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Sergey Glushko Rosto-on-Don, Russian Federation
ATI Overclocking Utility X32

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by sabby
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Nov 11 2009
With a great pleasure i discovered support for "ATI Overdrive(TM)" in my HD2600 Mobility with fglrx 8.721-100310a-097159c-ati (catalyst 10.4 beta), maybe some earlier versions. And under(over)clocking/undervolting works pretty well...
I like this app! :) - Apr 22 2010
Thanks, but
"aticonfig --od-getclocks
ERROR - ATI Overdrive(TM) is not supported on the Default Adapter - ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2600"
I think it doesn't change any clocks or voltage, unfortunately.
Ati overclocking utility based on "ATI Overdrive(TM)"? - Sep 09 2009
is there any utility to check the result?
ccc - can't, because i have mobility radeon hd2600 - Sep 08 2009