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by Sho
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Mar 28 2018
Are you happening to run it on XGL/Compiz? - Sep 20 2006
'3': Note that the context menu of the terminal area is provided by the Konsole kpart component Yakuake embeds; Yakuake has no control over it. As for making settings stick, I think you'll need to click "Save as default". - Sep 10 2006
'1' is under investigation. Note that the Konsole component embedded in Yakuake is responsible for the pseudo-translucency hack, however.

As for '2', I'm sure you can see how that is not feasible due to window decorations being designed to draw the title bar at the top of the window, not at the bottom. Also, this is a design decision, not a "bug". - Sep 08 2006
This issue is under investigation. - Jul 21 2006
Note that you can use the DCOP interface to run commands in sessions (slotRunCommandInSession), so you could write a simple two-line wrapper script to implement your wish. - Jun 15 2006
But you can! :)

Shift+Left/Right are the default shortcuts. Enjoy. - May 30 2006
I'll look into it :). I may also eventually add a decoration that is capable of tinting itself to the desktop colour scheme. - May 13 2006
Unfortunately that's not viable, no. Present window decorations generally do not accomodate bottom titlebars to begin with, and painting on [the bottom end of] a decoration border is troublesome as well. - May 11 2006
> First thing is: is there any way to create a yakuake version that'll use COMPOSITE to draw a true transparent terminal?

Nope. Won't happen until KDE4, but eventually it will.

> Second: Could you please add an option that will stop Yakeuake from being "on top", or "above" all other windows on the desktop?

I'll consider it.

> And third: Is it possible to disable that little notification which appears in the upper left corner of the screen after Yakuake's start and says "Apllication successfully started... bla bla" ?

Not yet (short of editing the source code), but it will be in a future release. - May 04 2006
Session initialization had a number of problems and needs to be rewritten to be safe to use.

Login shell support will return in the next release; there will be a GUI configuration option, and it will recognize the same command line argument that Konsole uses. - Apr 29 2006
I'm glad you like it :). - Apr 07 2006
I'm likely going to change the notification into a normal "warning" dialog (along with a "Do not show this message again" checkbox) as many people manage to actually not notice the passive popup. - Apr 07 2006
The next release will go further with copying the numbering scheme from Konsole, i.e. new sessions will use numbers previously "freed" by closing older sessions. - Apr 01 2006
We're getting somewhere ;-). With white-on-black and pseudo-transparency color schemes, I can reproduce the problem. With a black-on-white scheme, it does not occur. - Mar 22 2006
I've gotten another report for this problem, so there's something to investigate. Once more, I cannot reproduce it on any of my three systems, which makes it a bit more difficult than I'd like. Could you give me some more info on your setup, i.e. KDE version, Qt version, any special settings for the Konsole component in Yakuake? - Mar 22 2006
(a) You can edit the skin graphics to change the appearance of Yakuake.

(b) You currently can't.

(c) The changes are listed above in the "Changelog" section of the entry. - Mar 21 2006
Unfortunately there is a bit of a disconnect between the menus of Yakuake and the menus of the Konsole component it embeds, yes. - Mar 20 2006
Yup, I plan to add that in a future release. - Mar 19 2006
I won't reproduce the actual script since it contains sensitive matter, but you can use this as an example:

#! /bin/bash
dcop yakuake DCOPInterface slotRenameSession 0 foo
dcop yakuake DCOPInterface slotAddSession
dcop yakuake DCOPInterface slotRenameSession 1 bar
dcop yakuake DCOPInterface slotRunCommandInSession 0 "foo"
dcop yakuake DCOPInterface slotRunCommandInSession 1 "bar" - Mar 19 2006
Fixed in SVN now. - Mar 19 2006
Session management is indeed planned for a future release.

Note that you can script Yakuake externally using DCOP - I currently use a shell script wrapper to start it that opens a number of sessions and runs a couple of commands in them. - Mar 19 2006
This will be resolved in the next release. - Mar 19 2006
Thanks, I'll look into it. - Mar 19 2006
Session management is planned for a future release. - Mar 19 2006
My problem with this one is that I've never been able to reproduce it on any of my systems. One of the earlier reporters claimed a slight change to the initialization procedure fixed the problem for him, which I have applied to this release. Since it doesn't work for you I'll continue to investigate. - Mar 18 2006
Moving in from anywhere but the top of the screen is currently not supported. - Mar 17 2006
dcop yakuake DCOPInterface slotToggleState - Mar 16 2006
I'd try to solve this differently, for example by putting:
shopt -s histappend
PROMPT_COMMAND="history -a"
... in .bashrc, then the history would be written to disk each time shortly before the new prompt is displayed, and appended to the history file instead of overwritten. That would have the side-effect of a sort of "delayed shared history" between all shells, however. There's likely to be a smarter way to do this using bash facilities.

One crude way I could imagine is to use the environment variable Yakuake sets in sessions (DCOP_YAKUAKE_SESSION) in conjunction with PROMPT_COMMAND to set the history file (another shopt call) to a different file for each session, and manage them in a shell script.

There's quite a bit you can do here. - Mar 15 2006
dcop yakuake DCOPInterface slotToggleState - Feb 28 2006
The KDE Extragear maintainer has now been contacted with a request for inclusion. Due to the inherent difficulty of a transfer of maintainership (which Francois appears to consent to), this may need some time to happen, if it happens at all. I will post updates as the situation develops. - Feb 26 2006
Contact about putting Yakuake into the KDE Extragear module, then the entire development community is in a position to help with maintenance and development. If you lack the time to facilitate this, I'll gladly help out - you got my email address. - Feb 23 2006
Personally, I actually prefer the current behaviour: Closing the last session cleans the slate. - Oct 21 2005
YaKuake showing in Alt-Tab has been removed on purpose before. If you want a terminal emulator that tightly integrates with normal window management, I suggest using the able Konsole :P. - Oct 18 2005
1) Note that Konsoles colour schemes are already supported. See the context menu.

4) Composite support had been added to Konsole a long time ago, but it was disabled due to side-effects. The konsolepart component (which YaKuake embeds) never supported it, however, since the toplevel window that would have to be an ARGB visual, too.

Note that Composite is disabled by default in the current Xorg stable release, that it's quite buggy, and that only few video drivers support it with sufficient performance.

All in all, it would be a lot of work to make YaKuake work with Composite at this point in time, and the gain for the majority of users would be rather slim IMHO. - Oct 18 2005
2) Hm, I think 'keep above' is the whole point of yakuake. Are you aware of the "Retract when loose focus" option? That might solve your problem.

3) Note that you can currently set up your own profile to a certain degree using DCOP scripting. You can add sessions on startup, rename them and input commands.

neptune: Maybe it's possible to add a schema parameter to slotAddKonsole that opens the session with a particular saved Konsole color scheme/session profile? - Oct 17 2005
If you mean the packages for other distributions: Those are done (and submitted) by other people, not neptune himself. He has no real control over that. - Oct 16 2005

Chat & Messenging 91 comments

by Sho
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Jun 26 2018
Looks like you're trying to build with --enable-final. Don't.

FWIW, - Aug 31 2006
Looks like you're trying to build with --enable-final. Don't.

FWIW, - Aug 31 2006
Completion for commands will be added in a later release. - Feb 03 2006
It's true - Konversation 0.19 depends on KDE 3.4. - Jan 30 2006
You'll see it in the next release. - Jan 16 2006
Adblock Improvement

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 47 comments

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May 23 2006
How about adding DIV blocking similar to Firefox' Adblock Plus? - May 09 2006
Diamond Crush

Board 8 comments

by cover
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Apr 25 2006
How is this a KDE application? :-) - Apr 25 2006
yakuake-2.7.4 ebuild for Gentoo

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 3 comments

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Mar 21 2006
This ebuild here has the correct description and download URL:

Needs to be bumped for 2.7.5, though. - Mar 21 2006
Yakuake for Kubuntu Intrepid

System Software 15 comments

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Dec 13 2008
Well, he said 2.7 - and 2.7.x has been out since October '05 ;). - Mar 19 2006
Hm, that's not a very pretty change to be honest ... :)

Anyhow, in 2.7.5 (probably out tomorrow or on Tuesday) Yakuake will spawn non-login shells, so ~/.bashrc will be read. - Mar 19 2006
Could you please post the diff? In the end it will be me who'll have to put up with the potential bug reports, you know ;). - Mar 19 2006
Service Control

System Software 2 comments

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Dec 31 2005
Care to explain what exactly makes this a KDE application? - Dec 31 2005

KDE 3 Color Schemes 2 comments

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Mar 22 2004
KDE 3.5 renders the window title bars much darker. If you want to retain the Rustic look of KDE 3.4, change the RGB colour values of "Active Title Bar" to 97/97/97.

May I suggest to the author that he updates the file for KDE 3.5? - Nov 16 2005

Education Apps 97 comments

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Apr 26 2007
This is not a "religious" application, it's a piece of software that facilitates studying the Christian bible, a volume that has greatly influenced Western civilization no matter your religions believes. All sorts of people might have a valid scientific interest in studying the bible: theologists, literature students, history students, the list goes on.

I think placing BibleTime in the "Scientific" category is thus quite valid.

Not that it plays a role in the matter at hand, but I might note that I'm not a Christian. - Oct 16 2005
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Nov 02 2011
SoftRAID Monitor

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by alz83

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9   Oct 23 2011

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9   Nov 09 2010

Plasma Color Schemes
by Daja51

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