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Nolan Eakins

Security by michaelbuesch 36 comments

One thing that turns me off, is that text on the toolbar can be turned off but doesn't stick when I restart PwManager. Also, where ever there is not a button there's a black line on the bottom of the toolbar.

Was editing/creating an advanced comment thought out? Having to click two buttons to get to it is a big no no. And it just happened to segfault on me after I added an entry to the advanced comment OKed out of everything, and then tried to bring the advanced comment dialog back up.

As far as Password Safe compatibility, you're welcome to use my code...if you can get it to compile. ;-) We should also talk and standardize on a drag and drop mimetype.

- sneakin - Jul 27 2004

Security by michaelbuesch 36 comments

If you're looking for a password manager with a slick user interface that's aesthetically pleasing, don't look here.

- sneakin - Jul 22 2004

Security by sneakin 4 comments

Do kwallet and PWmanager support Password Safe safes? That's the whole purpose of MyPasswordSafe, to be compatible with Password Safe safes.

- Nolan - Jul 10 2004