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Arjan van Lent Tilburg, Netherlands

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I've been using Kommander for some time now and lately it seems to disappear from a lot of Linux distributions and only the executor is still available.

On sourceforge I can only find older releases than I used to work with and all links I can find on 1.5.3 sources are dead.

Is'nt it possible to port the kommander editor to kde4 ??
Am I the only one that still hasn't learned QT and C++ or python??

If anyone can lead me to the latest available sources I would be extremely thankfull

Regards, Socialdefect - May 20 2011

System Software by socialdefect 4 comments

Now also on sourceforge - Nov 15 2010

System Software by socialdefect 1 comment

Version 2.0 now available here on opendesktop and also on sourceforge - Nov 15 2010

System Software by socialdefect 4 comments

ok.... since the beer taxi was unreachable tonight I managed to implement, translate and package the new version.

Dialog UI for the cli version
seperate backup file for PPA's
Translations: NL, FR, DE, SP, EN

Also from now it's very easy to create your own language files and I will start working on a pro version which will include an option to edit the control files.
- Nov 12 2010

System Software by socialdefect 4 comments

I agree it could be more n00b friendly. At the moment when you include the ppa's and sources.list you must install in a dirty way.

dpkg -i my-meta-backup.deb
apt-get update
apt-get -f install

Creating 2 debs would indeed be more user friendly for also a gui can be used.

I tend to like quick and dirty and i'm pretty lazy so that's why it's not perfect.

Since people start asking for translations also I might as well add new features. - Nov 12 2010