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by Sho
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Mar 28 2018
Please note that Yakuake 2.8 requires KDE 3.4 or higher (KAction::ActivationReason is available since KDE 3.4). - Oct 02 2007
(Addendum: The situation wrt/ the KPart is far improved in KDE 4.) - Sep 14 2007
> Is the Konsole part of Yakuake executed as some library call or is it a system call?

Yakuake embeds the Konsole technology via the KDE KPart component model. You can find information about the KPart technology on

Unfortunately, in KDE 3, the Konsole application and the KPart component it offers are far removed from one another in terms of the feature set they offer, and the interface that the Konsole KPart offers to an application like Yakuake is also rather limited. Furthermore, the KPart implements it own background painting, and thus the "--real-transparency" argument does not apply to it and is not relevant here. - Sep 14 2007
There is no KDE 4 port of Yakuake yet, i.e. there is no code for the scripty bot to create a .pot from in trunk at the moment, only in the KDE 3 branch (branches/extragear/kde3/utils/yakuake). If you take a look at that branch you will notice there are plenty of KDE 3 Extragear apps that do not have a KDE 4 version in trunk yet. Yakuake will be ported in due time, and then there will be a .pot automatically created for you.

PS.: For KDE development-related things please contact me at hein (AT) kde (DOT) org and don't write comments here. - Sep 02 2007
> Where does Yakuake stores its settings ? Each time I launch Yakuake I'm forced to reconfigure it to set things like, Schema, Bell etc.

Everything inside the frame is not actually Yakuake, but the Konsole KPart component, including the context menu. The Konsole KPart stores its settings in ~/.kde/share/config/konsolepartrc.

Note that you need to also click "Save as Default" in the context menu for any session-local changes to be stored and propagated to new sessions.

> Also, is there a way I can specify the width and heights in pixels so I can get the exact required with and height ?


> Similarly, is there a way to specify the transparency in percentage like some KDE (konsole for eg.) apps do ?

The level of translucency for the terminal area is stored inside the Konsole color schemes. You can edit them using Konsole. - Sep 01 2007
> Is there a way I can remove those 1 pixel side borders and the title bar at the bottom completely and keep only the terminal part ?

The size of the border can be set in the skin theme file, i.e. yes, it can be removed. The title bar currently can not, pending an improved skinning system.

> There's a patch available to provide real transparency to konsole, wouldn't it be possible to use that same code for yakuake ?

XComposite-based "real" translucency will be provided in the KDE 4 version. In KDE 3 there's a technical problem that prevents it from working properly. - Sep 01 2007
Using KDE's window manager kwin with its default settings, you can move the Yakuake window (as well as any other window) by pressing the ALT key on your keyboard and dragging it. However, if you close the window, it will subsequently reopen at the top of the screen. - Aug 18 2007
True trans will be coming with KDE 4, when some problems with the Konsole KPart get cleaned away (in KDE 3, the Konsole main app and the KPart are quite different, and there are some painting issues I can't address in Yakuake). Sorry for the wait, but KDE 4 ain't that far away anymore. :-) - Aug 02 2007
Session management is not yet in the application, but definitely planned.

Right now, what you can do is use Yakuake's DCOP interface to programmatically open tabs, rename them and run commands in them. By starting Yakuake via a small shell script wrapper that first runs the app and then a bunch of DCOP commands, you can automate whatever tab-opening operations you normally do by hand after startup. - Jul 11 2007
"ditto" means he wants that option to (and it will be implemented eventually). - Jun 25 2007
> regarding session naming/numbering, can you change it so that sessions are renumbered when one of them closes?

I'm not going to make them renumber - sessions changing their name magically would be rather confusing and thus a big nono - but making new sessions use the lowest available number rather than keep incrementing is on the todo for consistency with Konsole.

> can you provide some more info (or a link) on how to use dcop to rename current sessions automatically?

Use "kdcop" to graphically browse Yakuake's DCOP interfaces; the meat is in the DCOPInterface object. Most of them either act on the active session/terminal, or take IDs as arguments - Yakuake exports DCOP_YAKUAKE_SESSION and DCOP_YAKUAKE_TERMINAL with the respective IDs in the sessions. At that point it's a matter of using the facilities of your shell to run the DCOP commands. - May 31 2007
> I think I have spotted a bug: the split terminal options (shown when right-clicking on a session name) use 'split vertical' and 'horizontal' the wrong way around.

It's fixed in the development version; the fix will be included in the final 2.8 release.

> May I suggest an implementation of default sessions like in konsole?

What's happening behind the scenes right now is that the session format / management is being rewritten/overhauled in KDE4's Konsole, and I'd like to reuse those formats at that point. It's not realistically possible using the KDE 3 technology anyhow, due to the very limited interface of the Konsole KPart component. More on that below.

> Another request is an option to auto-change the name of the sessions according to the current working directory or currently running program, e.g. if session 1 just runs the shell, it would appear as '~/' , session 2 where mplayer is running as 'mplayer' etc.

This can be done via scripts and DCOP right now. However, the Konsole technology in KDE 4 will have a native, built-in implementation of this, which again I intend to reuse as not to duplicate work needlessly.

Generally, one can say that Yakuake uses the Konsole KPart component for things it was never designed for. Konsole started out as just a regular application; the platform technology aspect came later, and was largely intended so apps like Konqueror or a text editor could quickly and easily display a terminal emulator, not to allow reimplementing Konsole around the KPart. Almost all of Konsole's more advanced functionality is directly built into Konsole-the-application and not accessible to the programmer using the KPart. In KDE 4, the plan is to move most of that to a shared base, and have the KPart be much more powerful. Yakuake should benefit greatly from that.
- May 27 2007
It is, of course, in "Configure Global Shortcuts" - 2.8-beta1 also has a new First Run dialog that offers an opportunity to change the key before it's needed. - May 13 2007
> When yakuake is set to 100% or close coverage the option to allow the yakuake window to stay open and NOT on top is needed in my opinion.

I agree and will add it.

I'll also look into the shell numbering, btw. - May 10 2007
I'll definitely look into it before releasing the 2.8 final -- just need to run around to get a second monitor again for testing ;) - May 10 2007
> A solution would be to check what screen the application is on when hiding, and if that value differs from what was set in config, update the config with the new value.

That sounds like it might be a viable approach, yes. - May 10 2007
> So I would say that this is a bug, wouldn't you?

Actually it's caused by a bugfix - the preference to open Yakuake on a certain screen was defective in Yakuake 2.7.x. I'll have to investigate whether it's possible to retain both, which is slightly difficult because I don't normally have a multi-head setup.

In the meantime, you can access the screen preference from the Yakuake menu and config dialog. - May 10 2007
I'll add it in the next version (2.8.1 or somesuch) when I can add strings again. - May 10 2007
> 1. I find it counter intuitive to press "split terminal verticaly" and see horizontal line. I have to think twice.

I find it very counter-intuitive to press "Split Terminal Vertically" and get two terminals side-by-side (which is why I implemented it the other way around), but your way is consistent with Kate - I'll swap the labels.

I cannot change the strings otherwise, however, as Yakuake 2.8 is presently in string freeze to allow the translators to catch up. - May 10 2007
2.7.5 used to set the _NET_WM_STATE_ABOVE atom as well, actually. In my experience, users tend to "pin" the Yakuake window in place when they need its contents for reference while working in another window, and in that case they often need it to both stay open and stay on top.

I can make this optional in a future version, however (2.8 is in string freeze now, so I cannot add new strings to allow the translators to catch up). - May 10 2007
> Why not to also add spliting icons to the left of tabs as in my yakuake-split mod.

As written above, I intend not to break the skin format for Yakuake 2.8. Extending the skin format to be more flexible is on my agenda for the future, but requires careful thought.

> Make use of Ctrl+Shift+left(right) too.

Ctrl+Shift+Left/Right are pressently used to move session on the tab bar, consistent with the default shortcuts in Konsole. I'd like to remain consistent with the default shortcuts in Konsole to ease switching from Konsole to Yakuake. - May 10 2007
> Add the last killer quad split option. Often it is needed to get quickly 4 splits instead of doing it manually.

As written in the change log, a quad split prefab is available from the session menu (press and hold the New Session button) or as a keyboard shortcut.

> Consider changing to turning off of the title bar not the tab bar (who ever turns of the tab bar?).

Adding this option requires extending/augmenting the skin format, and I'd like to think it out carefully to cope up with one that covers both as well as other scenarios. I don't like hacks.

> Chosing plastic theme and turning off tabbar garbles the title bar icons.

If by "garble" you mean "cuts off": Yes, the skin is not designed to work with only a title bar. See above, the skin format needs to be redesigned to be flexible enough for such things. It isn't currently, and I don't intend to break the skin format for 2.8. - May 10 2007
> It could be great if the options for "split terminal" appear when clicking with right mouse button on the terminal himself instead of in the tab.

Unfortunately that context menu is supplied by the Konsole KPart component, not Yakuake itself. I'm very unhappy with it myself. - May 07 2007
Thanks! - May 07 2007
> Can you finally use dcop to create new tabs and close them?


> Also, changable keybindings?

Yup. Check the menu (middle of the three buttons in the lower-right of the window). - May 07 2007
Small suggestion for your ebuild: The src_install implementation should be unnecessary now, because 2.8-beta1 installs its .desktop file into the more modern XDG directory rather than KDE's applnk on its own. The 2.7.5 ebuild used to compensate for the old convention.

I've talked to genstef from the Gentoo team btw. and he will probably add 2.8-beta1 to the Portage tree tonight when he gets back home. - May 06 2007
Thanks :) - May 06 2007
> The Settings context menu (right click on the console body) should be moved to the Configure Yakuake dialog. I think that would be more consistent with other KDE apps, and so newcomers would have an easier time with it.

I think so too, but unfortunately I have basically no power about that context menu, it's provided by the Konsole KPart component. The KPart doesn't have sufficient interfaces to reimplement the menu externally either, unfortunately. - May 06 2007
Support for dynamic translucency via the X11 COMPOSITE extension will most likely have to wait for KDE 4 because the Konsole KPart component in KDE 3 is not quite cut out for it. The Konsole technology is being widely refurbished in KDE 4 and will also address this need. Working with COMPOSITE / ARGB visuals is generally more viable with KDE4/Qt4 technology.

I'm aware of the popularity of the feature however, and it's definitely on the agenda for the future. - May 06 2007
> Oh and by the way, why not mention something about this beta on yakuake's KDE Extragear site?

The Extragear pages are supposed to list the last stable release, respectively, so that's unfortunately not a place to publicize the beta.

I intend to open a new Yakuake website on at some point, but with a limited time budget, coding has so far won out over website-making. I'll get to it eventually :). - May 06 2007
> what beta?

One of the reasons it's labeled "beta" is there needs to be a quiet period without string additions/changes so KDE's multiple dozen translations teams can catch up - I thought I'd get something out first, to gather feedback, and the final will follow once the localization efforts have progressed.

> Since resizing can be set by shortcuts, moving Yakuake should be too

Good point.

> The shortcut-setup could be moved to 'configure Yakuake'

All KDE applications have a "Settings" menu on their menu bar with seperate entries for "Configure <Application Name>" and "Configure Shortcuts" - the design of the Yakuake menu reflects that. I'd like to remain consistent there :).

- May 06 2007
Not a bad idea. With some work, you could set this up right now: You can tell Yakuake to run a command in the currently active terminal via a DCOP call 'dcop yakuake DCOPInterface slotRunCommandInSession "<some command>"' where <some command> could be, for example "cd /path/to/folder". Similarly, one can ask Konqueror via DCOP what folder it is displaying at the time. The next step would be combining the two in a small script and binding it to a hotkey via KDE's Input Actions.

Depending on how reliably it can be realized, something like that could perhaps be added to Yakuake itself further down the road. - May 06 2007
This depends on how the shell you're using choses to manage its history file. If you're using bash, it automatically overwrites its history file on exit, which makes it troublesome for multiple bash instances to co-exist. You can fix this by adding the following to your ~/.bashrc:

shopt -s histappend
PROMPT_COMMAND='history -a'

This will tell bash to append to the history file rather than overwrite it, and write out to the history file whenever the prompt is rendered.

With other shells, you'll have to look into their respective manuals.

Bottom line, this is related to the shell you're using, not Yakuake specifically. - May 05 2007
You can run multiple instances of a KUniqueApplication using --nofork, btw. - May 05 2007
Yakuake 2.8-beta1 features a fullscreen mode. - May 05 2007
No, it's not. You are certainly free to contribute, however. - Mar 27 2007
Nope, sorry. - Jan 28 2007
You can run "dcop yakuake DCOPInterface slotToggleState" from "Run Command" to open it externally.

The next release will have a first-run dialog that will allow changing the access key before it is needed. - Jan 28 2007
Submit the contents of the Backtrace tab of the crash handler dialog in a bug report :). - Jan 13 2007
You can easily add a script to your shell environment that uses Yakuake's DCOP interface to rename the session as it's spawned. - Oct 29 2006
Settings -> Scrollbar -> Hide in the terminal area context menu provided by the embedded Konsole component. - Oct 18 2006
Movable tabs are planned for the next release. - Oct 18 2006
Plastik theme for YaKuake

Yakuake Skins 13 comments

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Aug 15 2006
Note: The two variants of the Plastik skin are now included with the newly-released Yakuake 2.8-beta1, to be found at:

Thanks to suslik for giving permission to include his work. - May 06 2007

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 18 comments

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Nov 29 2009
No, it's still Qt3. I will only port to KDE4 when Robert has the improved Konsole KPart for KDE4 ready.

Here's a teaser:

Still gotta do some polishing, and fix a few bugs, but I do think I'm close to publishing something now. Again, sorry for taking so long. I hope when the (pretty long) changelog is out people will be happy. - May 03 2007
> Nice. still promising a new version...

I'm presently hoping to release a beta for the new Yakuake this weekend. It's largely rewritten over 2.7.5, and does offer dynamically adding and removing resizable horizontal and vertical splits, as well as many other new features and improvements. - May 03 2007
FWIW, the next version of the original Yakuake will have the same "Switch to Session #" shortcuts as Konsole itself has. And custom naming schemes can be implemented by talking to Yakuake via DCOP in ~/.bashrc or similar. - May 03 2007
Kassie (Kate Advanced Session Selector)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 5 comments

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Mar 16 2007
Is this only a Kicker applet, or can it be added to the KMenu, too, as can be done with the version by Anders? I prefer my session selecters (Konsole and Kate) to be stowed away in the KMenu. - Mar 08 2007

KDE 3.5 Themes 404 comments

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Feb 16 2007
Wonderful work. Rock on! - Jan 19 2007

Chat & Messenging 91 comments

by Sho
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Jun 26 2018
"Tahoma" from Monotype's Matthew Carter, 8pt, no anti-aliasing, bytecode interpreter enabled. - Oct 15 2006
DccAmarok (konversation script)

Chat & Messenging 5 comments

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Feb 01 2006
Please note that we changed the DCOP interface in Konversation 1.0, citing the changelog:

'The "Konversation" and "KonvDCOPIdentity" DCOP objects have been renamed to "irc" and "identity", respectively. Several bugs in the DCOP API have been fixed, and deprecated interfaces removed.'

You probably want to update your script to function with 1.0 and beyond.

Meanwhile, users can simply replace all occurences of "Konversation" (note the capital K) with "irc". - Oct 13 2006
Score 80.0%
Nov 02 2011
SoftRAID Monitor

Plasma 4 Extensions
by alz83

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Plasma Themes
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Plasma Color Schemes
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