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Hans Meier

Card by domseichter 24 comments

Is there any plan to port Schafkopf 0.7 to KDE 4 or make to work with GTK, please?

I can't install on my Linux, KDE 3 is to old.

schafkopf-0.7 # ./configure

checking for kde-config... not found
configure: error: The important program kde-config was not found!
Please check whether you installed KDE correctly. - Jun 12 2010
I Hear U

Telephony by mtrotta 58 comments

And could You add a Speaker device for ringing, please. As Twinkle.

Regards Smartnow - Aug 30 2008
I Hear U

Telephony by mtrotta 58 comments

Yours Programm is very good. I like it. It is now in Gentoo Overlays VoIP.

Could You implement higher Ports, such as 65000, please?

And perhaps a Choise, for Mono or Stereo Speex Codecs.

A better Security, I am paranoic, Choise for a Random Keys with constant
Lenghts (bits) greater as 448, 4096 the Best.

Capabillity to write the Names in the full UTF-8 Letter, such as
čćžšđ, чћжшђ don't work
öä$ü works

Thanks smartnow - Aug 26 2008