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Thunderbird Service Menu

Dolphin Service Menus by ljogerst 30 comments

Thank you for your link. I first tryed to copy and paste the code from the website, but - as they say - it did'nt work. So I downloaded the email.desktop file from the link and changed the name to
<name[de]Versenden mit Thunderbird>
and now it works. I do not exactly know where is the difference between the copied and the downloaded version but it works and that's the most important.
Sloopy - Feb 11 2010
Thunderbird Service Menu

Dolphin Service Menus by ljogerst 30 comments

I tryed your servicemenue on a Kubuntu 9.10, all I got was nothing.
I changed the Icon suffix from .png to .xpm
Then I combined a service menue for k.mail with your service menue.

[Desktop Entry]

[Desktop Action emailAsAttachment]
Name[de]=Per e-Mail versenden
Exec=thunderbird -compose `echo attachment=\'file://%F\' | sed 's/ \//,file:\/\/\//g'`

I have a thunderbird-window that openes but no attachement.
Not very interesting.
So could you please tell me how you make it run ?

Thank you - Jan 25 2010

Dolphin Service Menus by michao 37 comments

Now that I have a new computer I installed the new version with the python script. Very nice, I found immediateley the info that I have to install the pyton-tagpy package.

I think you did a great work. But if I could mention a wish: Is it very difficult to make a popup by mouseover ?
(I have no idea of what you have to do, so I speak only).

Greetings - Jan 24 2010

Webcam & Monitoring by apol 101 comments

I have the same problem.
I have Kubuntu Karmic on a brandnew ASUS K51AC-SX037D.
After installing the program I tryed to run it for the first time. It searchs a folder and than it crashes. No other way.

I made this three times. Install, remove, reinstall. No chance.

It doesn't make sense to tell us as an answer that it works on another computer with other configuration (and perhaps another version)
This one crashes.

Is there any chance to get the better version on the Karmic repos ? - Dec 19 2009

Dolphin Service Menus by michao 37 comments

you say
"id3info comes with the library id3lib, and it is libid3-3.8 on debian."

Kubuntu is debian with KDE, the libid3-3.8 is available but the id3info doesn't work. In the ubuntu packages they do not mention if libid3-3.8 contains id3info. Why don't you use the libid3tag0 like Audacity, Vlc, M-player and others.

What is the use when I install an app which is not able to do his work. So please send a comment how to change the
Btw - the translations work.. - Sep 03 2009