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Mehmet Nur Olcay , Turkey

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Jul 12 2013
Just created /media/haim manually, it's working now, but just with terminal interface. Looks like haim -r is broken here:

`--# haim -r Foo.iso
Can't Find a famous desktop environment or GUI Sudo Command

Pardus Linux with KDE4.2.4 is here - Jun 13 2009
Tried to use it with terminal:

`--# haim -t Foo.iso
mount: mount point doesn't exist /media/haim/Foo yok
Can't Mount your Image

It's supposed to Haim create mount point itself, doesn't it ? Though running haim as root, im getting the error above. - Jun 12 2009

Security 41 comments

by trisz
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Dec 17 2007
And a KDE4 version , really would be excellent.. still :) - May 26 2009
installed by using ─▒nstall script, when type kencfs2 on konsole, got this error:

User specific directories for K-EncFS are present
User specific encrypted directory for K-EncFS present
/usr/bin/kencfs2: line 36: kencfslink: command not found
- Jun 29 2008

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Feb 11 2010
nice and useful for KDE4. Just a cosmetic problem i have: tray icon is not working here with KDE4.2, it shows a question mark instead of Bilbo icon. - Apr 05 2009

Video Apps 4 comments

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Jan 06 2016
Is it only in one language ? English plz... - Mar 04 2009
stable sysinfo 2.0

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 20 comments

by key87
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Feb 04 2009
these lines must be added to top of CMakeLists.txt to pass that error:

cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 2.6.0)

set(KDE_MIN_VERSION "4.00.82")

find_package(KDE4 REQUIRED)

add_definitions (${QT_DEFINITIONS} ${KDE4_DEFINITIONS})


but after that, getting another error:

[ 50%] /var/pisi/sysinfo-2.0-1/work/sysinfo-2.0/src/sysinfo.cpp:32:16: error: hd.h: No such file or directory
Built target libksysinfopart_automoc

looks like it is looking for hwinfo which is a Suse only stuff. so:

1.CmakeLists.tx is not complete
2.what offer for other distros except SuSe ? - Feb 04 2009
k, got the tarball n trying to compile. here s the error:

-- Detecting CXX compiler ABI info - done
CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:9 (kde4_add_plugin):
Unknown CMake command "kde4_add_plugin". - Feb 04 2009
broken here, too - Feb 04 2009
Open Yakuake here (like Open Konsole)

Dolphin Service Menus 12 comments

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Aug 07 2008
using yakuake4 on kde4 and it is running allways. simply tried to run, but it says "Yakuake is not running". So what's problem with yakuake4 on kde4 ?

Anyone else tried on kde4 ? - Jan 28 2009
Another Amarok 1.x Control

Plasma 4 Extensions 8 comments

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Dec 29 2008
Cover show, doesn't working here, too - Dec 25 2008

System Software 28 comments

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Mar 06 2012
Really nice applications, thx.

Just tried to compile 0.3.6. one error about installing translations. In translations/Makefile:

lrelease -compress $$language; line gives en error. I think it must like -uncompress or just lrelease.

Otherwise, the locale files are going under /usr/local/translations where is no application really using. It's better to move them under /usr/share/kndiswrapper/i18n/ or /usr/share/locale

Best Regards... - Nov 07 2008

Amarok 1.x Scripts 46 comments

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May 06 2009
anyone knows where is the tarball ? the download link is broken... - Nov 01 2008