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Eric Wheeler Brentwood, United States of America
Breathe and Smile

GDM Themes by sxtynnmach1 4 comments

I installed this, and every time I logged in, it kicked me back to the login screen. I jumped to the shell, and deleted it with a fury. I installed this and it didn't work, cost me 15 min to fix. Good concept, nice image, horribly implemented. Crap. - Jun 22 2008

Cliparts by xiqtemall 5 comments

I guess ignorance is bliss, i'm neither as well, but I am pro thought, and it sounds like you've thought about it so way to go, seperatism can't be all bad right. - Dec 08 2007

Cliparts by xiqtemall 5 comments

You should make one thats called Republi-Can'ts

- Dec 08 2007
i chuckled, as much as i hate the whole this is better than that war. for me what ruined it was the lol.

i don't care what someone does as long as they're really trying, and creating some sort of art. - Mar 16 2007
Root Actions Servicemenu

Dolphin Service Menus by kubicle 228 comments

This is really nice. ;) - Dec 16 2006