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Jan 13 2011
It has gotten so big that even i get lost when i am editing it. I have to make the code more modular in the feature, it will make it easier to follow and speed up the theme too. - Nov 13 2010
It's as rounded as the rest (roundness of 4), the color and the shadows just hide that fact :) - Nov 13 2010
Than you should be pleased by the current update :) - Nov 13 2010
You are right but there are more ways to see this. Personally i tend to agree to your way, but i also try to respect the requests of my users, newbies or otherwise.

The thing is that most newbies as you say don't know why synaptic or any other app that runs with su privileges doesn't use the theme, so i got allot of complaints, thus i decided to make it install for all users.

Now, about security:

- The installer is written in python intentionally so anyone can read the code.

- Most users nowadays install allot of things (including themes) through external repositories. root privileges again, but this time we are talking about binaries.

- You CAN install the theme by copying and pasting it inside ~/.themes , nobody is forcing you to use the installer.

Still, because the root thing bugged me as well, i've already rewritten the installer to allow the user to choose to install locally (no root access needed) or to install for all users. This will land probably latter today.

As much as i agree with you, i think Linux isn't just about security, it's also about choice, so i think this is the best compromise.

Thanks for taking the time to express your views :) - Nov 13 2010
That's weird... I used the exact same shadowing and roundness i use throughout the theme. Still, if i get any interesting ideas, i will included them in the theme. - Nov 12 2010
I think you should wait a few more hours ;) - Nov 12 2010
What do you have in mind? - Nov 11 2010
Wait till you see what i have in store for today ;) - Nov 11 2010
open up a terminal and type :
sudo chown -R 755 /usr/share/themes/Orta
Sorry for the inconvenience. I will update today or tomorrow with some changes that will eliminate such problems. - Nov 10 2010
You don't have the latest version, you have version 0.75. The problem was that all files were directly thrown into a zip archive which has the bad habbit of stripping file permissions. The next version 0.76 has the files in a you can find inside the zip archive in order to prevent this. You can use chown to set the file access or download the current version. - Nov 10 2010
Yes it would work, but i will include this option for you in another update (probably even today). - Nov 10 2010
What can i say, i am a sneaky bastard ;). As for the tabs, the idea wasn't mine, i borrowed it from Bespin, so it's Bespin's creator that has fueled your jealousy :P. - Nov 10 2010
I've already found a fix for the titlebar, i will commit it in a few hours along with some more bug fixes. - Nov 10 2010
I am aware of both problems. The first is caused by your titlebar font size. If it's too big, metacity increases both horizontal and vertical padding, causing this glitch. I am looking for ways to avoid this behavior as we speak.

The second problems is caused by the fact that Chromium doesn't respect the button margins enforced by the theme. So, it starts drawing the button overlay from where the button shadow begins and ends where the button shadow ends. If this bothers you, i could try making some other buttons with little to no shadows for use with chromium. - Nov 10 2010
The them is installed. Open gnome-appearance-properties and select it. - Nov 10 2010
The theme is installed, you just have to activate it. Open gnome-appearance-properties and select it. - Nov 10 2010
Well, it certainly isn't lightweight, every pixmpap is transparent in order to allow the user to tweak the colors through Gnome's Appearance Preferences dialog.

As for the player, it's a fork of rhythmbox by the Elementary Team called rhythm-e. You can get it from launchpad. - Nov 10 2010
My bad, i made the panel gradient look like that on purpose in order to test something and i forgot to change it back. I will fix this today, thanks for letting me know! - Nov 10 2010
Talking about panel resize-ability , i am glad that someone has finally used this feature, I've been including it for the last 3 years in my themes and you are probably the first to notice :P. - Nov 09 2010
Thanks, your words are truly encouraging :). - Nov 09 2010
As for an mplayer skin, i unfortunately don't have the time, but i think that the one included in Azel would fit just fine. - Nov 09 2010
Nope, it's the name of a game character (probably has a Latin root). She is the daughter of Azel to be more exact ;). Azel is the weird girl on the picture included in the General tab of the configuration utility. She is a char from a very old artsy rpg called Azel: Panzer Dragoon, a game i consider one of the few true examples of pure digital art. - Nov 09 2010
Don't worry mate, i didn't take your words as criticism. And i truly mean it when i say it that any kind of comparison with Bespin is an honor to me. Bespin isn't just a simple theme, it's a complete engine and the guy that made it has dedicated years of his life creating and evolving it. His creativity is also undeniable.

Besides there is no truly Original work, everyone has their influences. Do you notice for example the image on the General tab of the configuration utility? Look at it carefully and then look at Orta's decorator, color pallet, and lines. Notice the similarities ? ;) - Nov 09 2010
Not THAT much time as i readily admit :P. Thanks for your kind words :) - Nov 09 2010
Sure mate, here you go:
DeviantArt rules ! - Nov 09 2010
Lol , yes, a friend of mine made the initial toplevel window and the notebook in Glade, in order to help me speed things up. He also obviously didn't use a spellchecker :P. The app i released is just i little taste of what i initially had in mind, but in life you can't always do what you want. Perhaps during the Christmas holidays i will have enough time to move Orta closer to my vision. - Nov 09 2010
I can't promise anything about xfwm and openbox support, my free time is very very limited, and it will only get worse from now on. I really do hope that more people step up to help complete Orta with various add-ons.

With that out of the way though, i am sure that in the next couple of days, you and allot of other people are going to be very, very happy ;). - Nov 08 2010
The solution is simple, go to nautilus elementary preferences -> tweaks and select show live breadcrumbs. - Nov 07 2010
I've already kind of fixed this for the next version. Thanks for reporting it though :) - Nov 07 2010
The only thing i consciously copied from Bespin were the tabs. That doesn't mean i wasn't influenced by it on an unconscious level, but i've only used it for a day many months ago. I think Oxygen was probably a bigger influence since i've used it for months.

Still, i think that any comparison to Bespin is flattering, since it's an extremely well made theme. - Nov 06 2010
If you meant the lighter grey patch next to the progress bar i found the problem and the fix :). - Nov 06 2010
I've tested it before releasing the theme (i've actually fixed some bugs with shadows) but i hadn't tried sending a file. I did this now, and the app stopped responding, so if you can, send me a screenshot. - Nov 06 2010
Lol, don't you worry, you will be able to do it with the next version which is close to release. i am also supporting the regular nautilus, so you shouldn't have any major problems with a vanilla installation. Sorry for the inconvenience, i should have been more careful with testing before i released it. - Nov 05 2010
A black panel is on my todo list, i dunno about dark menus though, maybe later. - Nov 02 2010
Your problems are caused by the murrine engine, next version will only use murrine for tooltips, so it won't cause such issues.

I was aware of the extra brace but since it didn't affect the actual rendering of the theme (with it being at the end of the file) i didn't want to update the theme just for that.

I really appreciate contributions, and if you are serious about it we could design the new decorator together. - Nov 02 2010
Btw Orta already includes allot of fixes for Chromium. I've skinned every element whose appearance is not hardcoded, but tabs and scrollbars unfortunately are. If you want to see how chrome looks without the fixes, open the gtkrc file of the theme and put a # in front of the line :
include "Apps/chrome.rc"
save changes and restart Chromium. - Nov 01 2010
Thank you for your kind words, i must say thought that Orta was never meant to replace Elementary. Elementary is stable, fast and works well with every app. Where DanRabbit chose usability over style with Elementary by using cairo engines, i did the opposite :P. Orta does allot of things that are bound to create problems with non-native gtk apps, like xul, qt and java swing apps.

As for the bug, i can't reproduce it, could you please provide me with more details, like distro, nautilus and gnome version ? Do you also have the latest murrine engine installed? I forgot to remove some code that wasn't really necessary anymore, which only works with newer versions of murrine, causing problems with the theme with older versions.

Next version will come in a week, and it will have a new panel, different tab styles and scrollbar sizes to choose from. It will also include support for both vanilla and elementary nautilus, along with allot of bug fixes. - Nov 01 2010
It requires the latest murrine engine and the pixmap engine. - Oct 29 2010
I love DeviantArt, it is the site that made finding and sharing digital art easy when it came to existence. It's also a great community! - Oct 29 2010
It actually has, but i've managed to hide them ;) - Oct 28 2010
Crap, it's a redraw bug with opera 11, the menu is a transparent gradient and opera draws it again and again, creating this visual anomaly. I can only fix it by making the gradient non transparent, which will prevent anyone from tweaking the menu color :/. I will probably include an option for it in the next release, but you should submit a bug report to opera as this is clearly a bug with their app. - Oct 28 2010
Omg, this looks hideous :P. It will be hard to fix too, as Opera isn't a gtk app. I might need to make a skin for it... - Oct 28 2010
I am aware of it and it's not exactly a bug. You see, the mode buttons don't have a transparent background, so in order to blend with the background gradient i had to add one myself. I just added a background for nautilus without a menubar (hide the menubar and you will see what i am talking about). My next update will support both cases. - Oct 28 2010
What was the problem? Had it anything to do with the theme? - Oct 28 2010
Thanks! - Oct 28 2010
Thanks, i hope you enjoy it! - Oct 27 2010
You should probably get the latest murrine engine installed. Also make certain you have the pixbuf engine installed as well. - Oct 27 2010
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Nov 08 2010
That's a very interesting mod, congrats! - Nov 10 2010

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Oct 28 2010
I wouldn't say it's history, imetal is history (has been for a long time actually since i never really liked it :P), Azel i will continue to support with bug fixes when necessary.

As for Orta, she is the child of Azel in many ways (color scheme, soft lines, deep shadows etc), so i hope she will become a worthy successor. - Nov 06 2010
Actually, as of this moment overall downloads are exactly 31,744 (the DeviantArt counter doesn't lie) :P. Gnome-look probably counts the clicks to the icon theme and alternative decorator links.

It's also another fact that i haven't supported Azel as much as i should. This update came exactly one year after the previous one, and there were some serious bugs in need of fixing for all this time.

Still, i appreciate your kind words and i will try to provide better support to my users from now on. - Oct 29 2010
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