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Valentin Sipica
Faenza Fresh

Icon Sub-Sets 44 comments

Score 79.5%
Jul 12 2011
I appreciate you made icons for those apps missing from the main Faenza collection. If you take suggestions, I would ask for an icon for Kile. Perhaps you consider this for your future update.

Nice work!

Cheers - Jun 17 2011

Gnome Shell Themes 6 comments

Score 70.0%
Jun 14 2011
Really my favorite theme so far!

If you want some feedback I have jsut a teeny tiny comment. Too much transparency in the panel drop down menus hurts a bit the eye., i.e., it is a bit hard to read especially with a light theme. I changed the transparency from 0.4 to 0.7 in my own setup and now is just perfect! (not sure if I did this consistently with all widgets though...)

Perhaps you take this into consideration for future updates.

Other than that great theme! and thanks for sharing!

Cheers - Jun 06 2011

GTK3 Themes 121 comments

Score 74.4%
Nov 15 2011
This is really nice and exactly what was missing to have a consistent look between gtk2 and gtk3!

However I have 2 tiny comments.

1. I personally feel the default size of the scrollbars waist a bit of space. Would it be possible to make the scrollbars a bit thinner? (or at least give the instructions on how to do it myself. in both gtk2 and gtk2)

2. The look of buttons is currently different in gtk2 and gtk3 (e.g., when the button is focused). Not a biggie, but perhaps something for the future (if it is not already on your list). Or maybe even use another gtk engine, like equinox or aurora (which I personally think have some elements which would fit very nicely with default Adwaita)?

Anyways, great work and thanks for sharing!

Cheers - Jun 01 2011
Hope gtk3

GTK3 Themes 67 comments

Score 75.6%
Jan 05 2012
and just another thought for the differences between gtk2 and gtk3 style of controls.

what about using the equinox engine for gtk2? the style looks much more similar to what i see in gtk3 (adwaita engine?). for example scrollbars and buttons. ...BTW equinox was my favorite gtk engine in gnome2 ;) - May 24 2011
ok, then i have a few more for your to do list :D

in nautilus list view, that little symbol is missing when the folder is selected

background color of selected text is a bit too bright so the text is hard to read. an example:

it looks like this is in the gtk3 style. in gtk2 it looks better.

again, it is probably a nautilus feature, but perhaps there is a way to change the color of the nautilus toolbar buttons text? the white one is very hard to read:


thanks for doing this!!!

cheers - May 24 2011
thanks for taking the time to solve these problems!

there are still a few issues:

the text entries in the combobox are very hard to read. an example is here:

another problem is the tabs in nautilus. e.g., the tabs look a bit too wide and the close button looks displaced to the left.

the tabs look nice in other applications, like the console for example. so i am not sure if this is the problem of the theme or due to the gtk engine.

another "issue" might be slightly different styles in gtk2 and gkt3 controls. would it be possible to have the same style in both?

PS: pls dont take this as criticism. i really like the theme and i just want to improve it ;) - May 23 2011
otherwise a very nice theme ;)

could i ask also for a link to the wallpaper? - May 20 2011

...besides the combobox color (seen in the right of the pic)

the entries in the left column are invisble unless mouse is hovering over - May 20 2011
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9   Aug 31 2013

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