk2 Theme)

QtCurve 2890 comments

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Jan 16 2013
Great news once more - thanks Craig! - Apr 09 2008
Thanks Craig, that's great news - kudos for your speed and long-term dedication to QtCurve! :-)

I notice the annoying pagination has buried my Firefox 3 nitpicks though, bah. :-) - Apr 09 2008
An additional nitpick: When setting the appearance to "Etched" or "Shadowed", the same combo boxen gain ugly white borders:

Sho - Apr 07 2008
I'd like to be able to manipulate exactly what "Gradient" means in the QtCurve options to a greater degree. Right now, "Gradient" tends to produce results that are too bold for my taste (especially on tabs); I'd like to be able to configure gentler gradients overall.

Rock on & thanks for QtCurve,
Sho - Apr 07 2008
Firefox 3 "extends" the combo boxes on the main toolbar with UI that is supposed to attach to the borders of them. With my QtCurve settings, there's an inner padding that prevents them from doing so, which looks rather ugly right now:

I would like for those combo boxes to be more compact, removing that padding, making those UI hacks dock to the box borders properly and taking up less vertical space.

Furthermore, it'd be lovely if those two input fields were of the same height - right now they're inconsistent.

Rock on & thanks for QtCurve,
Sho - Apr 07 2008
Score 80.0%
Nov 02 2011
SoftRAID Monitor

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Plasma Color Schemes
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