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Jul 31 2017
If you changed button roundness (src/skulpture.cpp, line 1547) you should download, or apply patch This fixes the regression that was introduced with the "transparent button fix". - Jul 20 2008
Hi again, you just received "gold contributor" status ;)

* This is KTitleWidget, a new KDE 4 specific widget. I will have to check what options I have for coloring. It currently uses plain window color as in Oxygen.

* Regarding arrows, I was even planning to get rid of them completely, but eventually got the idea with the covering. I usually never touch the arrows; mouse wheel is so much faster. In other words: no priority, sorry. Patches accepted, of course.

* Menus actually do not use a selection color, as they appear as buttons. You may try setting buttonmode to false in line 4515 to get menus with regular selection coloring (like combobox menus). They lack click feedback, though. I tried switching between both modes, and eventually settled for the button mode because of the visual feedback. But I would like to hear your comment, too.

Anyway, it looks like the fix for transparent buttons made rounded corners look horrible, but I did not test this, sorry. You might want to go back to 0.1.2 or delete line 1865 if you want them rounded. - Jul 20 2008
... and this site gives me internal error without saying that it actually posted the comment :)
Sorry for the flood... - Jul 20 2008
I just tried your program, and there is space between labels and the group box here, code, screenshot
Did you use setLayout() on your "this" widget?

Regarding -1 spacing value, see - Jul 20 2008
I just tried your program, and there is space between labels and the group box here, code, screenshot
Did you use setLayout() on your "this" widget?

Regarding -1 spacing value, see - Jul 20 2008
I just tried your program, and there is space between labels and the group box here, code, screenshot
Did you use setLayout() on your "this" widget?

Regarding -1 spacing value, see - Jul 20 2008
I just tried your program, and there is space between labels and the group box here, code, screenshot
Did you use setLayout() on your "this" widget?

Regarding -1 spacing value, see - Jul 20 2008
I just tried your program, and there is space between labels and the group box here, code, screenshot
Did you use setLayout() on your "this" widget?

Regarding -1 spacing value, see - Jul 20 2008
I just tried your program, and there is space between labels and the group box here, code, screenshot
Did you use setLayout() on your "this" widget?

Regarding -1 spacing value, see - Jul 20 2008
Thanks denisewierd for your suggestions. More configuration is planned for future versions.

Please have a look at older comments; there is a tip on page 2 how to get rounded buttons when compiling from source. I do not like them, but your mileage may vary.

What other options could be useful?

Christoph - Jul 18 2008
No bug, you need to have a font which has "Symbols/Dingbats" characters from Unicode. The character used for passwords is "eight pointed rectilinear black star", code 0x2737 or ✷

You do not need to select this font, just have it installed. Qt automatically picks characters from multiple fonts. Use kcharselect to check. - Jul 18 2008
Thanks PARENA, nice to hear that you like this style :) If you find something that could be improved, please add a comment here, as I am currently planning features for 0.2 series. - Jul 16 2008
Franz, you are fast :) I added your ebuild file to this site, so others can use it later.

Thanks, and nice photos you made :) - Jul 15 2008
Recently I added a RPM binary package for Fedora 9, created using the build service from openSUSE. Since I do not run Fedora to test it, I am interested in your feedback.

But I still have not managed to create binary packages for other common distributions:
  • RPM for Mandriva 2008
  • DEB for Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Debian
  • ebuild for Gentoo

  • If you feel responsible for creating packages for these or other distributions, please contact me. I am able to host files/repositories on my site.

    Thanks for your help. - Jul 15 2008
    Regarding Konsole's scroll bar: Please try version 0.1.3. And I am still awaiting your report/help/contribution ;)

    Christoph - Jul 05 2008
    Hi Kenjiro, feel free to change it to suit your taste :) If you have ideas for future versions, please let me know.

    Christoph - Jul 02 2008
    You are missing package "kdebase-workspace-dev". - Jul 02 2008
    Thanks SpecKtacle, I know how you feel, but KDE 4.1 is nearing, and I wanted something different than Oxygen. Make sure you do not miss the release, current trunk is very good, I hope they do not ruin it before the release :) - Jul 01 2008
    Hi deniseweird, thanks for trying Skulpture. If the window decorations are missing from System Settings, you have installed the Qt-only version of Skulpture. Make sure the KDE 4 headers are installed, and the PATH variable contains the KDE 4 binaries.

    A common fix on Ubuntu is to invoke the installation using

    PATH=$PATH:/usr/lib/kde4/bin sh

    Please paste output of "sh" if you are stuck. - Jun 20 2008
    gocho, the executable "kde4-config" is not in your PATH. There are two reasons:

    * The PATH variable is lacking the location of kde4 binaries. One reason might be that you are not running a kde4 session. To add /usr/lib/kde4/bin to your path manually, invoke the Skulpture installer using the line:

    PATH=/usr/lib/kde4/bin:$PATH sh

    (If you are using self-compiled packages, replace it with the location to kde4 binaries.)

    * The file "kde4-config" is missing from your kde4 installation. If you are using Kubuntu supplied packages, report a package dependency bug to the Kubuntu forums.

    Hope this helps,
    Christoph - Jun 15 2008
    gocho, you need the KDE4 development files, they are in package "kdebase-workspace-dev" (or similary named, depending on your distribution). Please post output of "sh" if you are stuck. - Jun 14 2008
    This Skulpture theme includes widget style and window decorations :) - Jun 14 2008
    malachias, you need the KDE4 development files, they are in package "kdebase-workspace-dev" (or similary named, depending on your distribution).

    If your package manager is not borked, it will automatically install the right qmake (version 4.3 or newer). - Jun 02 2008
    Hi there!

    With the KDE 4.1 release coming soon, a lot more people are expected to make the switch from KDE 3 to KDE 4, and I would like to fix remaining show stoppers in Skulpture ideally before the KDE release. But I need your help finding these.

    Please test Skulpture for a few days, even if you do not plan to use it later, and report anything wired you find (besides known problems, see file BUGS). If you cannot add a comment here, you can find my address in the source package.

    Thank you for your help and feedback,
    Christoph - May 28 2008
    Hi ivancukic, many thanks for your comment and vote :)

    Regarding roundness: There is a compile-time option for rounded buttons (see comment on page 2), it is disabled because I prefer the angular look. Enabling it may look a bit inconsistent, but even Oxygen does not offer consistent roundness on item views.

    Speaking of it, Skulpture is not ment to be a competition to Oxygen, only an alternative. It is pure personal preference which one is "better", you just have to use both to decide.

    Likewise, there is need for alternatives to Kickoff menu, so keep up your fantastic Lancelot hacking! I am the first one to try it ;)

    Christoph - May 28 2008
    Thanks cimi86, for your encouraging comment! Hopefully one day there will be no "two sides", and styles could be bridged in either direction.

    Regarding your suggestions: See comments on page 3 for scrollbar size, and page 2 for rounded buttons. More user-friendly customization is planned for future releases.

    Happy hacking! - May 28 2008
    Hi multimaniac, thanks for bugging me about the tabs again, but no progress has been made so far :( Fortunately, I will have to add some code to support the new (KDE 4.1) close buttons, so there may be hope :)

    Regarding the color schemes: They are largely unfinished, released in a rush, and if anyone can improve on these, please send them with a screen shot to my address.

    Christoph - May 28 2008
    Sorry eniok, for the late reply, but I am very glad to hear that you like it :) Thanks! - May 28 2008
    Hi lucher, it's nice to read your comments, because they show the progress Skulpture is making (from "very inconsistent" to "I am loving it" ;)

    Regarding the speed: Skulpture does indeed trade some speed for its look, especially when it comes to scrolling performance. There are also many places where caching is not implemented yet; this will be improved in future versions.

    Speaking of flicker, there should not be any, because Qt double buffers the rendering. You may try upgrading to the new Qt 4.4, which has reduced flickering even when the size/layout changes.

    If you spot remaining flicker, please give more details if possible.

    Christoph - May 06 2008
    Sure Rukusx7, it should work. Which message do you get when you type


    from source directory? You need packages "kdebase-workspace-dev", "kdelibs5-dev", and "cmake" to install it. - May 04 2008
    Hello logixoul,

    thanks for your detailed problem report, this is how I like feedback :)

  • The button reordering problem in the window decoration client has been fixed in snapshot, so this will be available with the next release, hopefully out this week. Please visit the Skulpture homepage and give some feedback about the new buttons, I did not get any so far. If you cannot install from source, give feedback on screenshots and

  • Vertical tabs are not implemented yet (see BUGS), they "work" though. Which apps use them?

  • There is a current problem with arrows, their size depends on the font size, instead of the passed rectangle size. Arrow positioning in tool buttons has not been addressed yet either; this has been on my list since version 0.0.4. Is anything else wired with arrows?

  • Scrollbar handles covering arrow buttons is intended, and can be switched off with System Settings in the style configuration page.

  • About the combobox: make a screen grab, please! It looks okay with my font setup.

  • Regarding toolbar handles: I have not yet found a design for them, any suggestion is appreciated.

  • I would really like to hear about the other smaller stuff you found; I know Skulpture is not good yet, but if you help me spotting the remaining places which need improvement, you would do me a favour.

    Christoph - May 04 2008
    Thanks jamboarder for keeping me motivated, there is still a lot to do.

    You probably noticed that I use your excellent Aya plasma theme. With its simple and clean look it fits to Skulpture style quite good already. But we wouldn't mind a Skulpture plasma theme, so nothing should stop you :) Keep us informed.

    Christoph - Apr 19 2008
    Thanks lzfy :) Let me know if something is missing. - Apr 19 2008
    goona, please try the following in this order:

    * Update kde4-gtk-qt-engine to a post-1.1 version. From the ChangeLog: "Changes since 1.1 [...] Fix a divide by 0 exception in styles where there are no scrollbar buttons". Make sure your version actually has this ChangeLog entry.

    * If you don't have access to this version, configure Skulpture style to "not allow scrollbar handles to cover arrows" in System Settings.

    * If this didn't help either, then the exception may be really caused by Skulpture. Find line 1631 in src/skulpture.cpp, and insert the line "return;" before this line to disable button rendering. Reinstall and retry.

    * If everything else fails, I need a backtrace with debugging enabled from someone who can confirm that the problem still exists with newest kde4-gtk-qt-engine snapshot.

    Christoph - Apr 17 2008
    Hi scream and lucher,

    my primary concern for full sized window gradients is the memory issue. Yet another pixmap for each window is required to cache the gradient. Add this to Qt's backing store and X11's composite buffer.

    Maybe the Mac uses hardware shaders and renders them on-the-fly; we are not there on Linux yet.

    This does not mean I am not open to suggestions. Actually Skulpture uses gradients in many places, but they are small and cachable.

    If I am all wrong with my concern, please enlighten me :)

    Christoph - Apr 17 2008
    Hi goona,

    Thanks for reporting the issue. I just installed the following packages on openSUSE 10.3 using KDE 4.0.69 unstable from BuildService:

    * MozillaFirefox-
    * kde4-gtk-qt-engine-1.1svn20080414-3.3

    Then I had to restart KDE to get a KCM entry for GTK in System Settings. I selected "Qt 4" style in GTK KCM, had to restart KDE again, and... it worked! See

    So unless you or someone else can provide more information (debug/console output) I cannot help.

    Christoph - Apr 17 2008
    Hi lucher,

    thanks for your bug reports and suggestions.

    * The window decoration is indeed broken. This should be fixed in a future update.

    * About the location bar: The wrong shadow is fixed in latest snapshot. The underline is actually a feature: Whenever a widget is tab-focused (but not click-focused), it gets the underline as a focus indication. I do agree that this focus indication needs a visual improvement, though.

    * I am not sure if people want gradiented backgrounds for the whole window with this style, but future versions may offer configurable gradients.

    * Regarding the different backgrounds in groups: This does not make sense for Skulpture, because groups do not have a frame around them. Having no frames around groups was my primary motivation for creating this style :)

    Christoph - Apr 13 2008
    Hi again,

    thanks for your detailed bug report.

    Please retry with version from the source download; the linker error should be fixed.

    Additionally, you should update Qt; version 4.4.0-beta1 has a binary incompatible regression regarding layout margins.

    Christoph - Apr 09 2008
    Hi Divilinux,

    there should be no need to install any packages when you installed KDE4 directly from SVN sources; "make install" from SVN also installs header files.

    Some hints:

    1) make sure cmake finds the right paths. Try "kde4-config --prefix" and see if it matches your SVN prefix. If not, you have to change $PATH to include your KDE4 bin directory before any other directory. Use "PATH=/opt/kde4/bin:$PATH sh ./"

    2) make sure your prefix has the KDE4 include files. Try "ls /opt/kde4/include"

    3) if you have KDE4 includes, but no "kcommondecoration.h", you need to "make install" kdebase-workspace from SVN. Currently both the style and the windeco are configured when KDE4 is found

    If everything else fails, paste the output of ""; I am not sure which error message you get.

    Christoph - Apr 09 2008
    Hi falco101!

    Your artwork on is first class, I cannot possibly compare mine with yours! :)

    How to get rounded button edges in Skulpture: See a previous comment on page 2.

    Future versions (0.2.x) may offer more configuration, see for an example (note increasing roundness).

    Thanks for liking it so far!
    Christoph - Apr 04 2008
    Hi scream,

    it will be a long way until Skulpture is clean enough for KDE's code base (even Bespin has been rejected...), but thanks for your encouraging words.

    Regarding the scrollbars: Their size depends on the selected font size (including the inter-line spacing the font announces), so with different fonts you may get different scrollbar sizes.

    If you compiled Skulpture from code, you can change the sizes:

    1) Find these lines, it is line no. 4312 in file src/skulpture.cpp (0.1.0)

    /* ScrollBar */
    case PM_ScrollBarExtent: return (fontSize(option, widget) / 4) * 2 + 9;
    case PM_ScrollBarSliderMin: return 2 * fontSize(option, widget) + 4;

    2) Change the returned value after the "return" instruction, e.g.

    case PM_ScrollBarExtent: return 15;
    case PM_ScrollBarSliderMin: return 19;

    3) The following picture explains the values:

    4) The return value for "Extent" must be odd (13, 15, 17, ...), even values (14, 16, 18, ...) result in "odd" rendering of arrows :)

    5) reinstall, voila!

    Please send me a screenshot how big they appear (currently and after the change).

    Christoph - Apr 02 2008
    During the easter holidays I had time to update Skulpture again. My primary focus was twofolded:

    First, I wanted to get in most of the "hacks" that are required for future features. As a result, scrolling performance in scrollable areas (Konqueror, Konsole, Dolphin, Kate, ...) may be slower, especially on non-composite systems. Please speak up, if it is unbearable slow.

    Second, I wanted to fix bugs reported here, such as the ugly bright edges with dark color schemes, the "too Plastique" menus (how do you like the new ones?), the missing size grip, and a few others.

    This version should be usable for every day work. If you find anything that needs to be changed, be sure to post a comment here. I cannot read minds, just telling "it has potential" does not bring us further, does it? :)

    Thanks for your support,
    Christoph - Apr 02 2008
    Hi QBasicer,

    there is actually no dependency on Qt3 support libraries :)

    I simply forgot to remove the offending #include line in the 0.0.4 release; you can just delete this line.

    Or download the newest snapshot; this oversight has been fixed since version

    Christoph - Apr 01 2008
    I managed to build it once on a friends machine with Ubuntu 7.10, but I can't remember the packages that I needed to install.

    You need qt4-dev and kde4*-dev (both libs and base) to build it, but I don't know the exact names, because I am on openSUSE.

    And you must be in KDE 4.0 session, otherwise the $PATH is incorrect, and CMake will not find the right "qmake" and "kde4-config" binaries.

    But KDE 4 is not required to build it, Qt 4.3 is sufficient. You will get the message "*** WARNING: KDE 4 not found, building a Qt-only version" during installation, then you will get a version without the KDE 4 additions (same as the openSUSE rpm in BuildService), but it should work regardless.

    (now having his own profile :) - Mar 25 2008

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