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Simon Bell , United Kingdom
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by simoo
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Sep 11 2007
No problem. Thanks - Jul 01 2007
Ah, thank you :) glad you like it! - Jul 01 2007
Hi all,

A new release will be up any moment and should have sorted these last two issues - the second one providing our tastes are similar!


Simon. - Jun 28 2007
How very strange... my gf uses Kubuntu, I will see if the same happens on her machine. - Mar 19 2007
Happy to please! ... I will look out for dots in the future just in case... - Feb 26 2007
Cheers Toth,

I'll sort this for next release - Feb 24 2007
Thanks coffeetime :) - Feb 22 2007
I don't think those two icons are fuzzy on my set, did you build it yourself or download the full set? - Feb 20 2007
Cheers, I'll check them out. - Feb 19 2007
and hey lazer60 ... it is my THEME I work hard on it! I just can't take credit for creating the icons.

Even the ones I patch together (which are mounting up now) are other peoples art work. - Jan 27 2007
99% of these icons are open source and in the next release even more so. I am gradually removing any propriotry icons with ones I put together myself. So yes of course! If it's in my theme and not from the mac os you have permission.

Thanks for the compliment :) - Jan 27 2007
Sure, I have just added it, it will be in the next release :) - Jan 15 2007
BTW let me know if you can think of any improvements :) - Jan 06 2007
Ah, thanks so much :) I hope to have another release soon.

Simon - Jan 06 2007
Great, glad you sorted it :) and thanks :) - Jan 03 2007
Strange... I thought I sorted that in this release. If you got to where your action Icons are kept (mine is /usr/share/icons/OS-K/32x32/actions) there should be an icon called kde.png which is a vertical strip of kde logo's, it might be corrupt, or maybe the smaller sizez are... i check it out. Sorry about that. - Jan 03 2007
Thanks, I think the art work is fantastic too. I've got lots more to patch together and am always on the look out for good open source icons to include in the set so feel free to let me know what you want. - Jan 02 2007
When you click the link it will take you to a 4shared page and after a min the downloadable link will appear about 2/3 down the page, I know it works because since fixing it 20 people have downloaded it.

Simon - Jan 02 2007
Hey all, you can download again. Happy New Year! - Jan 02 2007
Sooooo sorry about the dead link guys, i will be home in a few days and will fix it then (panto season is over then!) I'll treat you all to a new version too :) - Dec 29 2006
Hia, soz I hadn't been here for a bit. I Went to the KDE Control Centre then to style and then 'menu effect' and changed it to 'make translucent'.

Hope this helps


") - Nov 12 2006
It's not a wallpaper, I right click on the panel to get the properties, then > appearance > turn on transparancy and > advanced to change the tint colour. Is that what you meant?

Simon - Nov 07 2006
I think it will work if you just try again at a lower load time, I just downloaded it okay. I am looking to put the files somewhere better but for now it needs to be free... any suggestions anyone? - Oct 31 2006
AH! thanks for the pointer, I wasn't sure what had happened here. I'll look into it and sort it for the next release - Oct 31 2006
no problem :) - Oct 18 2006
I will include a Slackware icon in the next release. You will then need to download the build set archive and run the scrpit, choosing 'kmenu_slackware' should have a new version up in about a week, I will also make the default icon KDE not Fedora - soz!

:) - Oct 17 2006
Crystal Diamond Icons

Full Icon Themes 155 comments

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Mar 20 2012
Just read that back and it sounds a bit harsh, for which I apologize. I don't mean to have a go. Just concerned.

Also after downloading your set it would seem some of the icons in the preview aren't in the set anyway. So maybe I'm completely wrong! If so Sorry.

Simon - Jun 29 2007
I see this a lot around here, you have repackaged other peoples work and then said it has a GPL license. Is this not a complete mockery of licensing? Not all the icons in your set are GPL. The "New Blue Wolf" icon is clearly labeled on KDE-Look! as Creative commons.

Am I wrong here? Or are the licenses just being ignored?

Simon - Jun 29 2007
Futurosoft Icons

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Jul 24 2007
Are you sure these can have a GPL? - Jun 29 2007

Icon Sub-Sets 2 comments

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Mar 30 2007
Great and GPL, I'll put this in my set. Nice one! - Apr 01 2007
Alien OSX

Full Icon Themes 29 comments

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Feb 28 2007
How are you able to give this set a GPL Licence, are the MAC OS icons released under the GPL? - Mar 01 2007

Karamba & Superkaramba 58 comments

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Jul 07 2007
Thanks :) this is a great clock! No need for one in my panel anymore. - Jan 10 2007
OS-K Road (Default)

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 2 comments

by simoo
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Feb 19 2007
ah, Cheers - know what you mean ") - Nov 16 2006

Icon Sub-Sets 74 comments

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Oct 01 2004

You need to run the script from within the icon buildset directory

Simon - Oct 11 2006